Commonwealth Games 2018: Wrestling Women's Freestyle 50 kg Nordic, India's Vinesh Phogat goes for gold, Live Updates

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The action commences from 6 am


13:18 (IST)14 APR 2018

Thank you for joining us

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13:17 (IST)14 APR 2018

This is the first gold medal from the women's side in wrestling at these Commonwealth Games

Superb achievement from Vinesh

13:16 (IST)14 APR 2018

Vinesh Phogat wins the gold in the Women's Freestyle 50 kg medal

She follows up her gold from Glasgow four years ago with another one here

13:16 (IST)14 APR 2018


13:16 (IST)14 APR 2018

Vinesh is going for it and this time she gets it

It's a good takedown and that will get Vinesh the gold

Vinesh 13-3 Macdonald

The Indian wins by Technical Superiority

13:15 (IST)14 APR 2018

Just 90 seconds left in the contest

13:15 (IST)14 APR 2018

The Indian is 2 points away form a win

13:15 (IST)14 APR 2018

A penalty point given against the Canadian

Vinesh 11-3 Macdonald

13:14 (IST)14 APR 2018

2 minutes 15 seconds to go

No score so far in round 2

Vinesh 10-3 Macdonald

13:14 (IST)14 APR 2018

Vinesh is taking her time here

13:13 (IST)14 APR 2018

Round 2 begins...

13:13 (IST)14 APR 2018

She looks in control of the match and one more attack could finish the match

13:13 (IST)14 APR 2018

It's India's Vinesh Phogat who leads 10-3 at the end of Round 1

13:12 (IST)14 APR 2018

Looks like this match will go into round 2

13:12 (IST)14 APR 2018

25 seconds to go for round 1 to end

Vinesh 10-3 Macdonald

13:12 (IST)14 APR 2018

But the judges are having a long discussion

And the score now has been revised to 10-3

13:11 (IST)14 APR 2018


Vinesh 13-3 Macdonald

That's the score right now

13:11 (IST)14 APR 2018

We have a stoppage in the match, because the Canadian has suffered a cut to the head

13:11 (IST)14 APR 2018

The Canadian is desperately trying to get the pin as a last attempt

13:10 (IST)14 APR 2018

Vinesh 13-3 Macdonald

The Indian is ahead on points, but the Canadian is trying to go for the pin

If she gets it she will win

13:10 (IST)14 APR 2018

Vinesh going for the attack again, but Macdonald with another reversal

13:09 (IST)14 APR 2018

Vinesh goes in for another attack

And she gets 2 more points, but Macdonald reverses and gets 2 points herself to keep the match going

Vinesh 10-2 Macdonald

13:08 (IST)14 APR 2018

She is looking very good here...

13:08 (IST)14 APR 2018

4 more points to the Indian

Vinesh 8-0 Macdonald

13:08 (IST)14 APR 2018

Here goes Vinesh again... she goes for an ultra-aggresive double leg takedown

13:08 (IST)14 APR 2018

The Canadian seems shaken by that.

It was an amazing attack by the Indian

13:07 (IST)14 APR 2018

Vinesh's very first attack is to grab the Canadian by the leg and lift her up in the air

She gets 4 points for that

Vinesh 4-0 Macdonald

13:07 (IST)14 APR 2018


13:06 (IST)14 APR 2018

And we're underway...

13:06 (IST)14 APR 2018

Here come the two wrestlers

13:05 (IST)14 APR 2018

It's Vinesh Phogat vs Jessica Macdonald

India vs Canada

Whoever wins this match will get the gold

13:04 (IST)14 APR 2018

The bronze medal goes to Miesinnei Genesis of Nigeria

And now the attention turns to the gold medal match

13:02 (IST)14 APR 2018

The bronze medal bout is currently ongoing

13:02 (IST)14 APR 2018

Not long now... we're one match away

12:56 (IST)14 APR 2018

We're about 5-10 minutes away from this match..

12:46 (IST)14 APR 2018

Vinesh's opponent in this match, Canadian Macdonald is a very experienced wrestler, she has a bronze to her name from Glasgow 2014 in the 51 kg category.

She is a former World Championships gold medalist too

12:45 (IST)14 APR 2018

It's a round-robin format in this category and both these wrestlers have won their first two matches. So this is a winner-takes all contest.

12:45 (IST)14 APR 2018

Welcome back as we get ready for the final match in the Women's 50 kg Freestyle between India's Vinesh Phogat and Canada's Jessica Macdonald

This match will determine who gets the gold

07:25 (IST)14 APR 2018

So Vinesh Phogat's third and final match will be later in the afternoon

That will be against Canada's Jessica Macdonald

That will be for the gold medal

Thanks for joining us

Bye for now! See you in the afternoon

07:20 (IST)14 APR 2018

Join us back in a little while for Vinesh's third round-robin match

07:17 (IST)14 APR 2018

So that's 2 wins out of 2 for Vinesh

That puts her in a good position to go for the gold medal

07:16 (IST)14 APR 2018

VICTORY for Vinesh Phogat

The Indian came flying out of the blocks there and was too good for her opponent

Vinesh Phogat (India) beats Rupinder Kaur (Australia) by Technical Superiority (10-0)

07:16 (IST)14 APR 2018

She's 2 points away from ending this contest

And she does it

Vinesh 10-0 Kaur

07:15 (IST)14 APR 2018

Vinesh is piling on the points now

She gets 2 and then gets 2 more

Vinesh 8-0 Kaur

07:14 (IST)14 APR 2018

Vinesh has started on fire here

She gets a quick 2 points for the takedown and another 2 points for a gut wrench
She has taken a 4-point lead

Vinesh 4-0 Kaur

07:14 (IST)14 APR 2018

Can Vinesh make it 2 wins out of 2?

07:13 (IST)14 APR 2018

And we're underway

07:11 (IST)14 APR 2018

The wrestlers are out... here we go

07:10 (IST)14 APR 2018

She's going to be taking on Rupinder Kaur of Australia

07:10 (IST)14 APR 2018

Welcome back... we're getting ready for Vinesh Phogat's second match in the Nordic competition in the 50 kg Freestyle
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