Commonwealth Games 2018: Women's Long Jump, Neena Pinto, Nayana James carry India's hopes

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 11, 2018 15:07 IST

The event starts at 2.30 pm


15:07 (IST)11 APR 2018

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15:06 (IST)11 APR 2018

Final Results are here. Brooke Stratton of Australia with her tremendous performance qualifies to the Finals. As for India, Nayana tried her best but did not make it.

14:59 (IST)11 APR 2018

Priscilla TABUNDA gives a 5.68 metres

14:56 (IST)11 APR 2018

Rebecca Chapman gives 6.02

14:56 (IST)11 APR 2018

Lorraine Ugen with a 6.42 metres at 3rd rank

14:55 (IST)11 APR 2018

Lauren Wells with a jump of 6.46 metres jump is at number 2

14:53 (IST)11 APR 2018

And Precious OKORONKWOR with a 6.12 metres jump 

14:52 (IST)11 APR 2018

Chantel MALONE gives a 6.29 metres jump

14:51 (IST)11 APR 2018

And she scores 6.34 metres. Still at number 4

14:50 (IST)11 APR 2018

And here comes Nayana James for 3rd try

14:50 (IST)11 APR 2018

A 5.68 metres jump by Priscilla Tabunda

14:48 (IST)11 APR 2018

Rebecca Chapman with a 6.02 metres jump

14:47 (IST)11 APR 2018

Lorraine Ugen of England with 6.42 metres

14:47 (IST)11 APR 2018

But Nayana James still needs more numbers. she is at number 4

14:46 (IST)11 APR 2018

Lauren Wells jumps 6.44

14:43 (IST)11 APR 2018

Chantel Malone jumps 6.29

14:43 (IST)11 APR 2018

In her second try, Nayana James jumps 6.34

14:40 (IST)11 APR 2018

Brooke Stratton qualifies to the next round

14:38 (IST)11 APR 2018

Brooke Stratton of Australia leading her way as she gives a 6.73 metres jump

14:37 (IST)11 APR 2018

Rebecca Chapman of wales with her 5.94 metres jump. A good effort by her

14:36 (IST)11 APR 2018

Lorraine Ugen leads as she jumps 6.42 metres.

14:35 (IST)11 APR 2018

Lauren Wells of Australia is 5.88. 

14:35 (IST)11 APR 2018

Precious OKORONKWOR of Nigiria with her 6.29 metres jump

14:33 (IST)11 APR 2018

Chantel  Malone jumps 6.29. She is good.

14:32 (IST)11 APR 2018

And she jumps of tremendous 6.20 metres

14:31 (IST)11 APR 2018

And here we go. Nayana James is on her way to jump

14:05 (IST)11 APR 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Women's Long Jump. Nayana James and Neena Pinto carry India's hopes in this event!!

India continues to win medals in shooting on Day 7. India's Shreyasi Singh won a gold medal in the Women's Double Trap Finals & Ankur Mittal bagged a Bronze in the Men's Double Trap Finals. Om Mitharval also bagged a bronze medal in the Men's 50m Pistol Finals which happened earlier in the day. 
India will be hoping Day 7 of the Commonwealth Games 2018 is just as successful as the previous days. 
India is also having a good run in the Badminton qualifiers in all categories on Day 7.
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