Commonwealth Games 2018 Live Updates: Weightlifting Women's 53 Kg Finals - Sanjita Chanu Fighting for Gold

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The event is currently underway.


07:27 (IST)6 APR 2018

With that, we come to the end of our coverage of the Women's 53kg weightlifting event, as Sanjita Chanu clinches the second gold medal for India. Weightlifting has been the best sport for the country so far, with all three of its medals, 2 golds (Mirabai and Sanjit Chanu) and 1 silver (Gururaja) coming from the sport.
That's all from us here for this event, but do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more updates from the Commonwealth Games.

07:22 (IST)6 APR 2018

Toua decides to go for a 113kg lift, which would give her the gold! However, the Papua New Guinea lifter falls to the floor. She settles for silver.

07:19 (IST)6 APR 2018

Chanu comes for her 3rd attempt of 112kgs. However, she fails to make the lift!

07:17 (IST)6 APR 2018

Toua fails to lift her 108kg, and fails it!

07:15 (IST)6 APR 2018

Chanu comes back out for her second attempt at 108 kgs...and she aces it! With this lift, Chanu confirms her GOLD MEDAL!

07:11 (IST)6 APR 2018

Sanjita Chanu is up next....and she lifts 104kg to surge into the lead! Toua now needs to lift 109kgs to get back in gold medal contention.

07:10 (IST)6 APR 2018

Toua comes out to attempt 102 now! and She confirms a medal  with a unanimous decision!

07:08 (IST)6 APR 2018

Sharifah goes for the 100kg lift, but she seems to have done something to her knee.

07:06 (IST)6 APR 2018

Bazinet equals her personal best in this weight category, to lift 100kgs.

07:05 (IST)6 APR 2018

Fraer Morrow breaks the British record! She lifts 99kgs, after much deliberation. The Englishwoman seems extremely happy with her effort here.

07:01 (IST)6 APR 2018

Canada's Rachel Leblanc-Bazinet completes her 98kg lift on her second attempt... puts her provisionally first

07:00 (IST)6 APR 2018

Bazinet failed her for 98kg attempt, but now goes in for her second try...and she aces it!

07:00 (IST)6 APR 2018

India watch

Sanjita Chanu is yet to start... that's because she has set a 103kg weight for her opening lift in the Clean & Jerk.
So all the other lower weights will have to be completed first...

06:58 (IST)6 APR 2018

New Zealand's Phillipa Paterson with a very clean and powerful final lift to put her in 2nd place for now with a combined lift of 161kg

06:58 (IST)6 APR 2018

Patterson comes in for the 95kg lift, and makes it with ease.

06:55 (IST)6 APR 2018

Wales' 18-year-old Catrin Jones back for her final lift....

But she can't quite manage the lift.... and she puts it down

So it's 93kg for her

06:54 (IST)6 APR 2018

England's  19-year-old Fraer Morrow nails her 2nd lift at 95kg

06:53 (IST)6 APR 2018

Tegan Napper attempts the 94kg, but she wobbles all over the place. She gets a red flag from all the judges.

06:50 (IST)6 APR 2018

Mary Lifu also lifts 93kgs now. Jubilation is written all over her face, but the she does not get a unanimous decision.

06:48 (IST)6 APR 2018

Patterson also lifts 93kgs, but its not a unanimous decision by the referees.

06:47 (IST)6 APR 2018

What a performance by Catrin Jones! She may be just 18-years-old, but she has just lifted 93kgs, to take the lead!

06:45 (IST)6 APR 2018

Patterson puts in a 91kg lift, as she goes to the top of the table.

06:42 (IST)6 APR 2018

And Bafoe lifts 90kgs, but does not get a unanimous decision. However, that doesn't stop her from showboating.

06:40 (IST)6 APR 2018

Mary Lifu also gets in a 90kg lift, to take he tally to 163kgs.

06:38 (IST)6 APR 2018

A big lift from 18-year-old Catrin Jones from Wales! She lifts 90 kg in her first clean and jerk attempt.

06:36 (IST)6 APR 2018

With barely 30 seconds left on the clock, Chakma goes for 86 kgs, but fails to make the cut.

06:33 (IST)6 APR 2018

Chakma goes for 85 kgs...she had to work hard to steady herself under the weight, and finally managed the lift!

06:31 (IST)6 APR 2018

Mary Lifu goes in for 83 kgs, and lifts it with some difficulty.

06:28 (IST)6 APR 2018

Chakma of Bangladesh is up next. And she makes the lift!

06:26 (IST)6 APR 2018

Akua is back out again, and she will attempt 69 kgs this time...and she fails to register any lift in clean and jerk. That's the end of her day!

06:26 (IST)6 APR 2018

Akua failed the 63 kg first attempt, but her coaches pumped her upto 68 kg in the second. She did manage to make the lift, but her elbows were not in proper position, which is why she did not get a decision from the judges.

06:11 (IST)6 APR 2018

Sanjita Chanu goes for an 84kg lift....and she makes it! She has now broken the Commonwealth Games record!

06:09 (IST)6 APR 2018

Bazinet goes for 83kgs, but fails to lift the weight...however, she makes it on ther 3rd attempt!

06:08 (IST)6 APR 2018

Sanjita Chanu comes out to try the 83kg lift...this to equal the Commonwealth Games record...and she does it with east...

06:08 (IST)6 APR 2018

Toua went forthe 82kg lift, but fails to make it. She settles for 80kgs.

06:07 (IST)6 APR 2018

Leblanc-Bazinet with her second attempt, and she lifts 81 kg, to take the lead now. She takes the lead from Sanjit Chanu.

06:04 (IST)6 APR 2018

Sanjita Chanu of India is up next...and she lifts 80 kgs without breaking sweat, to take the lead.

06:03 (IST)6 APR 2018

Toua surges into the lead with an 80kg lift, as she fist-pumps her way back to the training area!

06:01 (IST)6 APR 2018

Tegan Napper comes in for her third attempt at 78 kgs, but fails to make the lift. she finishes with 75 kg.

05:55 (IST)6 APR 2018

Yakubu comes out for her third attempt, but she fails to make a lift, and crashes out of the competition.

05:54 (IST)6 APR 2018

Ruth Bafoe attempts the 77kg lift, and she does it in style. She even managed to stand on one leg with the weights over her head, in the end.

05:51 (IST)6 APR 2018

Patterson fails to lift her second attempt of 76kgs, but comes back out for the third after a short break...and she makes it on the third attempt

05:48 (IST)6 APR 2018

Catrin Jones comes in for a 75 kg lift, but is unable to make the cut.

05:47 (IST)6 APR 2018

Tegan Nappa with her second attempt, and lifts the 75 kg with ease.

05:46 (IST)6 APR 2018

Ruth Baffoe goes for 73 kgs, and makes the cut with some difficulty.

05:44 (IST)6 APR 2018

Teegan Napper of Australia comes out to much applause, but fails to make her 75kg attempt.

05:43 (IST)6 APR 2018

Fatima Yakubu comes in for her 74kg attempt, but the technical referee makes her change her number from the left to the right thigh, which takes a lot of time off her clock. In the end, she runs out of time, but makes the lift anyway. Fatima does not  look happy with the referees here.

05:40 (IST)6 APR 2018

Chamari Warnakulasuriya of Sri Lanka is the next lifter on the list, and she makes he 74 kgs easily.

05:38 (IST)6 APR 2018

Third attempt from Mary Lifu, and she lifts aa personal best of 73 kgs.

05:35 (IST)6 APR 2018

Phillipa Patterson of New Zealand comes in for her first attempts and breaks no sweat as she lifts 70 kgs.
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