Commonwealth Games 2018: Weightlifting Women's 58kg, India's Saraswati Rout fighting for a medal, Live Updates

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The action begins at 2:00 pm at the Carrara Sports Arena 1


15:02 (IST)6 APR 2018

It's a wrap here. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more live updates on the CWG 2018.

14:59 (IST)6 APR 2018

India had high hopes from Saraswati but she failed to impress and there is no chance now of bringing home a medal in this category.

14:58 (IST)6 APR 2018

This spells India's exit from the competition

14:57 (IST)6 APR 2018

Bad news! Saraswati failing in her 3rd attempt as well

14:56 (IST)6 APR 2018

Saraswati has one last chance to try her hand in lifting 78kg.

14:56 (IST)6 APR 2018

Saraswati Rout attempting 78kg in her 2nd attempt but failing again.

14:54 (IST)6 APR 2018

South Africa's Johanni Taljaard on the other hand successfully lifting 78kg in her second attempt

14:53 (IST)6 APR 2018

The pride of India Saraswati Rout attempting 78kg in the first attempt but failing sadly.

14:51 (IST)6 APR 2018

She is looking very chilled out indeed.

14:51 (IST)6 APR 2018

Alethea Boon of New Zealand successfully lifting 76kg in her first attempt. 

14:49 (IST)6 APR 2018

Christie Williams of Wales tries to lift 75kg in her first attempt but fails. She is looking under-confident. However, her style game is on with her hair colored blue giving style goals to her fans back home.

14:46 (IST)6 APR 2018

Ketty Lent of Mauritius trying to lift 74kg in her third attempt but failing.

14:45 (IST)6 APR 2018

Jodey Hughes of Scotland who looked comfortable lifting 70kg in her first attempt trying to up her game in the second attempt by trying to lift 73kg but failing. Attempting the same weight in third attempt but failing again.

14:42 (IST)6 APR 2018

Maria of Fiji attempting 72kg in her 3rd and final attempt but failing.

14:41 (IST)6 APR 2018

Ketty Lent of Mauritius attempting 70kg successfully in her 2nd attempt.

14:39 (IST)6 APR 2018

Scotland's Jodey Hughes attempting 70kg in her first attempt and lifting it successfully with a smile on her face.

14:38 (IST)6 APR 2018

Sri Lanka's Nadeeshani failing in her 3rd attempt to lift 69kg.

14:37 (IST)6 APR 2018

Bangaldesh's Fayema trying to improve upon her previous lift by 1kg, attempting 69kg but failing.

14:35 (IST)6 APR 2018

Malaysian Marceeta failing to lift 68kg in her third attempt

14:34 (IST)6 APR 2018

Maria Mareta of Fiji successfully lifting 68kg in her third and final attempt in snatch.

14:33 (IST)6 APR 2018

Maria Mareta of Fiji failing in her first attempt to lift 68kg in snatch but successfully lifting the weight in the 2nd attempt.

Sri Lanka's Nadeeshani successfully lifting 66kg in her 2nd attempt.

14:27 (IST)6 APR 2018

Ketty Lent of Mauritius succesfully lifting 67kg in her first attempt

14:26 (IST)6 APR 2018

Fayema of Bangladesh successfully lifting 66kg in snatch in her 2nd attempt

14:25 (IST)6 APR 2018

Sri Lankan Nadeeshani Rajapaksha commiting a foul in her first attempt to lift 66kg in snatch

14:24 (IST)6 APR 2018

Kenya's Winny failing to lift 65kg in her 3rd attempt as well

14:23 (IST)6 APR 2018

Malaysian Marceeta successfully lifting 65kg in her 2nd attempt

14:22 (IST)6 APR 2018

Kenyan Winny Langat failing to lift 65kg in her 2nd attempt in snatch

14:20 (IST)6 APR 2018

Malaysia's Marceeta Marlyne Marcus commiting a foul in her attempt to lift 65kgs in snatch

14:18 (IST)6 APR 2018

She is successful in her attempt

14:17 (IST)6 APR 2018

Bangdesh's Fayema Akther coming out to attempt 63kgs in snatch

14:16 (IST)6 APR 2018

Kenya's Winny Langat stepping out first and lifting 60kg in Snatch successfully.

14:14 (IST)6 APR 2018

The players going through their training regimen before the action begins!

14:12 (IST)6 APR 2018

The action about to start in just a few moments.

India's Saraswati Rout to start with 78kg in Snatch and 103kg in clean & jerk in her first attempt

13:19 (IST)6 APR 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the action. Stay tuned for updates!

13:16 (IST)6 APR 2018

Saraswati Rout will be seen representing India in the Women's 58Kg category.

Weightlifting has brought India joy in the Commonwealth Games so far. India won medals in 4 out of 5 weightlifting competitions so far. Mirabai Chanu and Sanjita Chanu brought Gold on Day 1 & Day 2. Guru Raja won Silver on the first day as well and Deepak Lather won Bronze in his weight category.
In what will be the third weightlifting event of Day 2, sixth overall, India will once again bid for glory. Saraswati Rout is representing the nation in the weight category. The 22-year-old weightlifter hails from Odisha and has previously won Gold in the South Asian games.

India's only medals in the competition have come through weightlifting and Saraswati Rout will be looking to continue the good streak. The Indian lifters were left without physios and masseuse for the competition because of a technical mistake and yet they continue to make the nation proud in Gold Coast.
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