Commonwealth Games 2018:Women's 20km Racewalk final, Soumya B, Khushbir Kaur fighting for medal

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 08, 2018 06:31 IST

The event gets underway


06:31 (IST)8 APR 2018

That's all from us here. Good bye!

06:30 (IST)8 APR 2018

Khusbir Kaur finishes fourth with a timing of 1:39:21

06:19 (IST)8 APR 2018

She is about 2 and a  half minutes behind the third position. Can she catch up?

06:18 (IST)8 APR 2018

At the end of 18 Km, Kaur still maintains her position at fourth

06:11 (IST)8 APR 2018

Can she persist and grab the 3rd spot? It seems very possible.

06:11 (IST)8 APR 2018

At the end of 16km, Khushbir is on fourth. Her timing is 1:18:01 and she is 4.01 behind first position

06:00 (IST)8 APR 2018

Khushbir completes 14Km in 1:07:15 and is in 5th position

05:51 (IST)8 APR 2018

At the end of 12Km, Khushbir Kaur is at 5th. She is 1.20 behind the leader.

05:33 (IST)8 APR 2018

After 10 Km, Khusbir Kaur has surged ahead to fourth. However, Soumya Baby gets disqualified.

05:17 (IST)8 APR 2018

At the end of 6Km, Soumya Baby is on 6th while Khushbir is on 7th. Their timing as of now is 27:54 while Khushbir's is 28:02

05:10 (IST)8 APR 2018

After 4km, Soumya is at 4th while Khushbir is on 7th

05:03 (IST)8 APR 2018

At the moment, Kaur is on sixth while Soumya Baby is on 8th

04:56 (IST)8 APR 2018

Both Khusbhir and Soumya are in the leading pack.

04:52 (IST)8 APR 2018

The race has started now, with Soumya Baby and Khushbir Kaur carrying India's hopes

22:05 (IST)7 APR 2018

The fourth day of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games continues as Athletics are added to the daily list of sports.  

So far in the competition, India has done well. Although all of India's medals have been due to weightlifting so far, other sports have made leaps too. India's Table Tennis Men's and Women's team are in the Semi-finals, one victory away from a medal. Indian Boxers have done well so far as well, with many of the boxers progressing forward in their respective weight categories. 

Athletics will be added to the list in which there is Indian participation on Day 4. There are four events of track and field on the fourth day at Gold Coast. 

One of those events 20 Km Racewalk. Racewalk is a type of race in which athletes have to manoeuvre themselves towards the finish line in a very specific stride. In the Women's walk, India is represented by  Soumya Baby and Khushbir Kaur. 
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