Commonwealth Games 2018: Men's High Jump, Tejaswin Shankar leads the way for India, Live Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 09, 2018 07:15 IST

Tejaswin Shankar is all set to get his campaign underway at 4pm.


07:15 (IST)9 APR 2018

Thank you for joining us today. We hope to see you soon!

07:15 (IST)9 APR 2018

Tejaswin clears 2.21m and will represent India in the event on the finals on Day 7

07:14 (IST)9 APR 2018

The high jump finals will take place on 11th of April

07:14 (IST)9 APR 2018


07:04 (IST)9 APR 2018

The event has concluded. Waiting for the official list to confirm the finalists. As things stand, Tejaswin will be in the finals on the 11th of April. 

06:54 (IST)9 APR 2018

Qualification for the final is looking highly likely for Tejaswin as 7 athletes out of 20 have already bowed out

06:48 (IST)9 APR 2018

The 19-year-old clears 2.21m on his second attempt to move on to 5th place for now

06:47 (IST)9 APR 2018


06:45 (IST)9 APR 2018

A lot of athletes stuck on the 2.21m height. 

06:44 (IST)9 APR 2018

Tejaswin fails to clear 2.21 in his first attempt

06:40 (IST)9 APR 2018

Canadian Michael Mason fails to do so in his first attempt

06:38 (IST)9 APR 2018

2.21m is the height the bar is set for now. Brandon Starc, Jamal Wilson, and David Smith have already cleared it

06:32 (IST)9 APR 2018

Meanwhile all the remaining athletes have cleared 2.18m as well

06:32 (IST)9 APR 2018

Shankar clears 2.18m and finds himself in 4th position

06:29 (IST)9 APR 2018


06:29 (IST)9 APR 2018

Breyton Poole of South Africa, Brandon Starc of Australia, and Manjula Wijesekara of Sri Lanka have all failed to clear 2.18m in their first attempts

06:26 (IST)9 APR 2018

2.18m seems to be the height athletes are going for this time around

06:25 (IST)9 APR 2018

Remember qualification will depend on either a clearance of 2.27m or by coming into the top 12

06:23 (IST)9 APR 2018

There are 6 athletes currently in the 1st position. All of them have cleared 2.15m in their first attempts. Tejaswin is 7th on the board because he took two tries to clear the same height. 

06:17 (IST)9 APR 2018


06:15 (IST)9 APR 2018

He fails to clear 2.15m in his first attempt. He still has two more attempts left to clear the bar

06:15 (IST)9 APR 2018

Shankar is up next

06:13 (IST)9 APR 2018

Athletes are clearing 2.15m now and Tejaswin will have to do so too to keep up

06:10 (IST)9 APR 2018

Shankar currently holds the national record for a clearance of 2.28m 

06:09 (IST)9 APR 2018

Tejaswin cleared 2.10m. There is qualification if an athlete is able to clear 2.27m or is one of the 12 best athletes out of 20. 

06:07 (IST)9 APR 2018

Tejaswin clears 2.10 in his first attempt as well. He is joint top as things stand

05:58 (IST)9 APR 2018

Wilson from Bahamas is up next. He gets the crowd behind him and clears 2.05m. Handfield, does so as well. 

05:56 (IST)9 APR 2018

Kaiwalu is out after he is unable to clear the bar in 3 attempts. 

05:52 (IST)9 APR 2018

The first athlete Handfied clears 2.00m easily. Next up is Kaiwalu. He is unsuccessful in his first attempt.

05:49 (IST)9 APR 2018

The best 12 will be selected for the next round

05:49 (IST)9 APR 2018

Shankar will go 10th in the Group A 

05:48 (IST)9 APR 2018

The Games recoed in high jump is 2.36 while the world record is 2.45

05:48 (IST)9 APR 2018

Stick around for updates

05:47 (IST)9 APR 2018

Good Moning all! High Jump qualification involving Tesjaswin Shankar is about to start

01:50 (IST)9 APR 2018

India’s top high jumper Tejaswin Shankar is all set to get the country’s athletics campaign underway at the Commonwealth Games today.
So far, Weightlifting has been the most successful contingent for the Indians, bringing home six gold medals medals from the Games, with just four days being over.
The likes of Mirabai Chanu, Sanjita Chanu, Sathish Sivalingam, Ragala Vekat Rahul and Seema are the ones who have won gold for India.
Sunday saw the addition of more spots, as Manu Bhaker, and Heena Sidhu were  the two shooters who ended the Indian weightlifters’ dominance, as they won a silver and a gold in the Women’s 10m Air Rifle event.

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