Commonwealth Games 2018, Women's Hockey: India vs Malaysia, Live Match Updates

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Welcome to our coverage of the match against India and Malaysia. I


11:43 (IST)6 APR 2018

Confirmation of the final score. India 4- Malaysia 1. That's all from us here. Join us tomorrow for a cracker of a match between India and Pakistan at 1000 IST. Goodbye.

11:42 (IST)6 APR 2018

India win convincingly 4-1. Malaysia fought hard but the Indians were too good at the end of the day. India will look to improve their PC conversions with a hard match against England next up

11:40 (IST)6 APR 2018

58' GOALLLLLLLLLLLL!!! India seal the deal. 4-1 Great counter-attack

11:38 (IST)6 APR 2018

Two minutes to go. Sigh of relief in the Indian camp. 

11:34 (IST)6 APR 2018

56' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! India 3- Malaysia 1. Lilima and Rani combine superbly. Rani scores

11:33 (IST)6 APR 2018

Dangerous play by India. Another PC wasted. Just over 5 minutes to go

11:30 (IST)6 APR 2018

55' Gurjit charged down and the rusher is injured. Another PC for India.

11:29 (IST)6 APR 2018

54' PC for India. Can they score their third?

11:26 (IST)6 APR 2018

Seven minutes to go. India have to hang on or increase their tally to stay in contention for a medal at Gold Coast.

11:25 (IST)6 APR 2018

54' Malaysian defenders lunging at everything. Desperation being shown by Malaysia. India seem content to play a possession game.

11:24 (IST)6 APR 2018

52' Bad intent by India. Trying to run down the clock with a lead of just 1 goal. Will they do so successfully?

11:23 (IST)6 APR 2018

India fail to score off two PCs with one rusher less for Malaysia who was sent off. India have to do better with PCs. 

11:21 (IST)6 APR 2018

50' India just about clinging on to their lead. PC for India. Referred by Malaysia. Malaysia lose their referral. Gurjit not on the pitch. Shot by India PC yet again.

11:16 (IST)6 APR 2018

46" Chance for Malaysia. Goal-line save by Savita Punia. India allowing the Malaysians a lot of space in midfield. 

11:14 (IST)6 APR 2018

Harendra Singh tries to stir up the players. "Control the game," he tells the girls. Can they do so?

11:13 (IST)6 APR 2018

India 2 - Malaysia 1 with 15 minutes to go -- apologies

11:13 (IST)6 APR 2018

Malaysia 2- India 1 with 15 minutes to go

11:13 (IST)6 APR 2018

End of the third quarter. Slender lead for India but the higher-ranked Indians unable to dominate and put the match beyond Malaysia.

11:10 (IST)6 APR 2018

43' Malaysia looking dangerous. India need to increase their lead quickly. Unable to penetrate the Malaysian defence

11:09 (IST)6 APR 2018

42' Malaysia launch a counter-attack. India clear but unable to engineer a move. 

11:05 (IST)6 APR 2018

40' PC for India. Can India finally score a second? Gurjit scores. GOALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! India 2- Malaysia 1

11:03 (IST)6 APR 2018

38' PC for Malaysia. Malaysia score. GOAALL!!! Second PC and converted by Malaysia. India 1- Malaysia 1 

11:00 (IST)6 APR 2018

LUCKY FOR INDIA!!! No penalty stroke. Ball had hit a Malaysian foot. 

11:00 (IST)6 APR 2018

35' Good intent by India. Lauching attacks in a sustained manner. Penalty stroke for Malaysia, however off a counter. India will refer. Will be dangerous for India. 

10:57 (IST)6 APR 2018

Goal will not count. Malaysia keep the referral. Bad luck for India.

10:56 (IST)6 APR 2018

33' Counter attack by Malaysia but Indian defenders back in numbers. Counter by India. Ball in the net!!! Referral by Malaysia. Will the goal count?

10:54 (IST)6 APR 2018

32' India miss an absolute sitter early in the half. Goal deflected out by the Malaysian goalkeeper. Rani looks good in attacks

10:51 (IST)6 APR 2018

The second half about to commence. India have to win today to qualify for the semi-finals. Need more intent. 

10:43 (IST)6 APR 2018

India 1- Malaysia 0 at Half-Time

10:43 (IST)6 APR 2018

End of the first half. India unable to penetrate the Malaysian circle consistently. India's sorry tale with PCs continues. India will look to increase their tally in the second half as Malaysia have looked dangerous in patches and look capable of scoring.

10:41 (IST)6 APR 2018

28' PC for India earned by Lalremsiani. Lilima injects. Flat hit and stopped by the Malaysia goalkeeper. India hanging on to a 1-0 lead

10:38 (IST)6 APR 2018

27' Scrappy play by both teams. Malaysia launching attacks but not imaginative enough in the Indian circle. India unable to get a good shot on goal to increase their tally.

10:35 (IST)6 APR 2018

25' Good pressure exerted by India, but green card for Gurjit Kaur. 

10:33 (IST)6 APR 2018

23' Both teams trying to get a measure of each other. Lots of midfield play. Can India increase their lead?

10:30 (IST)6 APR 2018

20' Chance for India. Lilima sends in a cross but no Indian strikers in front of goal to deflect the ball in.

10:28 (IST)6 APR 2018

18' Both teams engaged in midfield tussles. Neither able to penetrate the opposition circle. Chance for Malaysia. Shot goes wide.

10:24 (IST)6 APR 2018

End of the first quarter. India lead, but Malaysia have launched sustained attacks. India were not solid in defence and look to correct that in the second quarter. 

10:22 (IST)6 APR 2018

13' PC for Malaysia. Blocked by Savita. India still up 1-0. 

10:20 (IST)6 APR 2018

12' Green card for Deepika. Malaysia exert pressure. Indian defenders kept busy.

10:18 (IST)6 APR 2018

10' India come away after some sustained pressure from Malaysia. Ball cleared by the Malaysian defence

10:14 (IST)6 APR 2018

7' Counter attack by Malaysia. Savita is upto the task and clears with a rush up front. 

10:12 (IST)6 APR 2018

5' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gurjit Kaur scores. Umpire refers against the goal. Goal stands for India. India 1- Malaysia 0

10:11 (IST)6 APR 2018

PC again. India keep the referral.

10:10 (IST)6 APR 2018

5' Second PC for India. Rani in great touch earns India a PC. Ball in the net. Disallowed. Referral for dangerous play.

10:07 (IST)6 APR 2018

4' India exerting a lot of pressure in the opening minutes. Good intent. 

10:04 (IST)6 APR 2018

2' PC for India right at the beginning of the match. Lilima injects. Ball deflected away. Corner conceded by Malaysia

10:01 (IST)6 APR 2018

Wecome. India lost to Wales 2-3 yesterday and will look to make amends today.

09:58 (IST)6 APR 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of hockey from Gold Coast
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