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Commonwealth Games 2022 Badminton India vs South Africa final score: Ashiwni Ponnappa, Lakshya Sen lead India into semifinals with 3-0 win

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 01, 2022 00:02 IST

The match will begin at 10.00 PM IST.


00:02 (IST)1 AUG 2022

Another successful day for the badminton contingent as the Indian team continue to impress. After routing their opponents in the Group stage, the Indian team has made a dominant foray into the knock-outs and are only two wins away from defending their crown.

With the semifinals scheduled for Monday, fans will not have to wait long to see the side back in action. And as we move into the business end of the team competition, we can also expect the return of star players PV Sindhu into the side!

Make sure you tune in for the contest tomorrow, the schedule for which will be out soon. Keep following Sportskeeda for updates on the same and much more from the Commonwealth Games 2022. For now, it's goodbye. Keep cheering for the Indian contingent!

23:47 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Here is how the Indian team moved past South Africa:

Ponnappa/Reddy beat Deidre/Jared 21-9, 21-11

Lakshya Sen bt Caden Kakora 21-5, 21-6

Aarkarshi Kashyap bt Johanita Scholtz 21-11, 21-16

23:47 (IST)31 JUL 2022

23:46 (IST)31 JUL 2022

23:46 (IST)31 JUL 2022

23:40 (IST)31 JUL 2022

23:40 (IST)31 JUL 2022

What a moment for the youngster! Aakarshi Kashyap helps India sail to another easy win. The defending champions continue their march into the last-four!

23:39 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Aarkarsh beats Scholtz 21-11, 21-16! India is through to the semifinal, beats South Africa 3-0!

23:38 (IST)31 JUL 2022

IND 20-15 RSA: Match point to take India through to the semifinals!

23:37 (IST)31 JUL 2022

IND 19-14 RSA: A smash from the South African shows she still has some fight left!

23:37 (IST)31 JUL 2022

IND 13-19 RSA: The Indian is now just two points!

23:35 (IST)31 JUL 2022

IND 17-12 RSA: A short lift gets the treatment, India can now see the finish line!

23:34 (IST)31 JUL 2022

IND 15-12 RSA: A better rally from the Indian, wins the point with a down-the-line smash winner

23:34 (IST)31 JUL 2022

IND 14-12 RSA: Good punch clears from Scholtz as she brings it down to a two-point gap!

23:33 (IST)31 JUL 2022

IND 14-9 RSA: Another error from Aarkarshi and the scoreline is getting closer!

23:32 (IST)31 JUL 2022

IND 13-8 RSA: The South African is very much in it in the second game as she is making the best of a slight drop in the intensity from the other end!

23:29 (IST)31 JUL 2022

IND 11-7 RSA: A much tighter affair sees the Indian edge out a narrow lead at the mid-game interval

23:29 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Game 2 underway!

23:28 (IST)31 JUL 2022

23:28 (IST)31 JUL 2022

IND 21-10 RSA: India leads by 1-0

23:22 (IST)31 JUL 2022

IND 19-11 RSA: Good backhand from the South African, still a mountain to climb.

23:20 (IST)31 JUL 2022

IND 18-9 RSA: Back to smooth sailing for the Indian and she looks to wrap this up in quick time.

23:16 (IST)31 JUL 2022

IND 13-6 RSA: Scholtz with a bid of a fightback. She takes three points.

23:15 (IST)31 JUL 2022

23:14 (IST)31 JUL 2022

IND 11-3 RSA: And this is a comfortable position for Aakarshi. She has an 8-point lead at the mid-game interval.

23:12 (IST)31 JUL 2022

IND 7-2 RSA: The rallies are fairly well-balanced but the Indian is just finding better consistency. She surges ahead!

23:09 (IST)31 JUL 2022

IND 3-0 RSA: Aakarshi is not taking too many risks early, but the keeping things simple working well for her at the moment!

23:07 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Game 1 underway!

23:04 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Players are arriving on court. Minutes away from action!

23:03 (IST)31 JUL 2022

With the two wins in as many matches, India now finds itself in touching distance of the quarterfinals! Leads South Africa 2-0 in the overall tie score at the moment.  

The young Aakarshi Kashyap taking the court next for the women's singles. She takes in the World no 147 Johanita Scholtz!

22:59 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Game: Sen 21-6 Kakora

Sen gives India a 2-0 lead and India are just one more match away from making the semifinals. A proper masterclass from the World Championship medalist here against South Africa.

22:58 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Game 2: Sen 20-6 Kakora

14 match points for Sen!

22:58 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Game 2: Sen 18-6 Kakora

Sen sprays a couple of forehand smashes while trying to finish off the points quickly.

22:57 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Game 2: Sen 18-4 Kakora

Lakshya Sen is only three points away from giving India a 2-0 lead.

22:56 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Game 2: Sen 14-4 Kakora

Every point won by Kakora can enter the highlights video here considering how hard he is having to try to sneak points against Sen.

22:52 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Game 2: Sen 11-1 Kakora

The one-way traffic continues as Lakshya has a 10-point cushion at the interval. Incredible dominance.

22:51 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Game 2: Sen 6-1 Kakora

Kakora is trying his best here to stay in the rallies but he just does not have enough tricks in his armour to take on Lakshya.

22:49 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Game 2: Sen 3-0 Kakora

Another dominant start from Sen. This should be wrapped up quickly.

22:46 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Game 1: Sen 21-5 Kakora

Sen has taken the first game with sheer dominance as he decimates his opponent while conceding only five points here. Should be an easy win for him from here.

22:45 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Game 1: Sen 19-5 Kakora

Kakora finally wins a point after losing 10 in a row.

22:44 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Game 1: Sen 18-4 Kakora

Lakshya Sen is not giving away a single point here. The court coverage has been exceptional on both wings.

22:42 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Game 1: Sen 14-4 Kakora

It's nearly impossible for Kakora to hit through Sen at the moment. There's only little on can do when the opponent is at the peak of his powers.

22:40 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Game 1: Sen 10-4 Kakora

Sen loses a couple of points as he failed to return the bodyline smashes.

22:39 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Game 1: Sen 9-2 Kakora

This is quality from Sen. He is putting on a show here.

22:39 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Game 1: Sen 6-2 Kakora

Too good from Sen here. His strokes are elegant and he is making good use of the big court.

22:38 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Game 1: Sen 3-1 Kakora

Solid start from Sen. He is hitting the smashes with a good pace.

22:34 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Lakshya Sen has taken the court now. He will take on Caden Kakora from South Africa for the second match of the round.

22:28 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Game 2: IND 21-11 RSA

Reddy and Ponnappa have given India a 1-0 lead! The mixed doubles team has registered a comprehensive win and now we shall wait for Lakshya Sen to take the court.

22:26 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Game 2: IND 19-10 RSA

Ponnappa is in sublime form here. Her smashes have been absolutely spot on and been the difference between the two sides.

22:25 (IST)31 JUL 2022

Game 2: IND 17-10 RSA

Indian duo is only four points away from sealing the win here.
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