Commonwealth Games 2018: Wrestling Freestyle Men's 57 Kg Final, India's Rahul Aware fighting for Gold, Live Updates

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The action is to start very soon at Carrara Sports Arena 1 - Mat B


13:19 (IST)12 APR 2018

Thanks for joining us... that was a great contest with a golden ending

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Have a good day!

13:15 (IST)12 APR 2018

The Indian really got it going in the second period and in the end he pulled away for the win with a sizable margin

What a win for Aware!

India's first gold medal from wrestling at CWG 2018 has been won by Rahul Aware

13:15 (IST)12 APR 2018

Rahul Aware has just put in a superb performance to beat Canada's Steven Takahashi 15-7 in the final of the Men's 57 kg

13:14 (IST)12 APR 2018

There it is, the time is up


13:13 (IST)12 APR 2018

It's going to be India's first gold

13:13 (IST)12 APR 2018

Another great hold and he almost pushed the Canadian out

13:13 (IST)12 APR 2018

The gold is surely coming India's and Aware's way

This has been a great showing in the 2nd period

13:12 (IST)12 APR 2018

Aware leads 13-6 with just 25 seconds left

13:12 (IST)12 APR 2018

He's cementing the gold in style

2 more points to the Indian

13:12 (IST)12 APR 2018

He's got another good hold here... he's going to do it

13:12 (IST)12 APR 2018

Aware on course for the gold!

13:12 (IST)12 APR 2018

He's got Takahashi again in his grip and has him down on the mat...he extends his lead

It's been a great second period for the Indian

Aware 11-6 Takahashi

Just 60 seconds to go

13:11 (IST)12 APR 2018

He's back up and good to go

13:11 (IST)12 APR 2018

There's 1 min 40 secs left

Aware leads 9-6, but he's suffered an injury

13:10 (IST)12 APR 2018

But there's a stoppage, Aware seems to be injured, the doctor has been called for

13:10 (IST)12 APR 2018

3 point lead for the Indian now

13:10 (IST)12 APR 2018

Aware going for the lift... and he's got Takahashi down on the mat

2 more points to the Indian

Aware 9-6 Takahashi

13:09 (IST)12 APR 2018

More points coming here... 1 to the Indian

Aware 7-6 Takahashi now

13:09 (IST)12 APR 2018

The Canadian has equalized again... he gets 2 points for a good hold

Aware 6-6 Takahashi

13:08 (IST)12 APR 2018

3 minutes to go... Aware in the lead by two

13:08 (IST)12 APR 2018

And he keeps the hold and the Indian has been awarded 2 more points

Great finish there to round 1 from Aware. He has the lead.

It's Aware 6-4 Takahashi

13:07 (IST)12 APR 2018

Aware goes in for the low hold now... He gets a good grasp this time

2 points to the Indian 

Aware 4-4 Takahashi

13:07 (IST)12 APR 2018

Half a minute left in round 1

13:07 (IST)12 APR 2018

It's a quick hold there from Takahashi, but Aware reacts well to prevent losing more points

13:06 (IST)12 APR 2018

50 seconds left in Round 1

13:06 (IST)12 APR 2018

That's a lovely throw from out of nowhere by the Canadian

He gets a 4-pointer from there... he takes the lead

Aware 2-4 Takahashi

13:05 (IST)12 APR 2018

And Aware goes in for the leg hold...

2 points given to the Indian

Aware 2-0 Takahashi

13:04 (IST)12 APR 2018

They are sizing each other up, just feeling each other out

13:04 (IST)12 APR 2018

Neither wrestler is giving any gaps for the opponent to attack

13:04 (IST)12 APR 2018

And off we go...

13:03 (IST)12 APR 2018

It's Aware vs Takahashi

India vs Canada in the Men's 57 kg freestyle final

13:02 (IST)12 APR 2018

The two wrestlers are making their way out to the mat

13:02 (IST)12 APR 2018

We're all set to begin...

13:00 (IST)12 APR 2018

Aware does have a gold to his name - that was at the 2011 Commonwealth Championships

But he is yet to win a Commonwealth Games medal

12:56 (IST)12 APR 2018

Earlier today, Aware won two of his matches by Technical Superiority and one encounter on Points

The latter was his semifinal against Pakistan's Muhammad Bilal 

12:52 (IST)12 APR 2018

We're about 5 minutes away from the gold medal match featuring Rahul Aware of India and Steven Takahashi of Canada

So it's India vs Canada again!

12:51 (IST)12 APR 2018

For those of you just catching up on the action, Babita Kumari was in action in the gold medal match in the Women's 53 kg Freestyle, but went down to Canada's Diana Weicker.

So it was a loss for India in the first of three finals. Can Aware deliver?

12:50 (IST)12 APR 2018

Can Rahul bag India's first gold medal from wrestling at the 2018 Commonwealth Games?

12:05 (IST)12 APR 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of  Wrestling Men's Freestyle 57 kg Gold Medal bout between Rahul Aware of India & Steven Takahashi of Canada!

12:04 (IST)12 APR 2018

As Day 8 progresses, India will be looking to continue a good medal run in the competition so far.
Next up is Wrestling Men's Freestyle 57 kg Gold Medal bout between Rahul Aware of India & Steven Takahashi of Canada. Rahul Aware won his previous 3 bouts defeating George Ramm of England in the 1/8 Final, Thomas Cicchini of Australia in the 1/4 Final & Muhammad Bilal of Pakistan in the Semifinal.

Medals won on Day 7: India's Shreyasi Singh won a gold medal in the Women's Double Trap Finals & Ankur Mittal bagged a Bronze in the Men's Double Trap Finals. Om Mitharval also bagged a bronze medal in the Men's 50m Pistol Finals which happened earlier in the day. 
India will be hoping Day 8 of the Commonwealth Games 2018 is just as successful as the previous days.
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