Commonwealth Games 2018: Weightlifting Women's 63kg, India's Vandna Gupta fighting for medal, Live Updates

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The action to start at 9:30 am at the Carrara Sports Arena 1


11:48 (IST)7 APR 2018

Thank you for joining us. Hope to see you soon. 

11:47 (IST)7 APR 2018

Gold: Maude Charron
Silver: Zoe Smith
Bronze: Mona Pretorius

11:36 (IST)7 APR 2018

Agricole out of the competition as well as she is unable to lift the weight

11:34 (IST)7 APR 2018

Vandna Gupta is out of medal contention

11:33 (IST)7 APR 2018

She lifts it. 

11:33 (IST)7 APR 2018

Zoe Smith coming on to the mat meanwhile with 110 Kg. 

11:31 (IST)7 APR 2018

She is able to lift the weight, moving on to the first position. Agricole is cack. It looks like she is nursing an injury but is just not giving up. Commendable from the Seychelles' lifter here. She is not able to lift the weight however. 

11:28 (IST)7 APR 2018

Mona Pretorius with her 1st attempt. She'll be lifting 108 Kg. 

11:27 (IST)7 APR 2018

Agricole is out now. 5 seconds on the clock. Somehow she gets the weight onto her shoulders but cannot lift it up. 

11:26 (IST)7 APR 2018

Vandna straight back out again attempting 104 Kg. She has a slender chance at a medal providing she can lift this. She can't and it looks like the third weightlifting event without a medal for India unless her competitors really mess up.  

11:24 (IST)7 APR 2018

Vandna Gupta out attempting 104 Kg. She cannot get up with the weight as well. 

11:23 (IST)7 APR 2018

Aktar out again with Vandna waiting in the stands. She can't lift it, She bows out of the competition. 

11:22 (IST)7 APR 2018

Straight back out, Macquaid. Same problem with Macquaid yet again as she cannot get up with the weight. 

11:19 (IST)7 APR 2018

Emma Macquaid out for her second attempt. She cannot get up with the weight though. 

11:18 (IST)7 APR 2018

Mabia Aktar out for her second attempt. 102 Kg. She gets it. 

11:17 (IST)7 APR 2018

Stevens going for 100 Kg now. She cannot lift it though. 

11:16 (IST)7 APR 2018

Uepa out for her final try. She'll try to lift 7 Kg more than her previous attempt. Too much for her. She departs with a smile.

11:15 (IST)7 APR 2018

Lifts 100 Kg. 

11:14 (IST)7 APR 2018


11:14 (IST)7 APR 2018

Macquiad lifts 100 Lg meanwhile Yasmin Stvens' second attempt has been ruled out for a while.

11:13 (IST)7 APR 2018

Yasmin lifts 99 Kg but the jury is challenging her attempt. Emma Macquaid is out meanwhile. 

11:10 (IST)7 APR 2018

Yasmin Stevens is out for her first attempt at Clean & Jerk. Lifts 95 Kg. Mabia Aktar of Bangladesh out next for her first C&J. She lifts 98 Kg. 

11:06 (IST)7 APR 2018

Uepa lifts this time. 93 Kg. Knowles does as well. 

11:03 (IST)7 APR 2018

Knowles going for 93 Kg now. Two white flags but she has done it. 93 kg.

11:01 (IST)7 APR 2018

Uepa is up next. She is turning out to be a favorite with the crowd tonight. She lifts the weight but is unable to steady herself in time and commits a foul. 

10:59 (IST)7 APR 2018

Holly Knowles attempting her first C&J. 90 Kg is the weight. Lifts it. 

10:58 (IST)7 APR 2018

Kasuubo out for her final try. Lifts 88 Kg but looked to have hurt her shoulder in the process. Great effort from Kasuubo. 

10:56 (IST)7 APR 2018

Okoth to attempt 86 Kg. Drops the weight. She's straight back out with 87 Kg and lifts it this time. 

10:53 (IST)7 APR 2018

Kasuubo back out to attempt 85 Kg. Gets the weight on to her shoulders and lifts it over her head as well. 

10:51 (IST)7 APR 2018

Winnie Okoth and Irene Kasuubo will be the first lifters. Okoth lifts 83 Kg on her first attempt. Kasuubo will attempt 81 Kg as she heads to the mat. She lifts is as well. 

10:39 (IST)7 APR 2018

Vandna Gupta in 6th position currently

10:38 (IST)7 APR 2018

6 Kg advantage heading into Clean & Jerk

10:38 (IST)7 APR 2018

Charron straight back out for her final attempt. Lifts it this time. 98 Kg! 

10:37 (IST)7 APR 2018

Charron to attempt 98 Kg. Lift this and she can go for the record in her final attempt. NOOOOO! she drops the weight this time. Will her decision to go for the record instead of increasing her lead cost her?

10:33 (IST)7 APR 2018

Canadian Maude Charron will try to lift 94Kg! she lifts it easily. Maude is looking like an early contender for Gold. 

10:32 (IST)7 APR 2018

Zoe Smith out for her third attempt. So easy for Smith. She moves into the lead. She lifts 92 Kg 

10:31 (IST)7 APR 2018

Pretorius out for her final try. She lifts 91 Kg. Vandna will have to make up a deficit of more than 10 Kg if she is to win a model today. 

10:29 (IST)7 APR 2018

England's Zoe Smith will attempt to lift 90 Kg in her second attempt. Lifts it easily. 

10:28 (IST)7 APR 2018

Seen Lee out for her final attempt. The home crowd is really behind her now. She needs to lift this in order to stay in the competition. She cannot do it unfortunately and looks distraught. The crowd trying to cheer her up but Seen is inconsolable. 

10:26 (IST)7 APR 2018

Seen Lee is out for the second time. She dropped 87 Kg in her first attempt and drops the weight yet again!

10:25 (IST)7 APR 2018

Mona Pretorius is out and lifts the weight in her second try. 

10:23 (IST)7 APR 2018

Australian Seen Lee is waiting to come out for her first attempt. She'll attempt 87 Kg. Drops it. 

10:19 (IST)7 APR 2018

Three lifters still to come before we head to Clean & Jerk. 

10:18 (IST)7 APR 2018

Macqauid is back for her final try. She cannot lift it this time moving on with a score of 82 Kg. 

10:17 (IST)7 APR 2018

Mona Pretorius of South Africa is the next lifter to take centre stage. She will attempt to lift 84 Kg. She does. 

10:16 (IST)7 APR 2018

Seychelles' Agricole is up next. She lifts 83 Kg. 

10:15 (IST)7 APR 2018

Meanwhile Emma Macquaid is back. Composes herself. Had a lot of time and lifts 82 Kg easily. 

10:14 (IST)7 APR 2018

Seychelles' Clementina Agricole is following Vandna. Tries to lift 81 Kg in her first attempt but drops it immediately. 

10:13 (IST)7 APR 2018

Vandna moves on to C&J on 80 Kg. 

10:12 (IST)7 APR 2018

SHE DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!
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