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Commonwealth Games 2018: Women's 3000m Individual Pursuit, Sonali Mayanglambam, Monorama Tongbam represent India, Live Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 06, 2018 10:03 IST

Event starts at 9 am


10:03 (IST)6 APR 2018

That's all from the 3000m Pursuit event from the Commonwealth Games 2018. Stay tuned for more live updates right here at Sportskeeda.

10:02 (IST)6 APR 2018

Scotland's Katie Archibald and Australia's Rebecca Wiasak will race for the Gold medal.

Aussies Annette Edmondson and Ashlee Ankudinoff will clash for the Bronze medal.

10:02 (IST)6 APR 2018

Qualification Rules : Fastest 2 riders race for Gold, and 3rd and 4th riders race for Bronze.

10:01 (IST)6 APR 2018

Scotland's Katie Archibald creates a new Games Record, 3:24.119 and Australian Ashlee Ankudinoff finishes with a time of are the l3:27.624. They are the last cyclists in the qualifying round.

09:56 (IST)6 APR 2018

New Zealand's Kirstie James and Canadian Kinley Gibson are the 10th pair to hit the track. They finish with times of 3:29.192 and 3:36.582 respectively.

09:50 (IST)6 APR 2018

England's Eleanor Dickinson and Australian Rebecca Wiasak complete their run with times of 3:37.616 and 3:25.936, a new record by the Aussie cyclist.

09:46 (IST)6 APR 2018

Annie Foreman-Mackey ends her ride with a time of 3:33.975 whereas Bryony Botha clocks 3:35.394

09:45 (IST)6 APR 2018

Up next are Canada's Annie Foreman-Mackey and New Zealand's Bryony Botha.

09:44 (IST)6 APR 2018

Indian cyclist Amrita Reghunath finished her run with a time of 4:12.437

09:43 (IST)6 APR 2018

South African cyclists Charlene Du Prez and Ilze Bole clocked a time of 3:45.764 and 3:53.312 respectively.

09:42 (IST)6 APR 2018

Northern Ireland's Eileen Burns finished her run with a timing of 3:42.486

09:42 (IST)6 APR 2018

Canada's Ariane Bonhomme rode alongside her and finished with a time of 3:38.604

09:41 (IST)6 APR 2018

India's Sonali Mayanglambam clocked a time of 3:59.028

09:40 (IST)6 APR 2018

England's Emily Kay finished with a time of 3:37.501

09:39 (IST)6 APR 2018

Welshwomen Jessica Roberts and Hayley Jones clocked times of 3:37.625 and 3:37.658 respectively.

09:38 (IST)6 APR 2018

New Zealand's Ellese Andrews finished with a time of 3:33.707

09:38 (IST)6 APR 2018

Australian Annette Edmondson rode the fastest time so far with a 3:27.255 time that is a new Games Record.

09:37 (IST)6 APR 2018

The event is underway at the Velodrome!!

09:22 (IST)6 APR 2018

Apologies from the delay in updates from the event due to some unforeseen technical issues. We will bring the details of the event very soon right here.

09:07 (IST)6 APR 2018

India's Sonali Mayanglambam and Monoroma Tongbam will hit the track in a bid to reach the finals.

09:06 (IST)6 APR 2018

The event up next is Womens' 3000m Individual Pursuit Qualifying.

09:05 (IST)6 APR 2018

Hello and welcome the live coverage of the cycling events from the Commonwealth Games.

09:04 (IST)6 APR 2018

Day 2 of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games is underway as India bids to add more medals to their tally. Day 1 of the games brought a mixed bag of results with medals coming in weightlifting. Other Indian athletes progressed in their respective sports as well. However, the nation couldn't repeat the same exploits in cycling with exits from B&VI and 4000m pursuit. The games return for the second day and bring with them another chance to bag medals in cycling. The first event in which India is represented is Women's 3000m Individual Pursuit. Sonali Mayanglambam and Monorama Tongbam return to the velodrome after their disappointing run yesterday. Both the cyclist hail from Manipur and were a part of the team that represented India in 4000m Team Pursuit on day 1 of the games.  This particular event is a non-conventional cycling event in which the victor is determined when one cyclist is able to catch the other.
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