Commonwealth Games 2018: Wrestling Women's Freestyle 57 kg Nordic, Pooja Dhanda carries India's hopes, Live Updates

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The action commences very soon at the Carrara Sports Arena 1 - Mat A


07:50 (IST)13 APR 2018

The semifinal has actually been scheduled for a little later...

So join us back in the afternoon for that.

Bye for now

07:44 (IST)13 APR 2018

So small correction there

We had mentioned that Pooja Dhanda is through to the final
Actually, she has a semifinal match which if she wins will go to the final, apologies for that

07:31 (IST)13 APR 2018


Dhanda has won both her group matches and has topped Group B

She will now move on to the semifinal match 

07:30 (IST)13 APR 2018

And that's it... the match is over

Dhanda finishes the match off by getting the Pin Fall over the Kiwi

So that win means India's Pooja Dhanda has topped Group B and she progresses to the semis

07:28 (IST)13 APR 2018

Dhanda comes back with another strong takedown

ANother 4 points to the Indian

Looks like this contest could be over soon

Dhanda 8-0 Moceyawa

07:28 (IST)13 APR 2018

She tried to get the pin, but the Kiwi avoids it

07:27 (IST)13 APR 2018

Dhanda goes for the takedown and just like that she gets 4 quick points

07:27 (IST)13 APR 2018

The referee is asking the New Zealander to get a move

07:26 (IST)13 APR 2018

She's trying to grab her opponent down from the right

07:26 (IST)13 APR 2018

Dhanda trying to get the shoulder of the Kiwi

07:26 (IST)13 APR 2018

And we're off..

07:25 (IST)13 APR 2018

Whoever wins this will be through to the gold medal match

07:25 (IST)13 APR 2018

Here comes Dhanda

07:24 (IST)13 APR 2018

Hello and welcome back for Pooja Dhanda's second match in Group B

She will be taking on New Zealand's Ana Moceyawa 

won her first match 12-5 just a while back against Emily Schaefer of Canada

06:55 (IST)13 APR 2018

So much for now... we'll be back in a little while for her next match

06:54 (IST)13 APR 2018

That puts her in a great position now to go to the gold medal match

06:53 (IST)13 APR 2018

It was a good, strong controlled bout there from Pooja Dhanda

She beat Emily Schaefer of Canada 12-5 to win on Points

06:53 (IST)13 APR 2018

Just 5 seconds left... and Dhanda picks up another 2 points


06:52 (IST)13 APR 2018

Just 30 seconds left, looks like the Indian has this one in the bag

Schafer gets 1 point for pushing the Indian out

Dhanda 10-5 Schafer

06:51 (IST)13 APR 2018

The Canadian was looking to come back, but Dhanda does a quick counter and gets her opponent down

2 more points

Dhanda 10-4 Schafer

06:50 (IST)13 APR 2018

90 seconds left in the contest

06:50 (IST)13 APR 2018

But she doesn't want to give up...

06:50 (IST)13 APR 2018

And the Canadian looks in pain with the injury again

06:50 (IST)13 APR 2018

Dhanda is trying to keep a strong base to prevent the Canadian from getting a takedown

Nice reversal by the Indian and she gets the takedown instead... 2 more points to the Indian

Dhanda 8-4 Schafer

06:49 (IST)13 APR 2018

2 minutes left in the match

06:49 (IST)13 APR 2018

But Dhanda comes back with a back-hold and gets the Canadian down to get 2 points
She takes the lead again

Dhanda 6-4 Schafer

06:48 (IST)13 APR 2018

And both wrestlers have gone off the mat, but the points have been given to Schafer

She ties it up

Dhanda 4-4 Schafer

06:47 (IST)13 APR 2018

Round 2 begins...

06:47 (IST)13 APR 2018

And that's the end of Round 1

Pooja Dhanda leads 4-2 over Canada's Emily Schafer

06:47 (IST)13 APR 2018

But it looks like she's unable to use her right arm to the full because of the injury

06:46 (IST)13 APR 2018

She looks good to go and the match resumes

06:46 (IST)13 APR 2018

The doctor is out on the mat and is assessing the Canadian

06:46 (IST)13 APR 2018

Looks like the Canadian is injured... she stayed down holding her shoulder after that last takedown

06:45 (IST)13 APR 2018

But the Indian comes back with a takedown and gets another 2 points

Dhanda 4-2 Schafer

06:45 (IST)13 APR 2018

Schafer comes back with another point... all tied up

Dhanda 2-2 Schafer

06:44 (IST)13 APR 2018

Dhanda has got behind her opponent and gets her off her feet... 2 points to the Indian

Dhanda 2-1 Schafer

06:44 (IST)13 APR 2018

Schafer is looking to push the Indian out and she manages it. She gets a point

Dhanda 0-1 Schafer

06:43 (IST)13 APR 2018

Both wrestlers trying to get an advantage... they're going cautiously

06:43 (IST)13 APR 2018

Canada's Emily Schafer is keeping a strong stance to prevent the Indian from attacking

06:42 (IST)13 APR 2018

And w're off

06:42 (IST)13 APR 2018

Here come the wrestlers

06:40 (IST)13 APR 2018

Pooja Dhanda finished 8th in the recent World Championships in Paris last year

She did finish 1st in the Commonwealth Championships in the 55 kg class in 2013

06:39 (IST)13 APR 2018

We have another India vs Canada match on the wrestling mat

This has been a rivalry since yesterday with wrestlers from both these countries doing well

01:33 (IST)13 APR 2018

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Wrestling Women's Freestyle 57 kg Nordic Group B Matches!

01:33 (IST)13 APR 2018

As the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games head into their final stages, there is still a lot of action to come.
Next up is Wrestling Women's Freestyle 57 kg Nordic Group B Matches:
1. Pooja Dhanda (IND) vs Emily Schaefer (CAN)
2. Pooja Dhanda (IND) vs Ana Moceyawa (NZL)

Medals won on Day 8: Day 8 was a good one for India in Wrestling with Rahul Aware bringing home a Gold medal in Wrestling in the Men's Freestyle 57 kg category. Babita Kumari losing out to Diana Weicker in the Gold medal match in Wrestling Women's Freestyle 53 kg category and having to settle for a Silver medal. Kiran also winning a Bronze medal for India in Wrestling Women's Freestyle 76 kg. Sushil Kumar "the superman" winning a gold in Wrestling Men's Freestyle 74 kg category. 
In Shooting, Tejaswini Sawant won a Silver medal for India in the Women's 50m Rifle Prone Finals. There was a lot of progress in Badminton and Table Tennis as well. Saina, Sindhu, Srikanth, and H.S. Prannoy all advanced to the latter rounds of Singles category. 
However, there was disappointment in Hockey, as the Indian Women's team lost 1-0 to Australia in the Semifinals. They will now face the loser of the other semifinal on a later date to confirm a bronze medal. 
India will be looking to finish the tournament on a high as a lot of medals will be decided in the next three days, starting on Day 9. 
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