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Commonwealth Games 2018: Shooting, Men's 50m Rifle 3 Positions Qualification, Chain Singh, Sanjeev Rajput carry India's hopes

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 14, 2018 07:35 IST

The event is underway.


07:35 (IST)14 APR 2018

Shootingres.JPG 68.59 KB

07:34 (IST)14 APR 2018

Sanjeev Rajput finishes with a Qualification Games Record of 1180-58x

07:33 (IST)14 APR 2018

The qualification has ended with Indian duo of Sanjeev Rajput and Chain Singh finishing at the top two positions.

06:52 (IST)14 APR 2018

The two Indians are in the lead at the moment, with Sanjeev Rajput ahead of the rest of the pack, while Chain Singh follows close behind.

06:44 (IST)14 APR 2018

Take a bow, Sanjeev Rajput! He scores 98 on his final attempt to take his overall tally to 1180!

He now holds the record for the highest points in the men's 50m Rifle 3 position event! 

06:41 (IST)14 APR 2018

Dean Bale is now back in the contest with a 95-point attempt on his penultimate try. 

06:40 (IST)14 APR 2018

Sanjeev Rajput now in his final attempt. He needs 87 points to pen his name down as the new record holder for the highest score in the Games! Can he do it?

06:35 (IST)14 APR 2018

Englishman Kenneth Parr puts on a good display as he registers 96 points on his third attempt. 

06:31 (IST)14 APR 2018

Sanjeev Rajput can do no wrong today. Yet another strong show of 98 points in his penultimate attempt!

06:29 (IST)14 APR 2018

Meanwhile, Canada's Grzegorz Sych starts with 93 points on his first attempt. 

06:27 (IST)14 APR 2018

Chain Singh finishes off his qualifiers with a total score of 1166 (389- Kneeling, 398- Prone, 379- Standing). 

He equals compatriot Gagan Narang's Commonwealth Games record, which was set in 2010. 

06:26 (IST)14 APR 2018

A cat and mouse game ensuing as Sanjeev Rajput, Dean Bale and Kenneth Parr are currently having a go at their third attempt. 

06:23 (IST)14 APR 2018

Keneth Parr manages to score 93 on his second attempt as well. 

06:22 (IST)14 APR 2018

Sanjeev Rajput continues to shine with a 98-point effort on his second try and is comfortably in the lead!

06:21 (IST)14 APR 2018

Chain Singh picks up 95 points from his third try and is now midway through his final attempt! 

Not sure if he's booked an early table for breakfast today!

06:19 (IST)14 APR 2018

England's Dean Bale makes a strong comeback with a 97-point effort on his second try. 

06:12 (IST)14 APR 2018

Sanjeev Rajput continues his purple patch! Scores 96 on his first try at the last round!

06:11 (IST)14 APR 2018

Bale starts off with 91 points on his first go. 

06:11 (IST)14 APR 2018

In the meantime, Chain Singh has bettered his first attempt score with a 96-point effort in his second try!

06:11 (IST)14 APR 2018

Parr too starts off with an identical score of 93. 

06:07 (IST)14 APR 2018

Modest start for Chain Singh, finishes off with 93 points from his first attempt. 

06:00 (IST)14 APR 2018

Keneth Parr and Chain Singh are now having their first go at the final segment. 

05:59 (IST)14 APR 2018

The final round has now begun. 

05:45 (IST)14 APR 2018

The two Indians, Sanjeev Rajput and Chain Singh have put on an extraordinary show so far and occupy the top two positions. How will they fare in the last round? Stay tuned!

05:43 (IST)14 APR 2018

Here are the results, at the end of the second segment! 

image.png 65.25 KB

05:42 (IST)14 APR 2018

A good finish for Dean Bale as he scores a perfect 100 on his final attempt.

05:40 (IST)14 APR 2018

Dean Bale is the last competitor in the round and will have to bounce back after his below par show of 94 points in the third round. 

05:39 (IST)14 APR 2018

Misses out by just a whisker! 99 points on his last attempt to take the tally to 399 from the round! 

What a staggering attempt from Sanjeev Rajput as he is now firmly in the lead!

05:33 (IST)14 APR 2018

Now a third hundred! Can he make it four in a row to cap off the perfect round for him?

05:26 (IST)14 APR 2018

Meanwhile, Sanjeev Rajput has just scored his second 100 in a row!

05:26 (IST)14 APR 2018

Parr finishes off his prone attempts with three 100s and one 98 to accumulate a total of 398 from this segment. 

05:24 (IST)14 APR 2018

So does Canada's Sych, who finishes with a total of 368 in the prone round with a score of 96 on his fourth attempt. 

05:24 (IST)14 APR 2018

Chain Singh finishes off his prone shooting round with a perfect score of 100 in his fourth attempt!

05:22 (IST)14 APR 2018

Bale, on his second attempt registers 99 points. 

05:21 (IST)14 APR 2018

Sanjeev Rajput is the latest shooter to enter the 100-point club in his first attempt.

05:19 (IST)14 APR 2018

Chain Singh seems to be in some hurry but in fine form as well, scores 99 on his third attempt as well. 

05:18 (IST)14 APR 2018

Grzegorz Sych meanwhile scores 98 on his second and third attempt. 

05:17 (IST)14 APR 2018

Keneth Parr continues his golden run as he scores yet another 100. 

05:17 (IST)14 APR 2018

Chain Singh has completed his second attempt, a fruitful one as he returns with 99 points. 

05:16 (IST)14 APR 2018

Dean Bale joins the 100-point club on his first attempt!

05:13 (IST)14 APR 2018

Keneth Parr, too scores a perfect score of 100!

05:12 (IST)14 APR 2018

Canada's Sych falls one point short of Singh as he starts off commendably well with a score of 99. 

05:11 (IST)14 APR 2018

Perfect start for Chain Singh! Scores a 100 on his first attempt. 

05:07 (IST)14 APR 2018

We now move into the prone round of the qualifiers. 

05:07 (IST)14 APR 2018

image.png 37.78 KB

05:06 (IST)14 APR 2018

Here are the leaders at the end of the first segment of this qualification. 

Dean Bale (ENG) - 392

Sanjeev Rajput (IND) - 391

Chain Singh (IND) - 389

Keneth Parr (ENG) - 388

Grzegorz Sych (CAN) - 386

05:04 (IST)14 APR 2018

He's something special, is Sanjeev Rajput! A 98-point attempt sees him retaining his second place with a total of 391!

05:00 (IST)14 APR 2018

As we speak, Sanjeev Rajput is completing the fourth round. 

04:58 (IST)14 APR 2018

Canada's Sych in fifth place with scores of 98, 94, 97, 97. 
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