KPL 2018, BIjapur Bulls vs Mysuru Warriors: Live Score, Commentary, and Updates

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Live updates from the match between the Bulls and Warriors


17:59 (IST)1 SEP 2018

So that's it from the first game of today's KPL draws. Stay tuned with us, as we bring you the live updates from the second game between Hubli Tigers and Belagavi Panthers, soon! See you!

17:57 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Jagadeesha Suchith, Mysuru Warriors captain:

"That's what happens in a pressure game, you win or lose by two runs. The bowling has been our weak point throughout the tournament. We had a plan to take it till the end, but we couldn't. Few good hits in the 19th over would have taken the pressure off in the final over."

17:56 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Bharath Chipli, Bijapur Bulls captain and Man-of-the-match:

"I knew we had to win this game to stay alive in the tournament. It was a good win. I thought that 167 was enough, our strength is the bowling attack. We did not start well but the spinners bowled well and Naveen was excellent in the final over. the spinners once again brought us back in the game."

17:54 (IST)1 SEP 2018

This was the third successive last-over finish in KPL 2018.

After the first innings, the Bulls had to dig deep and the bowlers responded. Hoysala and Bhatkal got Mysuru off to a flier, but the introduction of spin squeezed the run flow and in the process the Bulls got the wickets as well.
Suchith kept his side in the game with his power-hitting but he had too much to do towards the end.

The Warriors remain on third spot in standings, while the win has helped the Bulls climb to fourth place.

17:42 (IST)1 SEP 2018

AND THEY DO. The last ball goes for a four, but that is not enough. Bijapur Bulls win by 2 runs.

17:41 (IST)1 SEP 2018

DOT BALL! Six for a tie, and anything less means the Bulls win.

17:39 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Double. Seven needed in two now.

17:39 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Single. Nine needed in three now. Suchith on strike.

17:38 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Four. Bhareth smashes one between extra cover and long off. Ten needed in four now.

17:38 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Dot ball. 14 needed in 5.

17:36 (IST)1 SEP 2018

14 runs needed in 6 balls now.

Naveen will bowl the final over.

17:35 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Bharath hits a four. Eleven runs scored overall.

Warriors 154/5 after 19 overs.

17:31 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Ronit More will bowl the 19th over. 25 needed from 12 balls now.

17:30 (IST)1 SEP 2018

7 of the 11 runs from the over were extras.

Warriors 143/5 after 18 overs.

17:29 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Zahoor is back again.

17:24 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Suchith finds the ropes, and nine runs are added.

Warriors 132/5 after 17 overs.

17:19 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Ronit More is back into the Bulls' attack.

17:18 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Just three runs off it and a wicket. What an over for the Bulls.

Cariappa 4-0-23-2.

Warriors 123/5 after 16 overs.

17:17 (IST)1 SEP 2018

WICKET! Siddharth b Cariappa 28(18) [4s-2 6s-1]

The carrom ball, Siddharth clears his front leg to play the hoick, the ball straightens to beat the bat and disturb the stumps.

Fall of wicket 122/5 in 15.4 overs.

Bhareth NP is the new batsman in.

17:16 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Cariappa will bowl his final over now.

17:16 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Welcome to the death overs. 48 needed from 30 now. Can they do it?

17:16 (IST)1 SEP 2018

18 runs off that over. A six each for Suchith and Siddharth. The former slaps a four as well.

Appanna 4-0-37-0.

Warriors 120/4 after 15 overs.

17:09 (IST)1 SEP 2018

KP Appanna will bowl his final over now.

17:09 (IST)1 SEP 2018

9 runs from it. Siddharth hits a four.

Warriors 102/4 after 14 overs.

17:08 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Cariappa is in for his third over.

17:06 (IST)1 SEP 2018

8 runs off the over but the important wicket of Shoaib Manager. He perished after hitting a four.

Warriors 94/4 after 13 overs.

17:05 (IST)1 SEP 2018

WICKET! Shoaib Manager c Kaunain Abbas b R More 17(17) [4s-1]

The cross-seam delivery that lands full and lures Manager into the big shot, he does not time the loft and holes out to long-off.

Fall of wicket 91/4 in 12.4 overs.

Jagadeesha Suchith comes to the crease.

17:01 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Ronit More is back with the ball.

16:58 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Eight runs off the over.

Warriors 86/3 after 12 overs.

16:55 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Appanna will bowl his third over.

16:54 (IST)1 SEP 2018

8 runs off the over as new man Siddharth cracks a four. One wicket has fallen, however.

Warriors 78/3 after 11 overs.

16:52 (IST)1 SEP 2018

WICKET! Bhatkal c Suneel b Naveen MG 29(25) [4s-3 6s-1]

Bhatkal is rushed onto the pull shot and the top-edge balloons towards short fine, dolly for Raju and Mysuru are in a bit of trouble.

Fall of wicket 70/3 in 10.1 overs.

Krishnamurthy Siddharth comes to the crease.

16:50 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Naveen MG is back now.

16:50 (IST)1 SEP 2018

4 runs off it. End of the first half in the Warriors innings. 98 needed from 60 now.

Warriors 70/2 after 10 overs.

16:49 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Appanna is back with the ball.

16:48 (IST)1 SEP 2018

8 runs off it, as Bhatkal finds the ropes once.

Warriors 66/2 after 9 overs.

16:48 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Naveen MG into the attack now.

16:48 (IST)1 SEP 2018

7 runs added.

Warriors 58/2 after 8 overs.

16:37 (IST)1 SEP 2018

KP Appanna comes into the attack now.

16:35 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Just five runs off it, and another wicket. The Warriors touch 50 runs.

Warriors 51/2 after 7 overs.

16:34 (IST)1 SEP 2018

WICKET! Amit Verma c KN Bharath b Zahoor Farooqui 1(8)

Brilliant catch by Bharath. Short delivery that barely gets up to chest height, Verma pulls and splices it over mid-wicket. Bharath turns around, runs back and completes the catch even as he goes to ground. The most important thing was he didn't allow the ball to pop out.

Fall of wicket 46/2 in 6.1 overs.

Shoaib Manager comes to the crease.

16:33 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Zahoor will return now.

16:32 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Not a satisfactory batting powerplay but still better than how the Bulls fared. 46 for 2.

R.P.O.: 7.67

16:31 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Just three runs.

Warriors 46/1 after 6 overs.

16:31 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Suneel is back now.

16:29 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Just five runs and a wicket. Good over for the Bulls.

Warriors 43/1 after 5 overs.

16:28 (IST)1 SEP 2018

WICKET! Arjun Hoysala c Naveen MG b Cariappa 21(17) [4s-4]

Cariappa provides the breakthrough. The dangerous opening stand is broken. The off-break from Cariappa and Hoysala had to drag the sweep from outside off, does not get it off the middle and offers a dolly to square leg.

Fall of wicket 44/1 in 4.4 overs.

Amit Verma, left handed bat, comes to the crease

16:23 (IST)1 SEP 2018

KC Cariappa is back.

16:22 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Three runs off it. A good over for the bulls.

Warriors 38/0 after 4 overs.

16:22 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Suneel has been brought in to bowl.
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