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  • Commonwealth Games 2018, Men's Table Tennis Group Stage: India vs Northern Ireland, Sathiyan Gnanasekaran leads the charge, Live Updates

Commonwealth Games 2018, Men's Table Tennis Group Stage: India vs Northern Ireland, Sathiyan Gnanasekaran leads the charge, Live Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 05, 2018 15:54 IST

The match starts at 2pm.


15:54 (IST)5 APR 2018

Than you everyone for tuning in. Hoping to see you again in the next live coverage. 
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15:28 (IST)5 APR 2018

Having said all that it is just a group match and they are bound to run into much harder opponents in the near future. 
Indian fans will definitely be hoping that the good showing continues from the paddlers.

15:26 (IST)5 APR 2018

N.Ireland definitely tried their best but it looked a game where India always seemed to have the upper hand. 
The fact that India lost just a single game in the whole match will prove the dominance that  the team enjoyed in this match.   

15:23 (IST)5 APR 2018

So that's it. 
India win three matches of the five that could have been played in total and hence have been deemed as WINNERS of this encounter against Northern Ireland. 

15:17 (IST)5 APR 2018

The fourth game is over and that finally brings us to a close in Match 3. The scorecard of Match 3 reads - 
Game 1  :  11 -   2      (IND - N.IRL)
Game 2  :    9 - 11      (IND - N.IRL)
Game 3  :  11 -   5      (IND - N.IRL)
Game 4  :  11 -   7      (IND - N.IRL)

15:14 (IST)5 APR 2018

India win the fourth game : 11 - 7. 

15:13 (IST)5 APR 2018

Game 4 is underway in Match 3 and the Indian team will only have itself to blame if they lose this game, leading it : 10 - 4 at the moment.  

15:06 (IST)5 APR 2018

The Indians finally raced away with the third game in Match 3 and ended with a score of :
 11 - 5.

15:05 (IST)5 APR 2018

The Indian duo still maintaining a slender lead over the N.Irelandians. The score in the third game reads : 7-4 in favour of India.

15:04 (IST)5 APR 2018

It's the third game and the Indian pair is back into the lead. They lead the game 5 - 2 at the moment.

15:02 (IST)5 APR 2018

And they've won it. The N.Irelandian pair wins the second game of Match 3,  11 - 9. 
So now it's pressure back on India. 

15:00 (IST)5 APR 2018

The Indian pair leads the third game 6 - 5, at the moment despite losing 2 points on their own serve. This looks to be set for a close finish. 

14:57 (IST)5 APR 2018

The Indian pair have won the first game and lead the N.Irelandian pair 1-0. 
The score from the 1st game in Match3 reads : 11 - 2, in favour of the Indians.

14:55 (IST)5 APR 2018

So Match 3 is underway between Harmeet DESAI(IND) and Sathiyan GNANASEKARAN(IND)     and 

14:46 (IST)5 APR 2018

The scorecard of the second match reads - 
Game 1  : 11 - 6
Game 2  : 11 - 8
Game 3  : 11 - 4.
All three games have been won by ACHANTA.  

14:44 (IST)5 APR 2018

The second match between Sharath ACHANTA(IND) and Paul MCCREERY(N.IRL) has also concluded and ACHANTA has emerged victorious. 

14:42 (IST)5 APR 2018

The scorecard after the three games in the first match reads -
  Game 1  :  11 - 4
  Game 2  :  11 - 6
  Game 3  :  11 - 4 .
All three games have been won by GNANASEKARAN.

14:40 (IST)5 APR 2018

So, we are back with news on the first match between GNANASEKARAN(IND) and ROBINSON(N.IRL) and the news is that India lead thanks to the former. 

14:28 (IST)5 APR 2018

Well everyone, looks like we are going to have to wait a bit more to know how things go down in the match between India and Northern Ireland. There seems to be some kind of serious technical difficulties that we are experiencing. We will try to get the updates to you as soon as we can. 

14:08 (IST)5 APR 2018

Match 1 is between Sathiyan Gnanasekaran from India and Ashley Robinson from N.Ireland.

13:55 (IST)5 APR 2018

It's just ten minutes to go and everyone will be on the edge of their seats to see how the men's team do against Northern Ireland.

13:31 (IST)5 APR 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of table tennis. After blanking Trinidad & Tobago 3-0 in their opening match, India meet Northern  Ireland in the second.

Can the Indian paddlers continue their golden run? Can they beat the Irish? Stay tuned for all LIVE updates
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