CONIFA World Cup 2018, Group D: Panjab FA vs United Koreans in Japan, Live match updates

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Punjab FA - 1 United Koreans in Japan - 1 FT


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Punjab FA missed a chance early in the game when they did not score the penalty and were very fortunate that United Koreans in Japan did not punish them for the mistake. They however held on and waited for their chance, which they got in the second penalty, and managed to make it count and then hold on. 
United Koreans in Japan will be kicking themselves with the horde of chances that came their way, but they could not convert.   

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And that's it. The referee blows his whistle and the match ends at : 1-1.

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What a goal !!! It's a complete blinder from Su Hyeon Mun, from quite far out. With time time running out, and P.FA trying to clear their lines, the ball falls for Mun, who is quite far out. He however goes for a Hail Mary and what a shot it is. The ball goes off his foot like a cannonball zooming past a helpless Butt and nestles into the top left corner. Can U.Koreans pull off the impossible???  

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90+2' Butt really should be careful, the referee is watching him closely and he might get booked for time-wasting. 

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89' Big chance missed by the U.Koreans. They win a free-kick. The send all their bodies forward, barring the keeper. But the shot is straight at the wall and nothing comes off it.

00:20 (IST)4 JUN 2018

88' P.FA have very simple no-nonsense approach at the moment, trying to keep the ball as far away from their goal as possible. The strikers are playing their part, with some commendable hold-up play.

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85' U.Koreans are desperate for a goal right now. They have a corner. The ball is put into the box, but P.FA are up to the task and clear the ball.

00:16 (IST)4 JUN 2018

84' Amarvir Sandhu is shown a yellow card.

00:14 (IST)4 JUN 2018

80' SUBSTITUTION (Punjab FA) : Amar Purewal is replaced by Umar Rio Riaz.

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Purewal steps up to take it. He takes his time and then coolly puts it into the left bottom corner, after sending the keeper the wrong way. 

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75' Big chance for P. FA. They have a second penalty. It was U.Koreans on the attack, but the final ball into the box was poor and P.FA some good, clean passes and raced back on the counter. Finally a P.FA player was brought down, unfairly in the box and the referee pointed straight to the spot.  

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73' SUBSTITUTION( Punjab FA) : Nik Uppal comes on for Gurjit Singh

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71' P.FA can breathe easy again.   U.Koreans almost come out with a penalty, but do not get it as Byun commits a foul, just before that incident.

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69' SUBSTITUTION(Punjab FA) : Nathan Minhas comes on for Kamaljit Singh.

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65' Sandhu treading in dangerous territories, as he goes in for another sliding challenge, while already being on a yellow card. He is quick to attract the referee's attention towards the ball which he did meet with his feet.

23:58 (IST)3 JUN 2018

64' P.FA seem to be tiring out a little bit. They are not chasing after loose balls and are content in just keeping it out of their half. 

23:54 (IST)3 JUN 2018

59' U.Koreans on the attack, with Taniyama darting down the left and whipping a cross in. It does not reach anyone's head, but gives Butt a scare, as it passes through his gloves and goes across the crossbar, bouncing on it a couple of times.  

23:51 (IST)3 JUN 2018

57' SUBSTITUTION(Punjab FA) : Sufiyan Zia comes on to replace the injured Aran Basi

23:49 (IST)3 JUN 2018

55' It's P.FA now, with an effort from range, from the laces of Sandhu.

23:48 (IST)3 JUN 2018

51' It's a big chance missed by the U.Koreans. Byun floats the ball into the box and Butt tries to come out and meet it. He, however, completely misses it and Taniyama finds himself staring at an empty net which he cannot find with his header. 

23:43 (IST)3 JUN 2018

50' BOOKING(Punjab FA) : Terlochan Singh gets a yellow card.

23:42 (IST)3 JUN 2018

49' Choi with an effort from range, but it goes wide.

23:39 (IST)3 JUN 2018

46' P.FA on the front foot right at the start, with Sandhu darting down the right, but finds himself completely blocked off. 

23:38 (IST)3 JUN 2018

Aaaaand we're back with the second half of this high-octane encounter, with United Koreans in Japan fighting for a win to stay alive in the tournament. 

23:21 (IST)3 JUN 2018

So, there's the whistle signalling half time. The score still remains 0-0.

23:20 (IST)3 JUN 2018

45' Dhillon is brought down on the left and P.FA have a free-kick. He takes it himself, but it's met by a U.Korean head before P.FA regain possession and then have another free-kick.

23:16 (IST)3 JUN 2018

39' Butt, the P.FA keeper sends the ball way upfield and Amar chests it down onto the path of Kamaljit Singh, who is crowded out quickly, before he can make any headway.

23:12 (IST)3 JUN 2018

34' Minhas is out left again, as he floats a ball into the box, for Sandhu waiting at the far post. The keeper, however, reads the danger and comes out to collect.

23:09 (IST)3 JUN 2018

32' U. Koreans have the momentum with them as they are starting to put unrelenting pressure on the P.FA defense. They came tantalizingly close, with Tong Jun Lee  heading Sun Ji Kim's cross wide. 

23:04 (IST)3 JUN 2018

29' U.Koreans are knocking the ball around in the P.FA half, as the ball suddenly falls loose and rolls into the center of the pitch allowing Su Hyeon Mun to take a sighter, from range. The P.FA backline is however up to the task and at once there are two bodies in the way, to block the shot. 

23:02 (IST)3 JUN 2018

26' U.Koreans seem to be finding their rhythm and a foothold in the game. They are starting to see more of the ball, making inroads deep into the P.FA half and have a corner. 

22:57 (IST)3 JUN 2018

21' U.Koreans get a free-kick in the opposition half. The ball is sent into the box and the keeper comes out to meet it. But, he cannot deal with it and it bounces dangerously in the box. Fortunately, for the keeper, his defender is there to kick the ball out hard, and that allows the striker to chase after it.

22:54 (IST)3 JUN 2018

19' P.FA definitely look like they are dominating the game and are holding nothing back. They are going in for sliding challenges, even in the U.Korean half, as if hungry for a goal. They have a free-kick now, just outside the opposition box. The ball however is hit straight against the wall.

22:51 (IST)3 JUN 2018

14' P.FA are getting more confident with their passing-play. Kamaljit gets the ball from Minhas, and then lays it off for Gurjit. He tries to send it through for Terlochan singh on the overlap. There's a big shout, as the ball seems to find a U.Korean hand, but the referee is unmoved.

22:45 (IST)3 JUN 2018

9' U.Koreans on the attack. It's a chance, as they get a free-kick in the opposition half. However, nothing comes off it as the ball, floated in, is hit too hard and goes way wide. 

22:43 (IST)3 JUN 2018

6' P. FA don't seem too afraid on the ball. They seem quite happy to keep possession and build up play slowly.  U.Koreans are seeing very little of the ball as of now. 

22:40 (IST)3 JUN 2018

3' P. FA might end up ruing, the big chance they missed right now, with Gurjit taking a penalty, which is definitely not his best spot-kick. He sends the ball hurtling straight and the keeper can parry it away. 

22:38 (IST)3 JUN 2018

2' It's very early in the game, but P. FA already have a big chance. They have a penalty as Arjun Jang is brought down unfairly in the box. Gurjit Singh is stepping up to take it.  

22:36 (IST)3 JUN 2018

There's the referee's whistle and we are off. 

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Hello and welcome to another live coverage by Sportskeeda, of the match between Punjab FA and the United Koreans. 

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Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the CONIFA World Cup, which is currently underway in England, where teams are coming together to represent their heritage. In today's fixture, Panjab FA takes on United Koreans in Japan.

Panjab started their campaign in a stunning manner, hailing victorious over a hapless Kabylia side. Four Panjab FA players scored a brace as they beat Kabylia by eight goals to nil. However, they couldn't find the same form in their second match as they fell to a one-nil defeat, at the hands of Western Armenia.

United Koreans in Japan drew their first match against Western Armenia, in what was a dull nil-nil draw. In their second match, they once again drew against Kabylia by the same scoreline
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