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  • Commonwealth Games 2018: Table Tennis Men's Doubles Semifinals, India's Achanta Sharath, Sathiyan Gnanasekaran fighting for medal, Live Updates

Commonwealth Games 2018: Table Tennis Men's Doubles Semifinals, India's Achanta Sharath, Sathiyan Gnanasekaran fighting for medal, Live Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 13, 2018 14:42 IST

Live coverage under way!


14:42 (IST)13 APR 2018

That's it folks. We'll be back with the live coverage of the finals where the Indian pair of Achanta Sharath/Sathiyan Gnanasekaran will take on the team from England. 

14:40 (IST)13 APR 2018

Here is the final score!

14:39 (IST)13 APR 2018

It's all over as the Indian pair goes down fighting 11-13! 

14:38 (IST)13 APR 2018

It's going down to the wire with the scoreline reading 11-11

14:37 (IST)13 APR 2018

England on game and match point.
Score: 9-10

14:35 (IST)13 APR 2018

The Indian pair of DESAI Harmeet/SHETTY Sanil Shankar show strong nerves as they reduce the difference to one.
Score: 7-8

14:33 (IST)13 APR 2018

England extend their lead to 4.
Score: India 4-8 England

14:32 (IST)13 APR 2018

The Indian pair seems to have lost the plot as they are trailing 3-6 and risk losing the match.
Can they script a comeback and ensure a medal for India?

14:30 (IST)13 APR 2018

The scores are currently tied at 3-3!

14:29 (IST)13 APR 2018

India draws first blood in G3.
Score: 1-0

14:29 (IST)13 APR 2018

It's time for Game 3!

14:29 (IST)13 APR 2018

Here's the match details till now

14:28 (IST)13 APR 2018

Despite a strong effort, the Indian pair failed to hold fort at the end, as England wrapped up game 2, 13-11.

14:26 (IST)13 APR 2018

England draws blood to make it 10-10

14:26 (IST)13 APR 2018

India with game point! 10-9!
Can they convert the next one?

14:25 (IST)13 APR 2018

The Indian pair show strong nerves to level the scores at 9-9!

14:24 (IST)13 APR 2018

England edge closer to wining the second game as well. 
Score: 9-7

14:24 (IST)13 APR 2018

And England has taken the lead, that too at a crucial point.
Score: 8-6, India trails.

14:22 (IST)13 APR 2018

It's turning out to be an intriguing battle in Game 2

14:19 (IST)13 APR 2018

Game 2 begins as India take a lead right at the start.
Score: 2-0

14:18 (IST)13 APR 2018

It's a disappointing start from India as they succumb to a 7-11 loss in G1. 

14:17 (IST)13 APR 2018

India lose the lead.
Score: 6-8

14:16 (IST)13 APR 2018

The Indian duo showing great character as they come back from behind to lead 6-5!

14:15 (IST)13 APR 2018

Here's how the scoreline reads so far!

14:14 (IST)13 APR 2018

India currently trailing the first game 1-3

14:13 (IST)13 APR 2018

And we are underway with the action!

14:02 (IST)13 APR 2018

Stay tuned for Semi-final 2 featuring the Indian pair of Harmeet Desai and Sanil Shetty 

14:01 (IST)13 APR 2018

And the Indian pair have done it. Wins game 4, 11-3!!!

They looked in top of their game, and apart from a small blimp, the duo dominated the match throughout.  It was an impeccable display of the sport from both the players.

With the win, ACHANTA Sharath/GNANASEKARAN Sathiyan have now confirmed a medal for India. 

13:59 (IST)13 APR 2018

India on match point!
Score: 10-3

13:59 (IST)13 APR 2018

The Indian pair have increased their lead to 5 points now as they edge closer to winning the match.
Score: 8-3

13:55 (IST)13 APR 2018

India currently leading 3-1 in Game 4.

13:54 (IST)13 APR 2018

It's time for Game 4!!

13:54 (IST)13 APR 2018

Game 3 statistics in detail

13:53 (IST)13 APR 2018

But the opponents could only do little as India wins the next point to seal the game.
Score: 11-1

13:52 (IST)13 APR 2018

The pair from Singapore is finally successful to open their account. 
Score: 10-1!

13:52 (IST)13 APR 2018

What a passage of play!!

India leading 9-0!

13:51 (IST)13 APR 2018

And it's 7-0 to India.
Can they win the game without dropping any points?

13:51 (IST)13 APR 2018

The Indian pair looking in blazing form as they take an unassailable 5-0 lead in G3.

13:49 (IST)13 APR 2018

Game 3 begins!
India lead 1-0

13:47 (IST)13 APR 2018

Game 2 statistics in detail

13:46 (IST)13 APR 2018

India wins Game 2 as they bring the game back on level terms.

13:46 (IST)13 APR 2018

India has extended their lead to 5 points as they set themselves up for game point.
Score: 10-5!

13:45 (IST)13 APR 2018

India dominating Game 2

13:44 (IST)13 APR 2018

Looks like this time around, the Indian pair is adamant not to squander the lead unlike G1. 
Score: 7-3

13:42 (IST)13 APR 2018

The scoreline reading exactly the same like G1. 
India now with a two point lead. 
Score: 4-2

13:40 (IST)13 APR 2018

Game 2 begins as the Indian pair wins the first point of the game again!

13:40 (IST)13 APR 2018

Here is the detailed Game 1 statistics

13:39 (IST)13 APR 2018

After a strong start, the Indians failed to continue the momentum losing G1 7-11!

13:38 (IST)13 APR 2018

India risk losing the game with the scoreline reading 9-7, in Singapore's favour

13:38 (IST)13 APR 2018

The opponents have taken the lead for the first time in the game, and that too at the crucial moment. 
India trailing 6-8!
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