Commonwealth Games 2018: Hockey Women's Pool A, India vs South Africa, Live Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 10, 2018 16:30 IST

The action is scheduled to start at 3:00 pm at the Gold Coast Hockey centre.


16:30 (IST)10 APR 2018

India looked the better team all through and dominated proceedings. With this win, India are now certain of a semi-final spot. India today played to their potential and look capable of challenging the best teams in the competition. That's it from us here. This is Subhashish. Join us tomorrow as the Indian men face England to decide which team tops Pool B.  Goodbye

16:25 (IST)10 APR 2018

INDIA HAVE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16:25 (IST)10 APR 2018

Twenty seconds left. 

16:24 (IST)10 APR 2018

59' Rani steals the ball. India have a free hit. India looking to play down the clock. 

16:23 (IST)10 APR 2018

Replays show the ball hit the hand and not the foot of the Indian player. No PC. India keep their referral!!!

16:21 (IST)10 APR 2018

58' Very crowded indeed in the Indian circle. PC for South Africa! India refer. 

16:20 (IST)10 APR 2018

57' Three minutes to go. Can India hang on?

16:19 (IST)10 APR 2018

56' India in the South African circle. Free hit for South Africa as Vandana protects the ball 

16:18 (IST)10 APR 2018

55' South Africa look dangerous in the Indian circle. Dangerous play. Free hit for India

16:17 (IST)10 APR 2018

54' India down to ten players!! Can South Africa capitalise?

16:16 (IST)10 APR 2018

53' South African doing all they can. The Indian players back in their own half. A very crowded Indian half. Ooops!!! Yellow card for Lalremsiani!!!

16:14 (IST)10 APR 2018

51' South Africa looking to attack. Desperate clearance by India. Harendra Singh shouts out instructions

16:12 (IST)10 APR 2018

49' South Africa advance in numbers. Looking desparately for the equalizer. Can India soak in the pressure?

16:10 (IST)10 APR 2018

Rani Rampal scores for India with a peach of a goal. India 1 - South Africa 0

16:10 (IST)10 APR 2018

47' India come away with an amazing move. India in the South African circle. GOALLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16:09 (IST)10 APR 2018

46' South Africa apply a lot of pressure. India with a string of back passes, cant find space ahead

16:07 (IST)10 APR 2018

Action begins in the last quarter. Who will break the deadlock?

16:06 (IST)10 APR 2018

India 0 - South Africa 0

16:06 (IST)10 APR 2018

With fifteen minutes to go, there are still no goals. A draw will do for India. South Africa have to win. How will the teams approach the final quarter?

16:04 (IST)10 APR 2018

43' Lalremsiani shows great skills down the left flank. Lack of understanding between the Indian strikers. Green card for Lalremsiani

16:03 (IST)10 APR 2018

42' India have everything but score! Still looking for the elusive opening goal. 

16:01 (IST)10 APR 2018

41' Great ball in the circle for India. Navjot Kaur cant get a shot in right in front of goal!!!!

15:59 (IST)10 APR 2018

Sunita injects. GREAT flick by Gurjit Kaur. Ball hits the post!!!!!!! Unlucky for India.

15:58 (IST)10 APR 2018

39' Harendra Singh screams out the instructions. India have a PC. Can India score???

15:56 (IST)10 APR 2018

37' India try to manufacture a move. Advance slowly through the midfield. Ball in the South African circle

15:54 (IST)10 APR 2018

35' India on the back-foot in the opening minutes of the second half. South Africa doing all they can to break the deadlock. 

15:52 (IST)10 APR 2018

33' South Africa look far more menacing in the second half. How will India handle the pressure?

15:51 (IST)10 APR 2018

Savita Punia in the action yet again. Great save by India's veteran goalkeeper.

15:50 (IST)10 APR 2018

No advise possible. India keep the referral but PC stands

15:49 (IST)10 APR 2018

Third PC in a row for South Africa. India refer. 

15:48 (IST)10 APR 2018

Savita saves the flick but South Africa earn another PC

15:47 (IST)10 APR 2018

31' Shelley Jones in the action right away. South Africa start off with a speedy attack. Looking purposeful. PC for South Africa!!

15:46 (IST)10 APR 2018

The second half is about to begin. Players out in the middle. 

15:45 (IST)10 APR 2018

Welcome back

15:39 (IST)10 APR 2018

India have strung together some great moves and have had their chances but have been unable to score. Will there be a change in India's approach after the long breather? Stay with us for second-half action.

15:37 (IST)10 APR 2018

HALF TIME India 0 - South Africa 0

15:37 (IST)10 APR 2018

29' Great ball in the circle with an upright reverse flick for India. No player can get a touch, however.

15:34 (IST)10 APR 2018

28' Two minutes to go for half-time. Can India find an opening goal?

15:33 (IST)10 APR 2018

27' India building a move. Ball in the back of the net but from near the half-line. No Indian player in the circle can get a touch. 

15:31 (IST)10 APR 2018

25' India keep probing. India have had their chances. Good moves but unable to get a shot on goal

15:29 (IST)10 APR 2018

23' India look good with their attacks. Lalremsiani in the thick of the action. Great cross by Deepika in. India unable to get a deflection in

15:27 (IST)10 APR 2018

21' South Africa trying to match the pressure applied by India. India steal the ball. Lalremsiani misses the mark

15:24 (IST)10 APR 2018

2' Shelley Jones make a good run for South Africa. A great counter-attack by India. Vandana takes too long to shoot. Missed chance for India

15:21 (IST)10 APR 2018

The second quarter begins. India look extremely confident.

15:20 (IST)10 APR 2018

India looking a vastly improved side from the previous matches. Looking clinical with their passes and manufacturing great moves.  

15:19 (IST)10 APR 2018

At the end of the first quarter. India 0 - South Africa 0

15:17 (IST)10 APR 2018

Powerful low drag-flick. Savita Punia is at her best to block the shot. Both teams goalless with just over a minute to go.

15:16 (IST)10 APR 2018

13' South Africa advance with an amazing counter-attack. PC for South Africa. 

15:16 (IST)10 APR 2018

Sunita Lakra to inject. Gurjit Kaur not on the pitch. Good drag-flick by Rani. Great work by the South African goalie. 

15:14 (IST)10 APR 2018

12' PC for India after a great move. Can India score?
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