Commonwealth Games 2018: Shooting Men's 50m Rifle 3 positions Finals, India's Chain Singh, Sanjeev Rajput fighting for Gold, Live Updates

The match will begin at 8:15 am
Updated: 14 April 2018 09:15 IST - Published: April, 14 2018 08:04 AM IST
That's all from the Shooting range at the Belmont Shooting Centre. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all live updates from the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.
With that, India's Sanjeev Rajput has won the Gold Medal with a Games Record score of 454.5
Scores at the end of Standing Round (Elimination)

Sanjeev Rajput (IND) - 454.5 ( New Games Record)
Gzegorz Sych (CAN) - 448.4
Scores at the end of Standing Round (Elimination)

Sanjeev Rajput (IND) - 444.2
Gzegorz Sych (CAN) - 442.4
Dean Bale (ENG) -  441.2 (Eliminated)
Scores at the end of Standing Round (Elimination)

Sanjeev Rajput (IND) - 435.0
Gzegorz Sych (CAN) - 433.3
Dean Bale (ENG) -  432
Cameron Pirouet (CAN) - 428.8 (Eliminated)
Scores at the end of Standing Round (Elimination)

Sanjeev Rajput (IND) - 426.0
Gzegorz Sych (CAN) - 423.2
Dean Bale (ENG) -  422.3
Chain Singh (IND) - 419.1 (Eliminated)
Cameron Pirouet (CAN) - 419.3
Scores at the end of Standing Round (Elimination)
Sanjeev Rajput (IND) - 415.9
Gzegorz Sych (CAN) - 414.0
Dean Bale (ENG) -  411.9
Chain Singh (IND) - 410.5
Cameron Pirouet (CAN) - 409.5
Kenneth Parr (ENG) - 406.7 (Eliminated)
Scores at the end of first Standing Round (Elimination)

Sanjeev Rajput (IND) - 405.6
Gzegorz Sych (CAN) - 403.3
Dean Bale (ENG) -  402.3
Chain Singh (IND) - 400.1
Cameron Pirouet (CAN) - 401.1
Kenneth Parr (ENG) - 397.7
Dane Sampson (AUS) - 397.1 (Eliminated)
Ghufran Adil (PAK) -  390.5 (Eliminated)
The Standing Position elimination rounds have gotten underway!!
The final position - Standing will begin shortly. It will be a elimination round with one shooter getting bumped off at the end of each round.
Scores at the end of Prone Round

Gzegorz Sych (CAN) - 308.3
Cameroun Pirouet (JEY) - 304.3
Sanjeev Rajput (IND) - 306.9
Chain Singh (IND) - 306.3
Dean Bale (ENG) - 301.9
Kenneth Parr (ENG) - 304.1
Ghufran Adil (PAK) - 299.8
Dane Sampson (AUS) - 299.0
Chain Singh scores 52.2 in final Prone round to finish Prone Position with a total score of 306.3 
Sanjeev Rajput finishes Prone Position with a score of 52.2 to take his total to 306.9
Grzegorz Sych shoots 51.8 in second Prone Round
Chain Singh shoots 52.2 in second Prone Round
Sanjeev Rajput shoots 52.4 in second Prone Round
Chain Singh shoots a score of 52.5 in the first Prone round
Sanjeev Rajput shoots 51.8 in the first Prone round
Next up will the Prone Position Round
Score at the end of Kneeling Round

Gzegorz Sych (CAN) - 154.8
Cameroun Pirouet (JEY) - 152.7
Sanjeev Rajput (IND) - 150.5
Chain Singh (IND) - 149.3
Dean Bale (ENG) - 148.8
Kenneth Parr (ENG) - 148.8
Ghufran Adil (PAK) - 147.9
Dane Sampson (AUS) - 144.4
Canadian Grzegorz Sych has shot 133.4 and is in the lead 
Chain Singh has shot 99.5 so far in the Kneeling Position
India' Sanjeev Rajput has shot a score of 90.8 so far.
 The final is underway at the Belmont Shooting Centre.
The first position in the event will be the Kneeling Position.
The action begins in just under 10 minutes as two Indians - Chain Singh and Sanjeev Rajput shoot it out for a place on the podium.
Hello and Welcome to's live coverage of Men's 50m Rifle 3 Positions Finals. 
Next up is Men's Shooting 50m Rifle 3 positions final with India's Chain Singh and Sanjeev Rajput amongst the contenders.

The penultimate day of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games gets underway with a lot of athletes playing in their Semifinals and Finals.

With India already crossing their Gold medal tally of the 2014 Glasgow games, fans can certainly be excited heading into the final two days of the games.

As the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games head into their final stages, there is still a lot of action to come.

Day 9 was a positive one for India. Day 9 started off on a good note with Tejaswini Sawant winning a gold medal & Anjum Moudgil winning a silver medal in Shooting Women's 50m Rifle 3 Positions Finals.

Young gun Anish Bhanwala, only 15-year-old won the gold in the 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men's Finals. Indian shooters continue to delight and win medals. Bajrang of India also bagged a gold medal in Wrestling 65kg Freestyle category taking India's gold medal tally to 17! Divya Kakran also got home a Bronze medal for India in Wrestling defeating Sherin Sultana of Bangladesh.

India will be looking to end the competition on a high as all the action from the games continues. 
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