KPL 2018, Belagavi Panthers vs Ballari Tuskers: Live score, Updates, and Commentary

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Live updates of the match between Belagavi Panthers and Ballari Tuskers.


18:42 (IST)25 AUG 2018

So that's about it from today's first KPL game, do join us for the second game that begins soon - it is Shivamogga Lions facing the Bengaluru Blasters.

18:14 (IST)25 AUG 2018

"Just told my guys to enjoy it - not to play under pressure. Hats off to the guys for the way they played, showed some heart." Stuart Binny, Belagavi Panthers' captain, and also man of the match.

18:13 (IST)25 AUG 2018

"Repeating same mistakes again and again. Losing key moments in the game cost us. And we're out of the tournament now - all we can do is play for pride in next two games." CM Gautam, Ballari Tuskers' captain

18:09 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Belagavi are now third in the standings, having scripted their maiden win in the season just now (1 win, 1 loss, 1 no-result in 3 matches so far). Meanwhile, the Ballari Tuskers have found themselves out of the competition, having not won a single game yet (3 losses, 1 no-result). They are now penultimate in standings, with the Shivamogga Lions lying below them having played just one game so far, as opposed to Ballari's four.

18:04 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Ballari lost their last seven wickets for just 46 runs, as they executed a clean free-fall from a winning position. Excellent comeback from the Belagavi Panthers, as they exhibited some skillful bowling. Skipper Binny was fantastic for Belagavi, as with an all-rounded effort - 31 runs, 2 wickets, 4 catches, and some cleanly planned bowling rotations, just when the Tuskers looked like they were running away with the game.

17:37 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Avinash wraps up the proceedings, picking up the last couple of scalps that remained before this over. Ballari have fallen short by 22 runs, with seven more balls to spare in their innings.

Tuskers 135 all-out in 18.5 overs.

17:35 (IST)25 AUG 2018

WICKET! That's it, end of the Ballari innings right there. Manjesh Reddy offers a simple catch to Sharath at long-off, and it is anti-climax for the Tuskers. Double blow by Avinash in one over.

Manjesh Reddy c Sharath b Avinash D 9(9)

17:33 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Avinash is back for his third over, looking to replicate his previous-over success.

WICKET! Binny takes his fourth catch of the day - and this one was an absolute stunner! This was going for six, but Binny just runs a few metres to his side, leaps and gets hold of the ball in the deep.

Pradeep T c Binny b Avinash D 2(4)

17:30 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Stuart Binny gives away seven in his last over, but picking up another wicket as well. Ballari are now 26 runs short of a win, and they have just two overs left, before which they should cross the deficit.

Tuskers 132/8 in 18 overs.

17:27 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Amazing turn of events at Mysuru. From a game that was theirs to lose just seven or eight overs ago, Binny and boys have come back in style, and they need just two more wickets to win. Ballari, on the other hand, needs 33 more, and only their tailenders remain.

17:25 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Stuart Binny is back for his fourth over.

Binny is being magical here. Another caught-and-bowled. Bhatkal departs.

Ritesh Bhatkal c and b Binny 1(3)

17:23 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Just four runs conceded, and wicket too - in that over. 33 needed for Ballari in 18 now. Anyone smelling trouble?

Tuskers 125/7 in 17 overs.

17:21 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Avinash might have twisted his ankle while bowling that wicket delivery, as the physio is now taking a look at it. He is good to go again, soon enough.

17:19 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Avinash is back, after an expensive first over, where he gave 13 runs away.

WICKET! Three times is the charm, but not more - as Avinash may realise. Holes out a catch in the deep for the Belagavi skipper, who is delirious with joy.

Abhinav Manohar c Binny b Avinash D 10(13) 

17:16 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Three runs and a wicket of the sixteenth over. Belagavi tightening its grip over the game now. Required-rate is 9.25 now.
Meanwhile Abhinav may as well go and get a lottery ticket for himself - survives a second catch attempt, in addition to a run-out scare.

Tuskers 121/5 after 16 overs.

17:13 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Shubhang Hegde returns to pitch down his third over.

WICKET! Abrar Kazi departs, trying to attempt his first biggie of today. Caught close to the ropes. The bowler is ecstatic.

Abrar Kazi c (sub)Nikin Jose b Shubang Hegde 10(14)

17:10 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Niyaz Nisar is back to bowl. Nine runs off the over.
Abhinav survives a catch in the outfield this time - it was a difficult attempt by Shubhang Hegde anyways.

Tuskers 118/5 after 15 overs.

17:06 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Abhinav Manohar of Ballari Tuskers survives a run-out chance, while Shubhang Hegde returns to bowl and gives away just three. Required run-rate climbing back up now. The Panthers are catching up.

Tuskers 109/5 after 14 overs.

17:03 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Just four runs and an important wicket in that over. Is Belagavi eyeing a comeback?

Tuskers 106/5 after 13 overs.

17:02 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Sharath is in for his third over.

WICKET! Gautam departs, lbw and given by the umpire. Sharath finally picks up a wicket.

GM Gautam lbw b Sharath 24(23) [4s-2 6s-1]

16:55 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Captain Binny is back for his third over, and he concedes just four. Belagavi will need more of such overs, if they should win.

Tuskers 102/4 after 12 overs.

16:52 (IST)25 AUG 2018

9 runs off that over, but a crucial wicket as well. Gautam slowly taking charge for Ballari, as shown by a six.

Tuskers 98/4 after 11 overs.

16:50 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Prashanth is back with the ball now.

WICKET! Devdutt trapped in front, in the very first ball of the 11th over.

Devdutt Padikkal lbw b Prashanth S 23(19) [4s-3]

16:48 (IST)25 AUG 2018

We are done with one half of the innings, and Ballari are at a safe perching spot at 89/3. The equation has come down to a lesser-demanting target of 69 runs in 60 balls, at almost a run-a-ball.

Gautam and Devdutt are batting with a good resolve, rotating the strike and finding the occasional fence. 

16:47 (IST)25 AUG 2018

HS Sharath is back into the Panthers' attack after a very expensive first over (18 runs) - he concedes just six this time.

Tuskers 89/3 after 10 overs.

16:42 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Change in bowling, with S Prashanth coming up. Devdutt earns another boundary. Nine runs conceded in total.

Tuskers 83/3 after 9 overs.

16:39 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Binny returns to bowl, and eight more runs are added to the Tuskers' score by CM Gautam and Devdutt.

Tuskers 74/3 after 8 overs.

16:35 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Seven runs of the seventh over bowled by Shubhang Hegde, including a four by Devdutt Padikkal.

Tuskers 66/3 after 7 overs.

16:33 (IST)25 AUG 2018

By the end of the batting powerplay, the Ballari Tuskers have gone beyond one-thirds of the target, though they lost three frontline wickets in the process. The asking-rate has gone down substantially.

16:31 (IST)25 AUG 2018

The sixth over has thus resulted in a wicket for the Panthers, though Binny also gave away nine runs.

Tuskers 59/3 after 6 overs.

16:30 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Belagavi skipper Stuart Binny replaces Niyaz with the ball.

WICKET: Nischal offers Stuart Binny a return catch off his own bowling. Good reflexes by the skipper there.

D Nischal c and b Binny 8(6) [6s-1]

16:25 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Again a change in bowling at the other end, and Shubhang Hegde bowls a good over. Just five runs off it.
Ballari notches up the 50.

Tuskers 50/2 after 5 overs.

16:22 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Mixed over for both sides - 12 runs for Ballari and a crucial wicket for Belagavi.

Tuskers 45/2 after 4 overs.

16:21 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Niyaz is back in the fourth over.

WICKET! Karthik was looking dangerous, hitting three fours in the over so far, but then offers a high catch just outside the 30-yd circle - and the fielder does not disappoint. Niyaz with the breakthrough ball again.

CA Karthik c Nikin Jose b M Niyaz Nisar 31(11) [4s-4 6s-2]

16:15 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Change in bowling at the other end does not help Belagavi, as a four and a six from Karthik shows us.

Tuskers 33/1 after 3 overs.

16:11 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Good comeback by Belagavi. Just two runs conceded in that over, and a wicket as well.

Tuskers 20/1 after 2 overs.

16:08 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Niyaz Nisar is bowling from the other end.

WICKET! Rohan Kadam departs, outside edge flying to the keeper. Niyaz earns the first Belagavi breakthrough.

Rohan Kadam c Rakshith S b M Niyaz Nisar 12(10) [4s-2]

16:04 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Ballari gets an explosive start!
Tuskers 18/0 after 1 over.

Both openers look to be in good nick, with Rohan hitting two fours, while Karthik helped himself to a six.

15:57 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Welcome back, folks, as you rejoin us in the game. It is now Ballari's turn with the bat, and they will be chasing a not-so-daunting target of 158 set by Belagavi.

Ballari's Openers Rohan Kadam and CA Karthik are at the crease, and in the process of defending their score, the Belagavi skipper Stuart Binny has assigned the first over to HS Sharath. 

15:46 (IST)25 AUG 2018

They end up reaching 150 thanks to Prashant and Nidish. Stallin Hoover was the star of the batting, scoring a quickfire 38. Binny chipped in as well but he had a low strike-rate. Ritesh Bhatkal was the pick of the bowlers.
Can the Tuskers chase this down? Join us back for the chase in 15 mins

15:42 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Panthers 157-7 after 20 overs

15:37 (IST)25 AUG 2018

A great over by Pradeep, conceding just 7 runs. Can the Panthers reach 150?

Panthers 142-7 after 19 overs

15:33 (IST)25 AUG 2018

WICKET! Pradeep gets his second wicket of the match. Sharath has to walk back.

Sharath lbw b Pradeep T 3(3)

15:31 (IST)25 AUG 2018

Panthers 135-6 after 18 overs

15:30 (IST)25 AUG 2018

WICKET! Binny has to walk back. Akshay gets the big wicket.

Binny lbw b SL Akshay 31(34) [4s-1 6s-1]

15:25 (IST)25 AUG 2018

A good comeback in the final two deliveries with Binny hitting a four.

Panthers 123-5 after 17 overs

15:20 (IST)25 AUG 2018

A great spell by Ritesh Bhatkal comes to an end. He concedes just 5 runs in his final over.

Panthers 116-5 after 16 overs

15:17 (IST)25 AUG 2018

A good comeback by the bowling side, with Pradeep conceding just 6 runs.

Panthers 111-5 after 15 overs

15:13 (IST)25 AUG 2018

WICKET! Bhatkal gets another wicket. Ballal has to walk back. Disappointing shot.

Akshay Ballal c Karthik CA b Ritesh Bhatkal 9(8)

Panthers 105-5 after 14 overs

15:09 (IST)25 AUG 2018

A great over for the batting side, with the captain hitting a huge six.

Panthers 99-4 after 13 overs
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