Commonwealth Games 2018: Table Tennis Mixed Doubles Semifinals, India's Achanta Sharath, Mouma Das fighting for medal, Live Updates

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Singapore beat India 11-9, 9-11, 9-11, 11-7, 11-7


05:51 (IST)14 APR 2018

An exciting match, but in the end, its the Singaporeans, who take the match over 5 games. They win 11-9, 9-11, 9-11, 11-7, 11-7.

05:48 (IST)14 APR 2018

But its too little, too late, as the Singaporeans take the last match point, to book their spot in the gold medal match!

05:48 (IST)14 APR 2018

A good topspin by Achanta sees the Indians close the gap to 7-10. 

05:46 (IST)14 APR 2018

An exciting rally there, but Das ends up hitting the net. 9-5 to Singapore!

05:45 (IST)14 APR 2018

The Singaporeans have pulled away into a big lead here. 8-4!

05:44 (IST)14 APR 2018

But Singapore fight back to make it 6-3

05:42 (IST)14 APR 2018

After a time-out, Achanta and Das have made a brilliant comeback to make it 3-3

05:39 (IST)14 APR 2018

Singapore  have taken the early lead yet again! 3-0!

05:39 (IST)14 APR 2018

And we get the deciding game underway...

05:37 (IST)14 APR 2018

And Singapore has levelled it all up at 11-7! 

Its 2-2 now! 

05:36 (IST)14 APR 2018

But a number of mistakes from the Indians sees the Singaporeans take a 9-6!

05:35 (IST)14 APR 2018

Ning/Mengyu have pulled things back at 6-6!

05:33 (IST)14 APR 2018

Now Mouma Das comes up with a topspin return of her own, to generate a 5-3 lead

05:31 (IST)14 APR 2018

But Achanta pulls out another of his forehand returns to make it 3-3

05:30 (IST)14 APR 2018

The Singaporeans have gotten off to a great start here! They now lead 3-0

05:29 (IST)14 APR 2018

And Achanta pulls off another great return to secure the third game 11-9

05:26 (IST)14 APR 2018

Achanta goes full stretch to recover a smash from the Singaporeans, who could only return it outside the table. 9-7 to the Indians.

05:24 (IST)14 APR 2018

Mouma Das uses her  backhand topspin to great effect, and then followed it up with a brilliant smash. 6-4 to the Indians.

05:22 (IST)14 APR 2018

The Singaporeans have managed a significant lead here. 4-2

05:21 (IST)14 APR 2018

And it starts all square in the 3rdgame. 1-1

05:19 (IST)14 APR 2018

And twomore points seethe Indians draw level at 11-9!

05:18 (IST)14 APR 2018

But an unforced error sees the Indians drawlevelat 9-9

05:15 (IST)14 APR 2018

But Ning/Mengyu have pulled away into the lead yet again! They lead 8-6

05:14 (IST)14 APR 2018

Its one see-saw of a game, here. Das/Kamal draw level at 5-5

05:13 (IST)14 APR 2018

ButNing/Mengyu are not ready to let this one get out of hand. They have pulled away to a 5-3 lead

05:12 (IST)14 APR 2018

A good start for Das/Kamal this time. They lead 2-1

05:11 (IST)14 APR 2018

However, the momentum was with Ning/Mengyu, who clinched the first game 11-8

05:10 (IST)14 APR 2018

Das/Kamal mounted a comeback, to pull things back to 7-9

05:09 (IST)14 APR 2018

Ning/Mengyu have been on the top of their game, and took an early lead.

05:08 (IST)14 APR 2018

Its been a tight start to the first game so far.

23:55 (IST)13 APR 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the Table Tennis Mixed Doubles Semifinals match between Achanta Sharath/Mouma Das of India & Gao Ning/Yu Mengyu of Singapore!

23:54 (IST)13 APR 2018

Next up is Table Tennis Mixed Doubles Semifinals match:

Achanta Sharath/Mouma Das (IND) vs Gao Ning/Yu Mengyu (SGP)

The penultimate day of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games gets underway with a lot of athletes playing in their Semifinals and Finals. With India already crossing their Gold medal tally of the 2014 Glasgow games, fans can certainly be excited heading into the final two days of the Games.

Medals won on Day 9: Day 9 started off on a positive note with Tejaswini Sawant winning a gold medal & Anjum Moudgil winning a silver medal in Shooting Women's 50m Rifle 3 Positions Finals. Young gun Anish Bhanwala, only 15-years-old won the gold medal in the 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men's Finals. Indian shooters continue to delight and win medals.

Bajrang of India also bagged a gold medal in Wrestling 65kg Freestyle category taking India's gold medal tally to 17! Divya Kakran also got home a Bronze medal for India in Wrestling defeating Sherin Sultana of Bangladesh.

India will be looking to finish the tournament on a high with many more medals as the drama continues with India playing a lot of Finals and Semifinals on the last 2 days.

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