Commonwealth Games 2018, Squash, Men's Singles India: Harinder Pal Sandhu vs Cameron Stafford Live Updates

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Sandhu def Stafford 11-3, 11-13, 11-6, 11-8


10:08 (IST)5 APR 2018

That wraps our coverage of this match, but don't go anywhere. Lots of action going on in Gold Coast at the moment.

Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the live updates.

10:06 (IST)5 APR 2018

That was a good test for the former national champion, but he found a way to overcome the challenge. That will surely stand him in good stead for the rest of his campaign.

That was India's first squash match of CWG 2018 and first win as well.

10:04 (IST)5 APR 2018

It's a 11-3, 11-13, 11-6, 11-8 win for Harinderpal Sandhu

10:04 (IST)5 APR 2018


10:03 (IST)5 APR 2018

Stafford fails to reach the ball and Sandhu gets a couple of match balls!

10:02 (IST)5 APR 2018

8-8 as we approach the business end of this game

10:02 (IST)5 APR 2018

Again the game continues to be very tight

It's 7-7

10:01 (IST)5 APR 2018

Sandhu had no answer to that!

Is he falling into Stafford's trap again?

10:01 (IST)5 APR 2018

What a shot from Stafford...just clobbered the ball past the Indian!

It's 6-6

10:00 (IST)5 APR 2018

Sandhu has made his mark here and leads 6-4

09:58 (IST)5 APR 2018

And it continues to be an even game


09:57 (IST)5 APR 2018

And Sandhu battles back!


09:57 (IST)5 APR 2018

Stafford makes a bright start!


09:56 (IST)5 APR 2018

Can the Indian complete the job in Game 4?

09:56 (IST)5 APR 2018

Sandhu tightened up his squash in that third game and did not let his opponent play his attacking game. It was a much better shot selection from the Indian.

09:55 (IST)5 APR 2018

And Sandhu CONVERTS!

He takes the third game 11-6

09:52 (IST)5 APR 2018



09:51 (IST)5 APR 2018

This is very much like the first game...Sandhu looks a lot determined now and has surged to 8-4

09:49 (IST)5 APR 2018

Sandhu looks alert and hasn't let Stafford show his attacking game

Sandhu up 5-2

09:48 (IST)5 APR 2018

In Game 3, Sandhu has inched ahead to 3-2

09:47 (IST)5 APR 2018

Sandhu has quite a job in his hands now.....can't afford to let the lower-ranked player take the initiative.

09:46 (IST)5 APR 2018

We are tied at one game apiece.

09:46 (IST)5 APR 2018

Stafford saved a couple of game points and made all the hard work COUNT!

He has taken the second game 13-11

09:42 (IST)5 APR 2018

Stafford isn't going anywhere soon!

He has made it 10-10

09:41 (IST)5 APR 2018


09:40 (IST)5 APR 2018



09:38 (IST)5 APR 2018

Sandhu has calmed down and is drawing errors out of Stafford.

He trails 7-9

09:37 (IST)5 APR 2018

Sandhu prolonged the rally but came up short again.

He trails 3-8

09:36 (IST)5 APR 2018

And 7-1 as well.

He is weaving magic at the moment!

09:36 (IST)5 APR 2018

And he has soared to 5-1

Sandhu looking nervous a bit

09:35 (IST)5 APR 2018

Suddenly, an injection of pace and aggression from Stafford!

He is up 3-0

09:34 (IST)5 APR 2018

The ball has been cleaned and given to the players. Game 2 is starting!

09:32 (IST)5 APR 2018

Sandhu gets the first game 11-3.

It is a very, very comfortable start for the Indian!

09:31 (IST)5 APR 2018

Sandhu surges ahead to 9-3 after that

09:31 (IST)5 APR 2018

Stafford asked for a video referral after a stroke was awarded to the Indian. The decision was overruled

09:30 (IST)5 APR 2018

A long rally ensues after Sandhu goes up to 7-3

09:29 (IST)5 APR 2018

Sandhu looking very much in control and rotating the ball well.


09:28 (IST)5 APR 2018

Nice block from the Indian!

He is up 4-2

09:27 (IST)5 APR 2018

Stafford gets on the board at 1-3

09:27 (IST)5 APR 2018

Sandhu is already showing his speed and alertness and has gone up to 2-0

09:26 (IST)5 APR 2018

And the warmup is over. Time for the real action!

09:23 (IST)5 APR 2018

Sandhu is a former national champion and has all the experience of playing at the top level. He should definitely look to get a comfortable win here. This is India's first squash match of the day.

09:22 (IST)5 APR 2018

The players have entered the court and are warming up! We are seconds away from the start!

09:16 (IST)5 APR 2018

We have to wait for a few more minutes as the court is being readied for the match.

08:21 (IST)5 APR 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the match. Stay tuned for updates!

08:20 (IST)5 APR 2018

29-year-old Harinder Pal Sandhu is a professional squash player who represents India. His career-high world ranking: No. 56 in September 2015. Current ranking: No. 77. Being a part of the Gold Medal winning team at the 2014 Asian Games held at Incheon, Pal has a lot of experience in his bag. 
The Indian squash maestro will be taking on Cameron Stafford, who is a junior squash player in the Caribbean Region. 

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