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Karnataka Premier League 2018, Match 1: Bengaluru Blasters vs Belegavi Panthers, Live Score, Commentary, and Updates

Follow the live updates and commentary of the match between Bengaluru Blasters and Belegavi Panthers
Updated: 15 August 2018 22:27 IST - Published: 15 August 2018 17:53 IST
That concludes an extremely one-sided inaugural match for KPL 2018. The Panthers were never in the chase right from the very beginning. They kept losing wickets at regular intervals and none of the batsmen were able to stick around at the crease for a long time. That's all from us at Sportskeeda. Hope you enjoyed the match. 

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And that's the match! The Blasters win the inaugural match by 67 runs. What a dominating performance by the home side to kick start the tournament.

Panthers 161-8 after 20 overs

An excellent over for Bhandage with just 5 runs coming off it and two wickets to his name.

Panthers 154-8 in 19 overs
And another wicket for Bhandage! His third one today. Akshay Ballal departs.

Akshay Ballal c Uthappa b Manoj S Bhandage 22(17) [4s-3]
WICKET! Another one bites the dust! Avinash departs.

Avinash D b Manoj S Bhandage 23(17) [4s-3]
The number of overs which have produced 7 or 8 runs in this innings has been way too many! Another 7 run over.

Panthers 149-6 in 18 overs
A large chunk of the fans have decided to head home given that this match is more or less over. 22 runs per over for the Panthers
An excellent spell by Doddamani comes to an end. He conceded just 27 runs in 4 overs and picked up 2 wickets.

Panthers 142-6 in 17 overs
A good over for the batting side after a long time! 12 runs coming off that.

Blasters 135-6 after 16 overs
The Blasters have bowled extremely well today and not allowed the opposition batsmen to take control. Just 7 runs off that over.

Blasters 123-6 after 15 overs
8 runs off that over and it looks like it's match over already.

Panthers 116-6 after 14 overs
WICKET! Bowled! Rakshith does not trouble the scorers, dismissed for 3.

Rakshith S b Chethan William 3(6)
Just 7 runs off that previous over, which is not really going to help the Panthers' case.

Panthers 108-5 after 13 overs
WICKET! Sharath is dismissed for 49! After some huge sixes, he looks to come down the track but is stumped out.

Sharath st M Vishwanathan b Anand Doddamani 49(25) [4s-2 6s-5]
An average over for the Panthers ,with 9 runs coming off it. The required run-rate is now 16 runs per over.

Panthers 101-4 after 12 overs
3 sixes in a row by Sharath! What clean striking by the batsman. He is approaching his half-century.

Panthers 92-4 after 11 overs
WICKET! That's a big one! Captain Stuart Binny departs after scoring just 6 runs. Mitrakanth Yadav gets his first wicket of the match.

Binny c V Koushik b Mitrakanth 6(9)
They have finally got a move on here, with 16 runs coming off that over, mainly off the bat of Sharath.

Panthers 73-3 after 10 overs
Another good over for the bowling side. The required run-rate is over 15 runs per over now!

Panthers 57-3 after 9 overs
Another slow over for the batting side. They really need to get a move on here if they want to make a match out of this.

Panthers 53-3 after 8 overs
The Panthers require 183 runs at over 13 runs per over. Phew! Will they be able to get back into the game?

Panthers 46-3 after 7 overs
WICKET! Dikshanshu Negi departs after scoring 20 runs. The Blasters seem to be running away with the match.

Dikshanshu c Arshdeep Singh Brar b Manoj S Bhandage 20(18) [4s-3]
WICKET! Sadiq Kirmani departs after scoring 18.

Sadiq Kirmani c KB Pawan b Anand Doddamani 18(18) [4s-2]

Panthers 40-2 after 6 overs
Finally, a good over for the Panthers. They need a lot more of that.

Panthers 26-1 after 4 overs
Another good over for the Blasters. The Panthers need to pull their socks up.

Panthers 14-1 after 3 overs
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