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  • Commonwealth Games 2018 - Mixed team Badminton, India vs Singapore Semi-finals, Saina Nehwal, PV Sindhu fighting for medal: Live Updates

Commonwealth Games 2018 - Mixed team Badminton, India vs Singapore Semi-finals, Saina Nehwal, PV Sindhu fighting for medal: Live Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 08, 2018 10:12 IST

India def Singapore 3-1 to enter the final after wins in XD, MS & WS. India lost in MD.


10:12 (IST)8 APR 2018

And that's a wrap! 

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10:11 (IST)8 APR 2018

To recap things:

India def Singapore 3-1 to enter Gold Medal Match

Brief scores:

Rankireddy/Ponnappa def Hee/Wong 22-20, 21-18

Srikanth def Loh 21-17, 21-14

Hee/Chrisnanta def Rankireddy/Shetty 17-21, 21-19, 21-12

Nehwal def Yeo 21-8, 21-15

09:54 (IST)8 APR 2018

The final is scheduled on Monday and India will meet the winner of the semi-final between Malaysia and England.

09:51 (IST)8 APR 2018

India have a silver from the Delhi Commonwealth Games in 2010, but never a gold.

Will this be the first time?

09:50 (IST)8 APR 2018

Saina played LIKE A BOSS, just as was expected from her. Yeo did put up some fight in the second game but it was never enough to interrupt Saina's rhythm.

The shuttle queen led the team into the final and India will now hope to get their hands on the gold medal for the first time.

09:46 (IST)8 APR 2018

Final score: Nehwal def Yeo 21-8, 21-15

09:45 (IST)8 APR 2018


This was a sweet revenge as Singapore had denied India the bronze four years back in Glasgow.

09:44 (IST)8 APR 2018



09:44 (IST)8 APR 2018

It's 19-15 to Saina now

09:41 (IST)8 APR 2018

Fantastic footwork from both but it is Saina, who shows her experience here.


09:38 (IST)8 APR 2018

Saina goes for a powerful smash but it misses the line


09:38 (IST)8 APR 2018

13-9 to the former World No. 1

09:36 (IST)8 APR 2018

A couple of errors have crept into Saina's game and her lead has been cut down to just two points.


09:33 (IST)8 APR 2018

It's 11-6 to the Indian going into the mid-game interval.

09:32 (IST)8 APR 2018

With some drops, Yeo kept on breathing down Saina's neck but the Indian extends her lead to 8-6

09:29 (IST)8 APR 2018

It's 5-4 to the Indian

09:29 (IST)8 APR 2018

We have a medical time-out here as Yeo is being treated for a cut on the hand

09:27 (IST)8 APR 2018

Yeo is putting up a better account of herself in the second game...far better movement and anticipation


09:21 (IST)8 APR 2018

With a smash, Nehwal gets the first game 21-8.

09:20 (IST)8 APR 2018

Saina has a host of game points now.


09:18 (IST)8 APR 2018

Yeo has been trying her best to get a couple of points but hasn't been able to stop the brilliant Saina

The Indian up 15-7

09:15 (IST)8 APR 2018

Good down-the-line smash from Yeo to take a point.

She trails 5-12

09:13 (IST)8 APR 2018

It's 11-3 to Nehwal at the mid-game break as she pretty much schools her opponent.

09:12 (IST)8 APR 2018

Lovely backhand volley from Yeo to take a point.


09:11 (IST)8 APR 2018

The former CWG champion is running away with the game.


09:09 (IST)8 APR 2018

Saina makes a fast start and leads 4-1

09:08 (IST)8 APR 2018

Next up is Saina Nehwal against Jia Min Yeo 

Nehwal will look to get the win and take India into the final.

08:58 (IST)8 APR 2018

And Chrisnanta turns out to be the hero for Singapore!

He and Hee get the job done for Singapore

India leas 2-1 in this tie now

08:57 (IST)8 APR 2018

Chrisnanta has been spot on in this game!


08:55 (IST)8 APR 2018

It's 16-10 to Singapore

08:55 (IST)8 APR 2018

The point construction has been fabulous from Team Singapore and the Indians are finding no way out!

08:52 (IST)8 APR 2018

And Team Singapore has extended their lead to five points now.


08:51 (IST)8 APR 2018

It's 11-7 for Team Singapore going into the interval.

08:49 (IST)8 APR 2018

The Indians are trying hard but Singapore are still in front.


08:46 (IST)8 APR 2018

Singapore take a mini lead and go up to 5-3

08:44 (IST)8 APR 2018

It's 2-2 in Game 3

08:42 (IST)8 APR 2018

If India can win this game, they advance to the final and confirm a medal.

Can they?

08:41 (IST)8 APR 2018

Oh! What a way to take the second game! The shuttle hit the top of the tape and fell to India's side of the court!

Singapore bag the second game 21-19

We have a decider

08:39 (IST)8 APR 2018

Another game point saved!


08:39 (IST)8 APR 2018

Chirag smashes down the middle!


08:38 (IST)8 APR 2018

Three game points for Singapore!


08:38 (IST)8 APR 2018

Great interception by Chirag at the net to get back one point


08:37 (IST)8 APR 2018

And again Singapore take the lead to go ahead to 18-16

08:36 (IST)8 APR 2018

The Indians trailed briefly but have now stormed back to 16-16

08:34 (IST)8 APR 2018

Great smash at Satwik's body from the Singaporeans to go up to 15-13

08:32 (IST)8 APR 2018

And the Indian boys have levelled matters at 12-12

The Indian dugout can't stop applauding!!!!!

08:30 (IST)8 APR 2018

It's 11-9 to Singapore going into the mid-game interval.

08:26 (IST)8 APR 2018

Singapore still have the lead, only barely


08:23 (IST)8 APR 2018

It's a 4-2 start for Team Singapore in Game 2

08:19 (IST)8 APR 2018

The Singaporeans send the shuttle wide and the first game goes to Team India 21-17
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