Commonwealth Games 2018, Para-powerlifting: Men's Lightweight Final, Farman Basha fighting for gold, Live Updates

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07:40 (IST)10 APR 2018

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07:38 (IST)10 APR 2018

So we've come to the end of the Men's Lightweight competition in the Para Powerlifting

Here are the final RESULTS
GOLD: Ezuruike, Nigeria - 224.3 points
SILVER: Kehinde, Nigeria - 219.9 points
BRONZE: Jawad, England - 182.7 points

4th. Gustin, Malaysia - 169.8 points
5th. Basha, India - 169.4 points
6th. Brown, England - 164.2 points
7th. Wanjiku, Kenya - 143.8 points
8th. Nguyen, Australia - 142.3 points
9th. Niyonzima, Rwanda - 141.2 points
10th. Stephens, Wales - 137.2 points

Ashok, India - no score, failed all 3 lifts

07:33 (IST)10 APR 2018

Kehinde of Nigeria is unsuccessful with his third attempt at 222.5 kg

He stays 2nd with 219.9 points

07:29 (IST)10 APR 2018

Gustin of Malaysia comes in and he is successful in his third attempt of 166 kg

He now gets into 4th place with 169.8 points of India's Basha

07:27 (IST)10 APR 2018

Ezuruike of Nigeria, the current leader, going for 202 kg in his third lift

But he cannot do it. That's his first failed lift today

So he stays at 224.3 points

07:25 (IST)10 APR 2018


It's three straight failed lifts for Ashok

He is unsuccessful in his third lift at 171 kg and he is yet to register any points

07:24 (IST)10 APR 2018

India's Ashok is coming in for his third lift at 171 kg

He really needs to get a score here

07:23 (IST)10 APR 2018

Brown of England is also unsuccessful in his third attempt of 165 kg

Stays in 6th with 164.2 points

07:21 (IST)10 APR 2018

Jawad of England is successful in this third lift of 161 kg

He increases his score to 182.7 points

07:20 (IST)10 APR 2018

Basha of India comes in for his third lift

This time he's unsuccessful as he cannot complete his 150 kg lift

So he misses an opportunity to increase his score and he stays in 4th

07:15 (IST)10 APR 2018

Stephens of Wales comes in for his third attempt and he lifts 140 kg 

He has a score of 137.2 points, stays in 10th place

07:13 (IST)10 APR 2018

Wanjiku of Kenya is successful in his third attempt at 140 kg

He has 143.8 points and is in 7th

07:11 (IST)10 APR 2018

Nguyen of Australia is also unsuccessful in his third lift of 137 kg

He stays on 142.3 points

07:10 (IST)10 APR 2018

Round 3 begins...

Niyonzima of Rwanda fails in his third lift of 135 kg

07:08 (IST)10 APR 2018

So that's the end of 2 rounds

Here are the Top 5
1. Ezuruike, Nigeria - 224.3 points
2. Kehinde, Nigeria - 219.9 points
3. Jawad, England - 180.5 points
4. Basha, India - 169.4 points
5. Gustin, Malaysia - 164.7 points

India's other contestant, Ashok has failed both his lifts so far

07:06 (IST)10 APR 2018

Kehinde of Nigeria is unsuccessful in his second lift with a lift of 221 kg

So that means he cannot overtake his countryman... He stays in 2nd with 219.9 points

07:03 (IST)10 APR 2018

Ezuruike of Nigeria continues to look extremely good

He completes 194 kg in his second attempt and has reclaimed 1st place with 224.3 points

07:02 (IST)10 APR 2018

Gustin of Malaysia is successful in his second lift at 161 kg... that gives him 164.7 points

Meanwhile, Brown of England is unsuccessful in his second lift, at 163 kg

06:59 (IST)10 APR 2018

Jawad of England comes in for his second lift and he does 159 kg

That takes his score to 180.5 points, to extend his lead for 3rd place

06:58 (IST)10 APR 2018

Basha comes in for his second lift

This time he gets it and the Indian is finally on the board

He does a lift of 140 kg in his second attempt... He gets 169.4 points for that lift

That puts him in 4th place for now

06:57 (IST)10 APR 2018

India's Ashok comes in for his second lift

But he's unsuccessful again, at 160 kg. So he's yet to register a score

06:50 (IST)10 APR 2018

Stephens of Wales fails in his second lift at 138 kg

06:48 (IST)10 APR 2018

Nguyen of Australia fails in his second lift of 137 kg, stays in 6th place

06:47 (IST)10 APR 2018

Niyonzima of Rwanda fails in his second attempt of 135 kg while Wanjiku of Kenya lifts 135 kg in his second attempt and registers a score.

Wanjiku now has 138.7 points

06:46 (IST)10 APR 2018

Kehinde is successful in his first lift at 211 kg and that gives him 219.9 points and puts him in the lead

So all the athletes have completed their first lifts, we are done with Round 1

Here's the top 5 after round 1

1. Kehinde, Nigeria - 219.9 points
2. Ezuruike, Nigeria - 217.3 points 
3. Jawad, England - 175.9 points
4. Brown, England - 164.2 points
5. Gustin, Malaysia - 158.6 points

India's Basha and Ashok both were unsuccessful in their first attempts

06:42 (IST)10 APR 2018

Paul Kehinde of Nigeria is going to come in next

He is the current world record holder in the Men's up to 65kg category with a lift of 221 kg in Dubai just about 2 months ago

06:39 (IST)10 APR 2018

Nigeria's Roland Ezuruike completes his first lift at 188 kg
That gives him 217.3 points and puts him in 1st place

06:37 (IST)10 APR 2018

Oliver Brown of England comes in for his first attempt, he successfully lifts 160 kg for 164.2 points

Top 5 
1. Ali Jawad, England - 175.9 points
2. Oliver Brown, England - 164.2 points
3. Bonnie Gustin, Malaysia - 158.6 points
4. Nang Nguyen, Australia - 142.3 points
5. Vedaste Niyonzima, Rwanda - 141.2 points

06:35 (IST)10 APR 2018

So both Indians have been unsuccessful in their first attempts

06:35 (IST)10 APR 2018

Ashok comes in for his first lift...

But he too is unsuccessful... he fails in his first attempt at 160 kg

06:32 (IST)10 APR 2018

Bonnie Gustin of Malaysia successfully lifts 155 kg for 158.6 points, that puts him in 2nd place

06:31 (IST)10 APR 2018

England's Ali Jawad comes in, successfully lifts 155 kg 

He has 175.9 points for that lift


1. Jawad, England - 175.9 points
2. Nguyen, Australia - 142.3 points
3. Niyonzima, Rwanda - 141.2 points
4. Stephens, Wales - 130.4 points

06:28 (IST)10 APR 2018

Here comes India's Basha

But he cannot manage it, he is unsuccessful in his first attempt at 138 kg

06:27 (IST)10 APR 2018

Nathan Stephens of Wales has completed his first lift of 133 kg for a score of 130.4 points

06:26 (IST)10 APR 2018

Nang Nguyen of Australia completes his first lift of 132 KG

On the board at the moment
1. Nguyen, Australia - 142.3 points
2. Niyonzima, Rwanda - 141.2 points

06:24 (IST)10 APR 2018

So unlike the normal Weightlifting competition, here in the Para Powerlifting, the athletes are awarded points for each lift based on a combination of body weight and the weight they have lifted because there are athletes from different weight categories

06:21 (IST)10 APR 2018

The competition has started...

Vedaste Niyonzima of Rwanda has finished a lift of 131 kg while Gabriel Wanjiku of Kenya failed his first lift of 130 kg

06:19 (IST)10 APR 2018

Ashok hails from Kheri Sonipat in Haryana

He hasn't competed in as many events and finished 9th in the Men's 59kg at the World Championships in Mexico City in 2017

06:18 (IST)10 APR 2018

Some background information on the two athletes

Basha hails from Bangalore, Karnataka

He speaks six languages and idolizes cricket great Sachin Tendulkar

According to him, a shoulder injury affected his performance at the Glasgow games four years ago and he is determined to do better this time

He finished 4th at the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and at the World Championships last year in Mexico City he finished 7th

06:06 (IST)10 APR 2018

Farman Basha has set a weight of 138 kg as of now for his first lift

Ashok has set a weight of 155 kg

Basha has a body-weight of 46.20 kg, so he's in the lower weight category as opposed to Ashok who weighs in at 59 kg

06:04 (IST)10 APR 2018

There are 11 competitors in all who have made it through to this final round

06:02 (IST)10 APR 2018

The competition is just about to get underway

23:55 (IST)9 APR 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Men's Para-powerlifting from Gold Coast. India's Farman Basha and Ashok will be taking part in the event and will carry India's hopes.

Basha represented India at the 2012 London Paralympics and also won a bronze medal at the 2010 Asian Para Games in Guangzhou, China. Later on, his bronze medal was upgraded to silver. At the Commonwealth Games, he will be a top candidate for the gold medal.

Ashok finished 9th at the 2017 World Championships in Mexico. He will be looking to make a better finish tomorrow. Stay tuned for all LIVE updates.
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