Commonwealth Games 2018: India vs Wales, Women's Hockey, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 05, 2018 06:44 IST

The match will start at 5 am.


06:44 (IST)5 APR 2018

Confirmation of the final score. India 2 - Wales. Huge number of PCs (15) for India, just 1 goal. This is Subhashish and thats it from us here.

06:41 (IST)5 APR 2018

That's it. Wales have won 3-2. Match played at a blistering place

06:40 (IST)5 APR 2018

One minute to go. Is it all over for India???

06:39 (IST)5 APR 2018

13' Wales again in the Indian circle. India have to get numbers back

06:38 (IST)5 APR 2018

Can India find a way back now? 

06:38 (IST)5 APR 2018

12' Wales lauch a counter. GOALLLLLLL!!!! Against the run of play a one-handed goal. Wales 3- India 2

06:36 (IST)5 APR 2018

11' PC for India. PC wasted again. Ball too high. 

06:34 (IST)5 APR 2018

Five minutes to go. India will look to launch an all-out attack

06:31 (IST)5 APR 2018

Seven minutes to go. India have done everything except getting the ball in the net

06:29 (IST)5 APR 2018

India just cant seem to find the goal. Good defending by Wales but enormous pressure exerted by India

06:28 (IST)5 APR 2018

6' PC for India. Deflected into a Welsh body. PC again. 

06:26 (IST)5 APR 2018

Gurjit cant get a hit, ball deflected

06:25 (IST)5 APR 2018

PC stands. Can India take the lead??

06:24 (IST)5 APR 2018

5' PC again for India. Wales referring that ball was over the line

06:23 (IST)5 APR 2018

4' Monica misses a sitter off a pass from Rani. That could easily have been 3-2 for India

06:22 (IST)5 APR 2018

3' India making repeated forays in the Welsh circle. Wales feel the heat now. 

06:21 (IST)5 APR 2018

Ball in the net, but too high. Goal disallowed. Hit by Deepika

06:20 (IST)5 APR 2018

1' PC number 12 for India. Can they find the net?

06:19 (IST)5 APR 2018

India look good, great intent. PCs are a concern. One goal from 11 PCs

06:18 (IST)5 APR 2018

"We must kill them with our energy" says Harender Singh at the end of the third quarter. Can the players actually do it?

06:17 (IST)5 APR 2018

Referral by Wales. Not counted. Wales 2 - India 2 Ball hit Rani's foot

06:16 (IST)5 APR 2018

14' PC for India. GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! India 3- Wales 2 Poonam scores!!!

06:14 (IST)5 APR 2018

Can India take the lead? Great play by India. Sensational stickwork by Vandana 

06:12 (IST)5 APR 2018

12' PC again for India. Strong flick by Gurjit but just wide. 

06:11 (IST)5 APR 2018

India have suddenly come to life. Great play by Vandana and Rani. 

06:10 (IST)5 APR 2018

GOALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! India 2- Wales 2 Rani scores for India

06:09 (IST)5 APR 2018

GOALLL for India!!!! But Wales ask for referral. Will that count????

06:08 (IST)5 APR 2018

Yet another PC. India press on but unable to get the ball in the net

06:08 (IST)5 APR 2018

PC again for India. Gurjit waits, can she score?

06:07 (IST)5 APR 2018

10' Can India find an equaliser? PC For India

06:04 (IST)5 APR 2018

7' Wales look dangerous in the Indian circle. Great save by Savita Punia

06:02 (IST)5 APR 2018

India look more purposeful in the second half. Good coordination in midfield

06:00 (IST)5 APR 2018

GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! India score at last!!! Wales 2 - India 1

05:59 (IST)5 APR 2018

4' PC number 5 for India 

05:56 (IST)5 APR 2018

Four PCs and no goals for India. Will this be a concern going forward as well?

05:55 (IST)5 APR 2018

2' PC for India. Great flick by Rani but deflected away

05:53 (IST)5 APR 2018

Thirty minutes to go. India down by two goals. Can they find a way back?

05:50 (IST)5 APR 2018

150 international caps for Grace Ekka. Congratulations

05:46 (IST)5 APR 2018

The scoreline apart, India unable to engineer a single move, losing the ball in midfield, and look dazed in defence. Harender Singh has a lot to say to the team. Signs look bad for India

05:44 (IST)5 APR 2018

At half-time, Wales ranked 26th lead India ranked 10th with a score of 2-0

05:43 (IST)5 APR 2018

PC again!! That was almost 3-0. India look lost in defence.

05:42 (IST)5 APR 2018

India clear but Wales appeal for PC again. Looking for an Indian foot in the circle

05:41 (IST)5 APR 2018

14' PC for Wales. More danger for India

05:40 (IST)5 APR 2018

Wales look every inch the stronger side. India never looked like scoring in the second quarter. 

05:39 (IST)5 APR 2018

Bad defending by India. Harender Singh looks on as his team looks clueless

05:37 (IST)5 APR 2018

11' PENALTY STROKE FOR WALES! GOAL!!!! Wales 2- India 0

05:35 (IST)5 APR 2018

Five minutes left in the first half. Can India find a way back?

05:33 (IST)5 APR 2018

India miss a sitter again. Poonam misses against the run of play. India unable to make their way into the Welsh circle. Wales dominating possession

05:31 (IST)5 APR 2018

6' Lucky escape for India. Wales get a great ball into the circle. Narrow miss

05:29 (IST)5 APR 2018

PC defended but India fail to come away
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