Commonwealth Games 2018: Wrestling Women's Freestyle 53 kg Nordic System Match 10, India's Babita Kumari fighting for gold, Live Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 12, 2018 12:48 IST

The action is to start very soon at Carrara Sports Arena 1 - Mat B


12:48 (IST)12 APR 2018

With that we come to the end of the first big final for India today

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12:46 (IST)12 APR 2018

Babita was just unable to break through the Canadian's defensive set up there

She knew that Babita was going to be targeting her legs and she kept her out superbly

So, unfortunately Babita cannot retain the gold medal she won four years ago in Glasgow and has to settle for silver

12:43 (IST)12 APR 2018

And that's the final whistle...

It's the end of the contest... Canada's Diana Weicker's game plan was excellent as she kept Babita Kumari out

It's the Canadian who wins gold, silver for India's Babita Kumari

12:42 (IST)12 APR 2018

Babita has 30 seconds to save her gold medal hopes

12:42 (IST)12 APR 2018

Babita went for the leg there, but the Canadian was expecting it and she managed to grab the Indian

2 more points to Diana

Babita 2-5 Diana now

12:41 (IST)12 APR 2018

Who's going to win?

12:41 (IST)12 APR 2018

Just 90 seconds remaining

12:41 (IST)12 APR 2018

But wait... there is an overrule from the Judge and 2 points have been given to the Canadian as well for the reversal 

So it's Babita 2-3 Diana

12:40 (IST)12 APR 2018

Babita takes a 2-1 lead in the final

12:40 (IST)12 APR 2018

Babita has got the Canadian's leg and she has an opportunity here

2 points to the Indian... great quickness shown there by the Indian

12:39 (IST)12 APR 2018

It's still 1-0 to the Canadian...

12:39 (IST)12 APR 2018

The fans are also getting into the contest now...

12:38 (IST)12 APR 2018

Just 3 minutes to go to decide the gold medalist

12:38 (IST)12 APR 2018

Nothing to choose between the two wrestlers there...

At the end of the first round

India's Babita Kumari trails 0-1 against Diana Weicker of Canada

12:37 (IST)12 APR 2018

It's a very cagey affair so far

12:37 (IST)12 APR 2018

Babita got the shot clock because she was stalling

12:37 (IST)12 APR 2018

And Canada's Diana gets the first point

Babita 0-1 DIana 

12:36 (IST)12 APR 2018

India's Babita has been put on the Shot Clock

She has 20 seconds to score a point here

12:36 (IST)12 APR 2018

Expectedly, neither wrestler is able to gain an advantage, both these wrestlers were very strong in the morning

12:35 (IST)12 APR 2018

Both of the wrestlers are trying to get a good grapple

12:34 (IST)12 APR 2018

And we're off...

12:34 (IST)12 APR 2018

Here they come...

Babita and Diana are on the mat

12:33 (IST)12 APR 2018

We're about 3 minutes away

12:32 (IST)12 APR 2018

The wrestling competition is very unpredictable

Contests can go the whole 2 rounds or even get over in a matter of seconds!

12:28 (IST)12 APR 2018

Just to explain, the Women's Freestyle 53 kg is being held under a Nordic system of competition

There were five wrestlers in the competition and each of them competed against the other in a round-robin format this morning

The two top wrestlers from that were India's Babita Kumari and Diana Weicker of Canada

12:26 (IST)12 APR 2018

Babita Kumari and Diane Weicker of Canada were easily the two most impressive wrestlers in the morning during the round-robin phase

12:25 (IST)12 APR 2018

We are just a few minutes away from this match which will decide who gets the gold medal

11:11 (IST)12 APR 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Wrestling Women's Freestyle 53 kg Nordic System Match 10 between Babita Kumari & Diana Weicker!

11:08 (IST)12 APR 2018

As Day 8 progresses, India will be looking to continue a good medal run in the competition so far.

Next up is the Women's Freestyle 53 kg Nordic System Match 10 which will see Babita Kumari representing India. She is up against Diana Weicker of Canada. Babita Kumari has already won her first three bouts, winning against Bose Samuel of Nigeria in Women's Freestyle 53 kg Nordic System Match 2, against Deepika Dilhani of Sri Lanka in Women's Freestyle 53 kg Nordic System Match 4, Carissa Holland of Australia in Women's Freestyle 53 kg Nordic System Match 7. Babita Kumari is the favorite to win the gold medal now.

28-year-old Babita Kumari hails from Balali in Haryana. Her sister Geeta Phogat is also a wrestler. In the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games, Geeta Phogat won India's first women's gold medal in wrestling.

Babita Kumari won a silver medal in the 2010 Commonwealth Games in the women's freestyle 51 kg category & she won a gold medal in the 2014 Commonwealth Games in the women's freestyle 55 kg category. After failing to impress at the 2016 Rio Olympics, she will be vying to win the gold medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Babita Kumari has also become very famous after the movie Dangal was released. Babita was portrayed by Sanya Malhotra in the movie. Babita Kumari now has a huge fan following of her own so you should too support her.

India will be hoping Day 8 of the Commonwealth Games 2018 is just as successful as the previous days.
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