Commonwealth Games 2018: Table Tennis Women's Quartefinals, Manika Batra carries India's hopes, Live Updates

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The match begins at 3:30 pm


16:13 (IST)12 APR 2018

We will now witness India's Mouma Das taking on Singapore's Mengyu Yu in the third quarterfinal! Shift tabs to catch the action live! 

Thanks for joining us! Ciao!

16:12 (IST)12 APR 2018

Manika Batra wins 11-5, 11-6, 11-2, 6-11, 11-9!

A dominating show from the talented 22-year old as she now moves into the semi-finals of the women's singles competition! 

16:10 (IST)12 APR 2018

Game, set and match! 

Manika Batra prevails in the tense contest as she goes on to overcome a stiff challenge from Zhou Yihan in the dying moments and clinch the match!

16:08 (IST)12 APR 2018

Manika breaks to score a point! Now only a game point away from pouching the contest!

16:08 (IST)12 APR 2018

A game of cat and mouse ensuing as the score is now tied on 9-9. Who will come out on top?

16:06 (IST)12 APR 2018

A good show from Manika as she regains the lead, score now 8-6 in favour of India. 

16:05 (IST)12 APR 2018

Zhou gathers two consecutive points as the score is tied yet again on 6-6. 

16:04 (IST)12 APR 2018

Manika breaks the deadlock, leads 5-4. 

16:03 (IST)12 APR 2018

The battle heating up as both the players are dealing blows after blows. Score tied on 4-4. 

16:02 (IST)12 APR 2018

Points apiece for both Zhou and Manika. Score reads 3-2 in favour of India. 

16:02 (IST)12 APR 2018

Manika takes the lead in the fifth game, 2-1 in favour of India. 

16:00 (IST)12 APR 2018

Zhou claims the fourth game to stop Manika's winning run!

India lead 3-1. 

15:59 (IST)12 APR 2018

Zhou now one point away from claiming her first game in this match! Score reads 10-6 in favour of Zhou. 

15:58 (IST)12 APR 2018

Manika slowly clawing her way into the contest with Zhou in the lead, the score reads 8-6.

15:55 (IST)12 APR 2018

Zhou now comfortably placed in the driver's seat with a lead of 6-3 in the fourth game. 

15:53 (IST)12 APR 2018

For the first time in four games, Zhou takes the lead in a game as she is placed in front with the score reading 3-2. 

15:52 (IST)12 APR 2018

The fourth game is now being played. 

15:52 (IST)12 APR 2018

Manika wins the third game as well! What an exhibition of fine skill from the talented player this is!

India 3 - 0 Singapore. 

15:50 (IST)12 APR 2018

Manika now only one point away from clinching the third game. 

15:49 (IST)12 APR 2018

Zhou losing her way now as Manika has raced to a massive 8-1 lead in the game. 

15:47 (IST)12 APR 2018

The same trend continues as Manika takes an early 3-0 lead in the game. 

15:46 (IST)12 APR 2018

The third game is now being contested. Can Manika register a hat-trick of wins? Only time will tell!

15:45 (IST)12 APR 2018

Game! Excellent skill on display from Manika as she wards off a comeback from Zhou to register two games in a row.

India 2 - 0 Singapore. 

15:44 (IST)12 APR 2018

Manika manages to stay on top of her game as she moves closer to a victory in the second game. 9-6 in favour of India. 

15:43 (IST)12 APR 2018

Zhou jumps back into the contest with three back-to-back points! Score now reads 6-5 in favour of India. 

15:41 (IST)12 APR 2018

Two points apiece for Manika and Zhou as the score reads 5-2 in favour of India. 

15:39 (IST)12 APR 2018

Manika has stamped her authority early on in the second game with a commanding 3-0 lead. 

15:38 (IST)12 APR 2018

The second game has commenced. 

15:37 (IST)12 APR 2018

Manika Batra takes the first game and an early lead in the match. 

India 1 - 0 Singapore. 

15:37 (IST)12 APR 2018

Manika now a game point away. Scoreline reads 10-5.

15:35 (IST)12 APR 2018

A hat-trick of points now in favour of Manika. The lead has swelled to 6-3 in the first game. 

15:34 (IST)12 APR 2018

Zhou bounces back! Registers two points in a row, the game now back in balance. 

15:34 (IST)12 APR 2018

Now back-to-back points for the Indian. She enjoys an early 3-0 lead in the first game. 

15:33 (IST)12 APR 2018

A positive start for Manika as she pockets the first point of the game!

15:33 (IST)12 APR 2018

We are underway!

15:32 (IST)12 APR 2018

We are only moments away from the start of the crucial encounter, do stay tuned for live updates!

15:31 (IST)12 APR 2018

Manika, who is ranked 58th in the world will be looking to seal her spot in the semi-finals but not an easy one at that as she faces off against Zhou, who is currently ranked 27th in the world rankings. 

15:28 (IST)12 APR 2018

This is the second quarterfinal in the women's singles category where India's Manika Batra is set to lock horns with Singapore's Yihan Zhou!

15:15 (IST)12 APR 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of  Women's Quarterfianls!

15:15 (IST)12 APR 2018

As Day 8 progresses, India continues a good medal run which it has had so far.

Next up is the Women's Singles Quarterfinals of Table Tennis. Manika Batra will represent India and will be up against Yihan Zhou of Singapore.

Medals won on Day 8: Day 8 has been good so far for India with Rahul Aware bringing home a Gold medal in Wrestling in the Men's Freestyle 57 kg category. Babita Kumari losing out to Diana Weicker in the Gold medal match in Wrestling Women's Freestyle 53 kg category and having to settle for a Silver medal. Kiran also winning a Bronze medal for India in Wrestling Women's Freestyle 76 kg.  Sushil Kumar is the latest to win a medal as he wins a gold in Wrestling Men's Freestyle 74 kg category.

In Shooting, Tejaswini Sawant won a Silver medal for India in the Women's 50m Rifle Prone Finals.

India will be hoping Day 8 of the Commonwealth Games 2018 is just as successful as the previous days.

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