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Commonwealth Games 2018: Weightlifting Men's 94kg Final, India's Vikas Thakur fighting for gold, Live Updates

The action begins at 9:30 am at the Carrara Sports Arena 1
Updated: 08 April 2018 12:12 IST - Published: 08 April 2018 08:56 IST
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What a competition folks!!

It was just the most amazing comeback from Steven Kari to steal the Gold right at the end

India's Vikas Thakur claims BRONZE
So it's final

GOLD: Steven Kari, Papua New Guinea (370 kg)
SILVER: Boady Santavy, Canada (369 kg)
BRONZE: Vikas Thakur, India (351 kg)
He still has one lift left...
India's Vikas Thakur will get the Bronze

But what a performance that was from Steven Kari of Papua New Guinea!
What a comeback!
This is probably one of the moment of the Games so far
Even we can't 
Canada's Santavy meanwhile has lost it in the training room as he cannot believe what has just happened
216 kg on the bar...



has lifted 216 kg in the Clean & Jerk and he comes from way back to take the GOLD

Here's Kari, the defending champ who doesn't want to give up his Gold without a fight

Santavy out for his final lift at 206 kg

He's still got a 13 kilo lead over Kari
Top 3 at the moment

1. Boady Santavy, Canada - 369 kg
2. Steven Kari, Papua New Guinea - 356 kg
3. Vikas Thakur, India - 351 kg
Kari does 202 kg with ease and he knocks India's VIkas Thakur into Bronze

The defending champion into second with 356 kg overall now
Here's Kari... he needs a mind-boggling 215 kg for the Gold

But if he does this lift of 202 kg, he will get the Sliver
Here's Santavy going for 201 kg

HE ACES IT!!! That's the Gold medal done and dusted.

The Canadian has put on an absolute clinic here... So IMPRESSIVE!
Here's Leuo of Samoa

A must-win now for him, going for 200 kg 

No, he can't do it and since he failed all three lifts, it means Thakur will definitely get a medal. It's either Silver or Bronze

Defending champion Kari of Papua New Guinea is yet to start his Clean & Jerk
It's a Silver at best for the Indian 
Vikas Thakur coming out for his final lift

This is to cement his 2nd place, Gold is out of reach

No, he can't do it

So he finishes with a total of 351 kg

That's 13 kilos behind Santavy in Gold
His right elbow was bent
Leuo of Samoa is going to try again at 200 kg

Does the CLEAN again and this time he doesn't lose control of the JERK

But hang on, he's got two red lights... So still NO LIFT
He did the CLEAN, but couldn't get the JERK up

So he can't improve on his score...
This is a very crucial lift for the Indian

Vikas going for his second lift at 200 kg

Samoa's Siaosi Leuo is going to be the first to attempt the 200 kg mark

He's got the Clean and he gets up the Jerk, but he lost control

Here comes the Canadian, Boady Santavy the leader after the Snatch

He's going for 196 kg... Does it effortlessly

This guy is putting on a show!

he takes the lead with an overall score of 364 kg
Vikas Thakur now in 2nd with 351 kg
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