Commonwealth Games 2018, Swimming: Virdhawal Khade and Srihari Nataraj in semifinals

Two Indians will feature in the semis in 2 events today in the evening session
Updated: 05 April 2018 17:15 IST - Published: April, 05 2018 09:15 AM IST
That's it from us here for Day 1 of the action from the Opta Aquatics Centre as far as Indian interest is concerned.

Keep up with the latest updates from CWG 2018 with our live blogs covering all the Indian action from the Gold Coast.

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(All times in seconds)

Men's 100m Backstroke - Through to the final 

Mitch Larkin, Australia - 53.15
Markus Thormeyer, Canada - 53.86
Bradley Woodward, Australia - 54.22
Conor Ferguson, Northern Ireland - 54.48
Luke Greenbank, England - 54.54
Benjamin Treffers, Australia - 54.62
Corey Main, New Zealand - 55.02
Xavier Castelli, Wales - 55.13

India's Srihari Nataraj did not make it through to the final
Here are the final results from the Men's 50m Butterfly and 100m Backstroke

(All times in seconds)

Men's 50m Butterfly - Through to the final
Chad Le Clos, South Africa - 23.53
Grant Irvine, Australia - 23.79
Ryan Coetzee, South Africa - 23.79
Dylan Carter, Trinidad & Tobago - 23.90
Daniel Hunter, New Zealand - 23.93
Sam Perry, New Zealand - 23.99
Jacob Peters, England - 24.05
David Morgan, Australia - 24.17

India's Virdhawal Khade did not make it through
That concludes Indian interest at the swimming pool on Day 1..

Just to recap

Virdhawal Khade finished 8th in his Men's 50m Butterfly semifinal
Srihari Nataraj also finished 8th in his Men's 100m Backstroke semifinal

They will not be progressing to the finals
FULL RESULTS - Men's 100m Backstroke - Semifinal 2

1. Mitch Larkin, Australia - 53.15 secs
2. Bradley Woodward, Australia - 54.22 secs
3. Conor Ferguson, Northern Ireland - 54.48 secs
4. Benjamin Treffers, Australia - 54.62 secs
5. Craig McNally, Scotland - 55.28 secs
6. Elliot Clogg, England - 55.42 secs
7. Harry Shalomon, Jersey - 56.47 secs
8. Srihari Nataraj, India - 56.65 secs
Australians take top spots

Home swimmers Larkin and Woodward take the top 2 spots followed by Ferguson of Northern Ireland

India's Nataraj finishes 8th
It's a tough ask of the youngster considering it's his first international outing. The difference is visible...
He's away, behind the leaders at the moment
He will be swimming in Lane 8
India's Nataraj all set to go in semifinal 2... he is the youngest semifinalist here at just 17 years old
FULL RESULTS - Men's 100m BACKSTROKE - Semifinal 1

1. Markus Thormeyer, Canada - 53.86 secs
2. Luke Greenbank, England - 54.54 secs
3. Corey Main, New Zealand - 55.02 secs
4. Xavier Castelli, Wales - 55.13 secs
5. Calvyn Justus, South Africa - 55.25 secs
6. Jason Arthur, Ghana - 56.85 secs
7. Martin Binedell, South Africa - 56.91 secs
8. Thomas Hollingsworth, Guernsey - 58.14 secs
Men's 100m Backstroke, Semifinal 1

Canada's Thormeyer wins with a comfortable margin, followed by England's Greenbank and New Zealand's Main
Men's 100m Backstroke, semifinal 1

It's Thormeyer and Justus leading at the halfway mark
And we're off
The swimmers for semifinal 1 are just making their way out...
Action underway...
Men's 100m Backstroke

Semifinal 1
Jason Arthur, Ghana
Calvyn Justus, South Africa
Markus Thormeyer, Canada
Luke Greenbank, England
Corey Main, New Zealand
Xavier Castelli, Wales
Martin Binedell, South Africa
Thomas Hollingsworth, Guernsey

Semifinal 2
Harry Shalamon, Jersey
Conor Ferguson, Northern Ireland
Elliot Clogg, England
Mitch Larkin, Australia
Bradley Woodward, Australia
Benjamin Treffers, Australia
Craig McNaly, Scotland
Srihari Nataraj, India
Nataraj is just a teenager, a 17-year-old from Bangalore.

These are his first major international Games. Nataraj will be going in semifinal 2
So that's that for the 50m Butterfly in the Men's

We now await Srihari Nataraj in the Men's 100m Backstroke semis
Virdhawal Khade actually posted a time close to his personal best, but the rest of the field was just too good. We will not be seeing the Indian in the final of Men's 50m Butterfly.
South Africans top Semifinal 2

The two favourites there, Le Clos and Coetzee were far too strong and ran away with this one. India's Khade finishes 8th

FULL RESULTS - Men's 50m BUTTERFLY - Semifinal 2

1. Chad Le Clos, South Africa - 23.53 secs
2. Ryan Coetzee, South Africa - 23.79 secs
3. Daniel Hunter, New Zealand - 23.93 secs
4. David Morgan, Australia - 24.17 secs
5. Calum Bain, Northern Ireland - 24.43 secs
6. Sean Campsie, Scotland - 24.48 secs
7. Ralph Govieia, Zambia - 24.49 secs
8. Virdhawal Khade, India - 24.50 secs
Khade starts in Lane 1 in Semifinal 2
Irvine & Carter lead the way

As expected, the two fastest men in the line-up, Grant Irvine of Australia and Dylan Carter of Trinidad & Tobago top that semifinal, finishing 1st and 2nd respectively.

FULL RESULTS - Men's 50m BUTTERFLY - Semifinal 1
1. Grant Irvine, Australia - 23.79 secs
2. Dylan Carter, Trinidad & Tobago - 23.90 secs
3. Sam Perry, New Zealand - 23.99 secs
4. Jacob Peters, England - 24.05 secs
5. Josiah Binnema, Canada - 24.30 secs
6. Bradley Tandy, South Africa - 24.35 secs
7. Scott McLay, Scotland - 24.49 secs
8. Abeku Jackson, Ghana - 24.86 secs
Semi-final 1 about to get underway...
Of the swimmers in Semi-final 1, Trinidadian Dylan Carter and Australian Grant Irvine were the two fastest men in the Heats, both swimming sub-24 second times
Semi-final 2 Line-up

Virdhawal Khade, India
Sean Campsie, Scotland
Daniel Hunter, New Zealand
Chad Le Clos, South Africa
Ryan Coetzee, South Africa
David Morgan, Australia
Calum Bain, Northern Ireland
Ralph Govieia, Zambia
The Men's 50m Butterfly semis are about to get underway

Semi-final 1 Line-up
Josiah Binnema, Canada
Bradley Tandy, South Africa
Jacob Peters, England
Dylan Carter, Trinidad & Tobago
Grant Irvine, Australia
Sam Perry, New Zealand
Scott McLay, Scotland
Abeku Jackson, Ghana

virdhawal-khade-1431692416.jpg 118.68 KB

Back to the swimming, we are just under 20 minutes away from the start of the Men's 50m Butterfly semis

Virdhawal Khade, 26-year-old swimmer from Kolhapur, Maharashtra will feature in the second semi.

Earlier today, in his Heats, he swam a time of 24.52 seconds to book his place in the semis.

He will be swimming along with South Africans Chad Le Clos and Ryan Coetzee, two of the favourites in the competition

Mirabai Chanu

In case you've been away and not following proceedings from Day 1 of CWG 2018, Mirabai Chanu produced an outstanding showing in the Women's 48 kg Weightlifting event to deliver India's first gold medal of the games.

She completed all of her six total lifts and smashed some records in the process. She was so good that the only competition was to see who would pick up silver and bronze as the gold never looked in doubt.

If you missed it, you can relive Mirabai's stunning showing here
Khade will be first in action in the Men's 50m Butterfly followed by Nataraj in the 100m Backstroke a little later

Swimmers Virdhawal Khade (Men's 50m Butterfly) and Srihari Nataraj (Men's 100m Backstroke) have come through their respective Heats and will take part in the semis of their events a short while from now
Good afternoon and welcome back poolside to our coverage of Swimming from the 2018 Commonwealth Games
Virdhawal Khade and Srihari Nataraj have made it to the semifinals of the Men's 50m Butterfly and Men's 100m Backstroke respectively at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Tune in at 3:40 PM for live updates from the Opta Aquatics Centre
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