Commonwealth Games 2022 table tennis live score: India women beat RSA 3-0; Men's team face Barbados at 4 PM

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Indian women beat RSA women 3-0.


00:38 (IST)30 JUL 2022

That was more than just a perfect day for India in TT. The women's and the men's team won all their matches comfortably. The men's team registered a 3-0 victory each against Barbados and Singapore, while the women's team won their rounds 3-0 against South Africa and Fiji. 

To make this dominance look even better, India only dropped one game in all twelve matches combined. A very positive start to the day here for India and they will look to continue this dominance throughout the tournament.

00:27 (IST)30 JUL 2022

Game 3: IND 11-8 SGP

Another easy win for Sathiya and India complete another whitewash today.

00:19 (IST)30 JUL 2022

Game 2: IND 11-5 SGP

Sathiyan takes the second game quite comfortably after dominating his opponent with quality defensive blocks. India are now one game away from a perfect start to TT.

00:15 (IST)30 JUL 2022

In the third match, Sathiyan has managed to win the first game and is now 4-4 in the second.

00:04 (IST)30 JUL 2022


Achanta Sharath Kamal beats Koen Pang in the second tie 11-8, 11-9, 11-9. 

It has been a good start for India, except for the blip in the men's doubles. 

It is now Sathiyan in action in men's singles. He will be up against Clarence Chew. Will the one game that he lost in men's doubles be playing on the Indian's mind? 

23:45 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Achanta Sharath Kamal is in action against Koen Pang in the second tie. 

23:43 (IST)29 JUL 2022


It is the first time an Indian table tennis team has dropped a game today. Sathiyan Gnanasekaran and Harmeet Desai stutter at a point but do enough to beat Ethan Poh and Clarence Chew 11-5, 11-5, 9-11, 11-2 in the first tie of the evening. 

The Indians did well to come back after losing the third game. They had a lot of unforced errors in that. 

Of course, the score line does suggest that it was mostly one-way traffic and the Indian pair were dominant. Even in the third game, they almost came through before losing by a slender two-point margin. 

21:45 (IST)29 JUL 2022

That's it for the time being. The India Women's Table Tennis team will be taking on the Guyana Women's Table Tennis team tomorrow, with both teams pretty much sealing a quarter-finals berth. Men's table tennis will be back later tonight; we will be back at 11 P.M. IST (6:30 P.M. GMT) with a clash between the India Men's team taking on the Singapore Men's team. A win for the India Men's Table Tennis team will ensure them earning a quarter-finals berth as well, so do stick around as we eagerly await the final clash involving the paddles for today!

21:33 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Final score: INDIA 3-0 FIJI

Doubles: Diya Parag Chitale and Sreeja Akula (INDIA) beat Touea Titana and Grace Rosi Yee (FIJI) 11-8 11-3 11-5

Singles: Manika Batra (INDIA) beat Carolyn Ly (FIJI) 11-2, 11-4, 11-2

Singles: Sreeja Akula (INDIA) beat Grace Rosi Yee (FIJI) 11-7, 11-1, 11-2

21:25 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 3: IND 11-2 FIJI

Sreeja finishes things off in sumptuous fashion, absolutely smashing the ball until Yee failed to return! India take this match and the tie as well!

21:24 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 3: IND 8-2 FIJI

Yee is woefully out of position to return that smash! This will be over very soon!

21:23 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 3: IND 4-2 FIJI

Sreeja suckered her opponent in with a close net game and then smashed one to her right! 4-2!

21:22 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 3: IND 2-1 FIJI

For once, Sreeja missed the table, and Yee has a point back!

21:21 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Sreeja's already at the table, ready to finish things off. Yee's body language doesn't look like she has much confidence left.

21:21 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 2: IND 11-1 FIJI

Sreeja never gave Yee a chance in the final two points! Two exchanges at best, and then she lands the smash in, too quick for Yee to react! India are one game away from sealing the tie altogether!

21:20 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 2: IND 8-1 FIJI

ar too many unforced errors from Yee, she missed the table twice trying to return with her backhand

21:19 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 2: IND 4-1 FIJI

Super placement from Sreeja, quick backhand which helps her evade Yee's paddle to her left!

21:18 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 2: IND 1-1 FIJI

Her backhand favoured game cost her a point there. Yee misses the table!

21:17 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Sreeja looks as composed as ever as she returns for the second game.

21:16 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 1: IND 11-7 FIJI

Yee misses the table again trying to return a smash with her backhand, and Sreeja takes the first game having gone behind by three points early on!

21:16 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 1: IND 10-7 FIJI

Game point, Yee misses the table!

21:15 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 1: IND 8-6 FIJI

On the attack, and she does it with the third smash! Yee returned twice, but it was too good the third time!

21:14 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 1: IND 6-6 FIJI

Sreeja dries her palm having tied the scores. This has been a great comeback!

21:14 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 1: IND 4-5 FIJI

Sreeja gets her smashes right this time! She keeps target Yee's backhand by softening the game up and then landing the killer blow!

21:13 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 1: IND 2-5 FIJI

And now it's India's turn to commit a few unforced errors! Sreeja smashed one out of the court!

21:12 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 1: IND 2-3 FIJI

Ohhhhh, Sreeja finds the net in an intense close-net game! Fiji are hanging on, only just!

21:11 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 1: IND 2-1 FIJI

Akula smashes one to Yee's left to take an early lead!

21:09 (IST)29 JUL 2022

It'll be Sreeja Akula taking on Grace Rosi Yee in the third game between the two countries. A win for Sreeja will seal the tie.

21:07 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 3: IND 11-2 FIJI 

Far too many basic mistakes from Ly. Missed her smash, missed the table in a close-net game, and well....Manika Batra, inevitably bosses and takes the third match!

21:06 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 3: IND 6-2 FIJI

Ly did well to get herself within a point but Batra has pulled clear since then

21:04 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 3: IND 3-0 FIJI

More unforced erros from Ly! She hasn't hit enough smashes since the start, and keeps missing the table trying to defend the aggressive hits from the other side

21:03 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 2: IND 11-4 FIJI

Far too many unforced errors from Ly. Batra has walked out with a killer instinct today, and she ends up taking game 2 as well!

21:02 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 2: IND 6-4 FIJI

Batra has a healthy 2-point lead going into the halfway mark.

21:01 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 2: IND 3-3 FIJI

Ly took a 1-point lead briefly in the second game, but Manika did well to eek a point back.

20:58 (IST)29 JUL 2022

The Indian contingent looks on as Batra prepares for her second set. Her eyes suggest intent in abundance, she's here to finish this off as soon as possible!

20:57 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 1: IND 11-2 FIJI

Ly did manage to win one point in between, but she was merely delaying the game point. Manika Barta takes game 1 without breaking any sweat at all!

20:57 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 1: IND 8-1 FIJI

Ly hardly stands a chance! This might be over very soon! Way too many unforced errors on her part, Batra's bossing the game at the moment!

20:56 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 1: IND 6-1 FIJI

Far too many unforced errors from Ly. Batra smashes her way to a 6-1 lead.

20:55 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 1: IND 4-0 FIJI

It's too easy for the Indian TT talisman at the moment.

20:55 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 1: IND 1-0 FIJI

A soft couple of touches from either player, and Manika gets the smash out to evade Ly's racket for the first point!

20:53 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Manika Batra is warming up now, she's up against Carolyn Ly for the women's singles game.

20:50 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 3: IND 11-5 FIJI

And that does it! Fiji misses the Indian half of the table, and India have comprehensively won another encounter! That's 3 out of 3!

20:49 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 3: IND 9-4 FIJI

This Indian duo is just unstoppable at the moment! Two soft taps, and then the smash does it!

20:48 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 3: IND 7-3 FIJI

Smart play by the Indian duo! Pushed the Fiji duo back with a smash and then played a couple of soft ones for the killer blow!

20:46 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Game 3: IND 5-2 FIJI

Talk about an authoritative comeback! Aggressive gameplay from India, and Fiji are pushed on the backfoot once again! The unforced errors continue to happen as the time-out comes to an end
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