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  • Commonwealth Games 2022 Badminton LIVE updates & commentary Kidambi Srikanth wins bronze medal, doubles in action | 07 August

Commonwealth Games 2022 Badminton LIVE updates & commentary Kidambi Srikanth wins bronze medal, doubles in action | 07 August

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 08, 2022 01:26 IST

Kidambi Srikanth wins bronze! Treesa Jolly/Gayatri Gopichand looking to win bronze! LIVE!


01:26 (IST)8 AUG 2022

With all Indians already guaranteed medals, the badminton contingent has ensured smiles for sporting fans back home. Srikanth and Gayatri/Treesa will take back the bronze but the rest of the team will be gunning for gold tomorrow, so make you join us for the LIVE action as PV Sindhu, Lakshya Sen and Satwik/Chirag take court! For now it's goodnight and goodbye from the team at Sportskeeda.

01:10 (IST)8 AUG 2022

01:09 (IST)8 AUG 2022

And they have done it! The young Indian duo of Gayatri Gopichand and Treesa Jolly take the bronze, beat Gronya and Wendy! Join Srikanth on the podium.

01:08 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 20-18 Wendy/Gronya: A strong crosscourt smash from Treesa as we arrive at match point!

01:07 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 19-18 Wendy/Gronya: The Indians fight back!  

01:06 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 17-18 Wendy/Gronya: Chen will the decisive kill at the net as the Aussies move into the lead for the first time!

01:05 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 17-17 Wendy/Gronya: A smart flick serve from Gronya invites the error. We are level!

01:04 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 16-15 Wendy/Gronya: A sublime down-the-line from the Aussie duo and we are down to just one point!

01:02 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 15-13 Wendy/Gronya: Aussies making the best of nerves as they bring it down to two points!

01:01 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 15-10 Wendy/Gronya: Good combination play again from the Indian duo as they inch closer to the bronze medal.

00:58 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 14-8 Wendy/Gronya: A great deceptive drop from Jolly brings another brilliant rally to the end.

00:56 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 12-7 Wendy/Gronya: A beautiful deep block catches the Indians unaware.

00:53 (IST)8 AUG 2022

00:52 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 11-5 Wendy/Gronya: The Indians lead at the mid-game interval!

00:51 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 10-4 Wendy/Gronya: This rally had everything! The Aussies take it after a kill at the net.

00:49 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 7-3 Wendy/Gronya: The Aussies stop the rot, but still trail by a considerable margin.

00:48 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 6-1 Wendy/Gronya: The Indians are gobbling up these short lifts at the moment, surge ahead.

00:44 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 1-1 Wendy/Gronya: Good awareness from Gronya as the Aussies turn defense into attack.

00:43 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Game 2 underway

00:43 (IST)8 AUG 2022

00:41 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 21-15 Wendy/Gronya:The Indians it on the third time of asking, lead by one game to love.

Can the Indian duo wrap this up in straight games?! Stay tuned to find out!

00:38 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 19-13 Wendy/Gronya: A kill at the net means the Indians are only two points away from the opener!

00:36 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 16-13 Wendy/Gronya: A world-class crosscourt half smash from Gronya and neither of the Indian was even close to it! Both pairs showing some good skills here!

00:32 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 13-11 Wendy/Gronya: Four points in a row for the Indians, who are showing some real emotion now!

00:30 (IST)8 AUG 2022

00:29 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 9-11 Wendy/Gronya: Unrelenting aggression from the Aussies and the Indian duo finally break, trail by two points at the mid-game interval.

00:27 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 8-8 Wendy/Gronya: A tight-looking net shot from the Indian brings us level!

00:26 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 1-0 Wendy/Gronya: Good fightback from the Aussies as they bring it down to one point.

00:25 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 7-3 Wendy/Gronya: The Indians looking to make quick work of this match. Another good rally ends with a winner

00:21 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 3-1 Wendy/Gronya: Good combination play from the Indian duo. They combine well when attacking the shorter lifts.

00:20 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Gayatri/Treesa 1-0 Wendy/Gronya: The Indian duo win the opening rally courtesy a brilliant drop from Treesa.

00:17 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Do not go anywhere as Gayatri and Treesa will be in action next. The young Indian pair will take on Wendy Chen and Gronya Sommerville with the bronze on the line! 

00:16 (IST)8 AUG 2022

00:16 (IST)8 AUG 2022

00:16 (IST)8 AUG 2022

00:15 (IST)8 AUG 2022

00:14 (IST)8 AUG 2022

00:11 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Final score: Srikanth def Teh 21-15, 21-18 to claim the men's singles bronze!

00:10 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Teh is even struggling to walk now. He still didn't give up at all.

So much to appreciate about this guy.

00:09 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Srikanth goes over to Teh's side and shakes hands with him. What a wonderful show of sportsmanship!

But what a fighter Teh is! Fought till the very last point despite his body giving up midway through the match!

00:08 (IST)8 AUG 2022



00:07 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Teh saves one with a big jump smash

Srikanth 20-18

00:07 (IST)8 AUG 2022

After yet another draining rally, Srikanth gets a point through a jump smash!


00:05 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Srikanth now misses the line!

His lead has been cut down to JUST TWO POINTS!

Up 19-17

00:05 (IST)8 AUG 2022

But Teh is hitting back even on one leg!

Gets one crucial point to trail 16-19

00:04 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Now Teh has been shown the yellow card for delaying play.

00:03 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Teh falls down, grimaces in pain but doesn't want to give up!

00:03 (IST)8 AUG 2022

Srikanth gets a point after a draining rally!

Up 19-15

00:02 (IST)8 AUG 2022

But Teh still wants to play!

This is incredible fighting spirit and determination from the Singaporean!
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