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  • Commonwealth Games 2022 Badminton results, India vs Pakistan final score: Sindhu, Srikanth, Gayatri Gopichand-Treesa Jolly shine as Indians thrash arch rivals 5-0

Commonwealth Games 2022 Badminton results, India vs Pakistan final score: Sindhu, Srikanth, Gayatri Gopichand-Treesa Jolly shine as Indians thrash arch rivals 5-0

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 29, 2022 21:37 IST

India def Pakistan 5-0


21:37 (IST)29 JUL 2022

It went very smoothly as expected! Will give Team India a huge boost of confidence as they look to defend their team gold medal from the last edition.

The Indian shuttlers will return to action on Saturday, July 30, against Sri Lanka and so shall we at Sportskeeda, with all the live badminton coverage.

Until then, keep following Sportskeeda for all the latest updates from the 2022 Commonwealth Games.


21:29 (IST)29 JUL 2022

What a dream start to India's campaign!

As we wrap up, here's a look at the results of the India vs Pakistan tie:

India beat Pakistan 5-0, Group A

Ashwini Ponappa/Sumeeth Reddy won 21-9, 21-12 vs Muhammad Bhatti/Ghazala Siddique

Kidambi Srikanth won 21-7, 21-12 vs Murad Ali

PV Sindhu won 21-7, 21-6 vs Mahoor Shahzad

Satwik Sairaj Rankireddy/Chirag Shetty won 21-12, 21-9 vs Murad Ali/Muhammad Bhatti

Treesa Jolly/Gayatri Gopichand won 21-4, 21-5 vs Mahoor Shahzad/Ghazala Siddique

21:21 (IST)29 JUL 2022

21:21 (IST)29 JUL 2022

21:20 (IST)29 JUL 2022

21:19 (IST)29 JUL 2022

21:19 (IST)29 JUL 2022

That was brutal annihilation of the highest order!

Team India came, they saw, they conquered!

21:17 (IST)29 JUL 2022



21:16 (IST)29 JUL 2022

With a beautiful touch at the net, Gayatri Gopichand wraps up the women's doubles rubber for India at 21-4, 21-5.

21:15 (IST)29 JUL 2022

And the Indian youngsters have a handful of match points at 20-5.

21:13 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Siddiqui's persistent efforts paid off! She managed to find a way through the Indian wall!

It's still 17-4 for the Indians

21:09 (IST)29 JUL 2022

The young Indians accelerate to make it 11-3 at the mid-game break with a powerful crosscourt smash.

In control!

21:08 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Indians are now slowly inching ahead.

7-3 for Team India

21:07 (IST)29 JUL 2022

And they are still on the heels of the Indians at 3-4. How long can they stay toe-to-toe?

21:07 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Ooh, Shahzad and Siddiqui don't want to stay much behind in Game 2. They take two points in a row to trail 2-3.

21:03 (IST)29 JUL 2022

It's a wonderful rally but it ends in India's favor as expected!!

The girls wrap up the first game 21-4.

21:02 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Indians have 17 game points at 20-3

21:01 (IST)29 JUL 2022

The Pakistani pair have managed to win just 1 out of the last 17 points!

This is on another level!!

18-2 for Team India

21:00 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Gayatri comes up with a big body smash to march ahead to 15-2.

20:59 (IST)29 JUL 2022

20:58 (IST)29 JUL 2022

The Pakistani pair just have no answer.

The Indians lost the first point and then went on to add 11 consecutive points to make it 11-1 at the break.

20:57 (IST)29 JUL 2022


It's absolutely one-way traffic in this game!

9-1 for the Indians

20:56 (IST)29 JUL 2022

The Indians have already opened up a 4-1 lead over their opponents.

20:54 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Let's take you through the performances of the highly talented pair of Treesa Jolly & Gayatri Gopichand this year.

Won bronze at All England Open, won the Odisha Open, finished as the runners-up at Syed Modi International. 

20:50 (IST)29 JUL 2022

20:50 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Only rubber left in this tie is women's doubles.

India's Gayatri Gopichand/Treesa Jolly face the Pakistan pair of Shahzad & Siddiqui

20:48 (IST)29 JUL 2022

So far it's been brutal domination by Team India!

Can they make it a flawless 5-0 vs Pakistan?

20:47 (IST)29 JUL 2022

20:45 (IST)29 JUL 2022

It's a 21-12, 21-9 win for Satwik and Chirag.

India are a flawless 4-0 ahead vs Pakistan.

20:45 (IST)29 JUL 2022

And the second game ends in a long rally that saw the shuttle dropping right on the backline.

20:42 (IST)29 JUL 2022

The rallies are very short now..things happening in a flash.

Both teams keen to preserve energy but the Indians are now up 18-9.

20:39 (IST)29 JUL 2022

A very fast exchange ends in a rare net error by Chirag

India still comfortably placed ahead at 13-5.

20:36 (IST)29 JUL 2022

And the second game is slipping away fast from the Pakistani pair.

Indians now up 11-3 in an impressive start.

20:35 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Just like PV Sindhu and Kidambi Srikanth, Satwik and Chirag also had to be content with the silver medal in the last edition at Gold Coast. They too will be gunning for gold this year.

20:33 (IST)29 JUL 2022

It's a tight start to the second game but Satwik and Chirag have now broken away to lead 4-2.

20:32 (IST)29 JUL 2022

20:30 (IST)29 JUL 2022

20:29 (IST)29 JUL 2022

The Indians have too much power and experience for their opponents.

20:28 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Satwik and Chirag have the first game in their pocket, 21-12.

20:27 (IST)29 JUL 2022

A bagful of game points on offer for the Indians at 20-12.

20:27 (IST)29 JUL 2022

What a rally! Chirag's disguise has the last word as he places the shuttle down the middle to go up 19-10.

20:25 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Good play by Murad Ali. He surprises Chirag with a crosscourt shot that the Indian is unable to reach.

Indians up 15-9

20:23 (IST)29 JUL 2022

The Pakistani pair are already struggling with the pace and power of the Indians.

20:21 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Flurry of jump smashes from the Indian pair and they are up 11-6 at the mid-game break.

20:18 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Some fast exchange of points already!

Satwik now comes up with a disguised drop that floated into the deep left corner of the court.

Satwik & Chirag up 6-4

20:16 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Murad Ali comes up with a delicate drop after the Indians snatched the first point.

1-1 now

20:13 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Satwik & Chirag will face the Pakistani duo of Murad Ali & Md. I. S. Bhatti.

20:10 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Next up are our ROCKSTARS!!!!! Are you ready for our Thomas Cup heroes Satwik & Chirag?

20:08 (IST)29 JUL 2022

And with Sindhu's win, India has taken an unassailable 3-0 lead vs Pakistan.

20:07 (IST)29 JUL 2022

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