Commonwealth Games 2018: Women's Basketball Group Stage, India Vs Malaysia, Live Scores & Updates

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India loses 72-85


10:12 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Malaysia beat India despite missing their key play maker. India dominated the rebounding battle but their turnovers and poor shot making really hurt them. India's second loss in as many games, as eliminated them from the tournament. Similar to the men's section, they play a rather insignificant third group game against the best team in the group - New Zealand tomorrow at 1 PM tomorrow. 

10:07 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Game might be done. It's an 8-point game but then Malaysia knock down a three-pointer AND the foul.

10:03 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Sidhu tries to jack up a 3 but it doesn't go through. A foul on the other end. 

10:02 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Lead back to 10.

10:02 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India have called timeout but with just under four minutes to go, the result seems to be a foregone conclusion.

10:00 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India starting to lose their momentum.

09:59 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India seem to have lost Grima Merlin to what seems to be a knee or a calf injury.

09:57 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India getting it done defensively. It's time they start making buckets!

09:57 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Malaysia's lead down to 2. India still with the momentum, can they make it count?

09:55 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Malaysia strike back with a 3.

09:55 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India completes a three-point play via Anjana P. OH! She makes yet another layup off of the steal. 5 straight from her.

09:53 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Much needed from Malaysia. India needs to start taking advantage of their offensive rebounds, they can't seem to get them in the first or second attempt. 

09:51 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India's defense stepping up once again. They force an 8-second violation.

09:50 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Other than the second quarter, Malaysia have been in foul trouble in every quarter. In the fourth quarter, they commit a foul just 10 seconds in.

09:49 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India bounce back into the game, cutting the lead down to just four points. They outscored Malaysia 18-11 and while a large part of it is Malaysia's shooting cooling down, credit must be given to India's defense. It's really gotten them back into the game, not to mention their relatively new offensive style they picked up - driving to the basket more. They hardly shot any long balls. 

09:46 (GMT)7 APR 2018

After a red-hot second-quarter, Malaysia can't seem to get any offense going. They've only scored 9 points in the third period so far.

09:43 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India pressuring the ball once again, and they force yet another turnover. Chance to cut the lead to less than 5.

09:41 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Skaria going to work once again, lays in the ball off the drive. India with all the momentum, having gone on a spectacular run. Lead is just down to 5.

09:40 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Yet another defensive stop by India. Chance to cut the lead to five or lesser.

09:39 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Malaysia in the penalty once again. Free-throws for India. 

09:39 (GMT)7 APR 2018

7-0 run by India, the lead is down to seven.

09:38 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Another defensive stop by India. Time to start making buckets.

09:38 (GMT)7 APR 2018

She makes the free-throw and cuts the lead down to 9.

09:37 (GMT)7 APR 2018

AND-ONE opportunity for Skaria.

09:37 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India are playing good defense but are struggling to score on their own possessions. Turnovers have been a huge reason why they are trailing by double digits right now. 

09:36 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India trailing by 12 with 4:25 to go in the third quarter. They need to cut into some of that lead. 

09:35 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India struggling to make baskets. Limaye getting far too less touches on the ball. 

09:32 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Raspreet with an unsportsmanlike conduct foul. Couple of free throws made by Malaysia. Their lead is up to 14 now

09:31 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Almost halfway through the third quarter, both teams have been slow at getting buckets. Score is 5-4 in favor of Malaysia so far in the quarter.

09:25 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Second half is underway.

09:12 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Both teams have a lot of work to do going into the locker rooms. Turnovers have been a huge deal for India, with Limaye and Sonkar, for some reason, sitting a majority of the second quarter on the bench.

09:11 (GMT)7 APR 2018

A huge second half for Malaysia! They outscore India 28-12.

09:05 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Malaysia go on a 15-6 run, majority of them off of three-pointers and after India turns the ball over.

08:58 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Meanwhile, Malaysia is living and dying by the 3-pointer, especially early in the shot clock. They have knocked two in the quarter to cut the lead to just one point (26-27).

08:57 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India punishing their opponents on the offensive glass. It's a huge talking point from the game, 

08:53 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India also hurting Malaysia on the offensive glass (6-2).

08:52 (GMT)7 APR 2018

With Malaysia thin at the PG position, India applying pressure on the ball. 

08:50 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Malaysia's best player #1 seems to have rolled her ankle badly. She's headed to the locker room and looks to be out of the game. Nothing official yet. 

08:50 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Malaysia in some early foul trouble. Every foul, even non-shooting ones, from now will be free-throws. A minute to go in the game, India leads 23-18.

08:46 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Both teams are pushing the tempo and playing at a quick pace. India lead by 4 (20-16) with just a minutes away. Three-pointers have huge for India (4-for-4).

08:40 (GMT)7 APR 2018

LIMAYE again! Yet another three. She has 8 of India's 11 points, lead now at 3.

08:40 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Malaysia ties the game up at 8 with a bucket. 

08:38 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Another 3! This time by PG Sonkar. India now lead 8-6.

08:38 (GMT)7 APR 2018

LIMAYE yet again! This time, a three. India have scored 5 unanswered, only trail by 1 now.

08:37 (GMT)7 APR 2018

Once again, Captain Limaye opens the account for India. They are 2-6.

08:36 (GMT)7 APR 2018

In the matter of a 2 minutes, Malaysia score five straight off of a couple sloppy turnovers by India.

08:22 (GMT)7 APR 2018

India's starting line-up: Barkha Sonkar, Raspreet Sidhu, Rajapriyadarshini Rajaganpathi, Jeena Skaria and captain Shireen Limaye.

05:29 (GMT)7 APR 2018

On Day 3 of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, the Indian Women’s Basketball Team is set to face Malaysia in their second match of the group phase in Pool B. Although Malaysia also lost their opening fixture just like India (66-57), but their they lost their game by 42 points.

If it wasn’t for an early run that Jamaica made in the final period, India could have very well won their opening game of the tournament. For most of the game, both teams were neck-and-neck with India only trailing by 5 points heading into the fourth quarter of the game. In their loss, team captain Shireen Limaye led by example top-scoring with 18 points on 70% shooting from the field and 80% on 3’s.

This fixture is a must-win for the team, if they want to make it to the Qualifying Finals of the tournament.

Here's the Women's Team roster: Shruti Menon, Madhu Kumari, Navaneetha Pattemane Udayakumar, Rajapriyadarshani Rajaganapathi, Raspreet Sidhu, Bhandavya Hemmige Mahesha, Grima Merlin Varghese, Anjana Prasannan Geetha, Jeena Scaria, Shireen Limaye (C), Anmolpreet Kaur, Barkha Sonkar.

The roster is head coached by Zoran Visic.
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