KPL 2018, Hubli Tigers vs Belagavi Panthers: Live Score, Commentary, and Updates

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Updated: 01 September 2018 22:26 IST - Published: September, 01 2018 05:22 PM IST
With this win, the four semi-finalists have already been confirmed, namely Bengaluru Blasters, Hubli Tigers, Mysuru Warriors, and Bijapur Bulls. 
And that's the match! The Tigers win by 34 runs in the end.

Panthers 138 all out
A huge over. But probably inconsequential. 14 runs came off it.

Panthers 128-9 after 18 overs
3 runs came off that over as well.

Panthers 114-9 after 17 overs
3 runs came off that over. The match should end any time now.

Panthers 111-9 after 16 overs
Another wicket and the Tigers are just one wicket away from victory. 5 runs came off that over.

Panthers 108-9 after 15  overs
And Vinay Kumar has surely sealed the playoffs place for his side with that over. 1 wicket and 2 runs. Wow!

Panthers 103-8 after 14 overs

Sharath c and b Vinay Kumar 14(7) [4s-2 6s-1]
15 runs came off that over but the Panthers lost the wicket of Nidhish.

Panthers 101-7 after 13 overs

M Nidhish lbw b Kranthi Kumar 23(22) [6s-1]
An excellent over by the captain, conceding just 2 runs and picking up the wicket of Avinash.

Avinash D c Kranthi Kumar b Vinay Kumar 19(18) [4s-1]

Tigers 86-6 after 12 overs
8 runs from that over. 99 runs now required in 9 overs

Tigers 84-5 after 11 overs
A huge over for the Panthers. They are clawing their way back into this match.

Tigers 76-5 after 10 overs
7 runs came off that over.

Tigers 62-5 after 9 overs
4 runs came off that over but more importantly, Darshan dropped the important catch of Nidhish.

Panthers 55-5 after 8 overs
5 runs came off that over. These two batsmen hold the key for Panthers to make a comeback.

Panthers 51-5 after 7 overs
Two wickets in that over for Mahesh! Including the wicket of Binny! What an over! Is this the match for the Tigers?

Panthers 46-5 after 6 overs

Rakshith S c and b Mahesh Patel 20(14) [4s-2 6s-1]

Binny b Mahesh Patel 0(2)
Just three runs and a wicket off the fifth over! Good one for the Tigers.

It was a short of length delivery. The batsman pulled well, but only to find the deep square leg fielder.
Akshay Ballal c Sujit N Gowda b Darshan MB 1(5)

Panthers 42-3 after 5 overs.
Eight runs from the fourth over, including a four.

Panthers 39-2 after 4 overs.
WICKET! Bowled. Fuller length delivery at the stumps - late attempt to hit it away and he misses it.

Stallin Hoover b Vinay Kumar 16(9) [4s-2 6s-1]

10 runs from the over.

Panthers 31-2 after 3 overs.
15 runs off the second over, including a six.

Panthers 21-1 after 2 overs
And we have a WICKET straightaway! Full-length ball, outside edge to first-slip.

Dikshanshu c Abhishek Reddy b Vinay Kumar 0(3)

Six runs from the over as well. The score-defenders have started on a good note.

Panthers 6-1 after 1 over
And we are back.

Dikshanshu and Stallin Hoover are at the crease for the Panthers. Dikshanshu is on strike.
Vinay Kumar will open the attack for the Tigers.
A great total by the Tigers in their alloted 20 overs. It was Abhishek Reddy's knock which helped them reach this total in the first place. They were also helped by contributions from Praveen Dubey and Vinay Kumar. The Panthers have their task cut out as they look to qualify for the playoffs. Can they do it? Join us back for the chase in 15 mins
A huge last over for the Tigers with 17 runs coming off it.

Tigers 182-5 after 20 overs
A good over by Binny, conceding just 8 runs in the penultimate over. How much can the Tigers score here?

Tigers 165-5 after 19 overs
Vinay Kumar has started to strike hard. One four and six each from his willow, as 14 runs have been added.

But then, a wicket falls off the last ball, easy catch at long-on for skipper Binny.

Praveen Dubey c Binny b Avinash D 40(44) [4s-2]

Tigers 157-5 after 18 overs.
4 runs off the 17th over.

Tigers 143-4 after 17 overs.
WICKET! That was a run-out, and an unfortunate one too. No response from the partner, and he didn't wait to check it either.

Abhishek Reddy run out (Binny/Avinash D) 74(37) [4s-8 6s-3]

Six more runs added to the score.

Tigers 139-4 after 16 overs.
13 runs in the 15th over as well. A six and a four for Abhishek. Also brings up the first 100-run partnership of KPL 2018.

Tigers 133-3 after 15 overs.
A huge six out of the ground to end that over. 13 runs came off that over.

Tigers 120-3 after 14 overs
Another good over for the Tigers, with 9 runs coming off it.

Tigers 107-3 after 13 overs
The TIgers are getting a move on here and are looking to set a big total. Abhishek Reddy reached his half-century as well

Tigers 98-3 after 12 overs
A good  couple of overs for the batting side, with 19 runs coming off them.

Tigers 77-3 after 10 overs
10 runs came off the last 2 overs and the Panthers are looking good with the ball.

Tigers 58-3 after 8 overs
A decent over for the batting side, with 8 runs coming off it.

Tigers 48-3 after 6 overs
Tigers 40-3 after 5 overs
WICKET! Sunil has to walk back finally after surviving a controversial decision in the previous over.

Sunil c Rakshith b Niyaz 11(9)

Tigers 33-3 after 3.5 overs
A decent comeback by the batting side after losing 2 wickets.

Tigers 27-2 after 3 overs
WICKET! Great catch by the keeper diving to his right. Sujith has to walk back.

Sujith c Rakshith b Niyaz 13(8)

Tigers 13-2 after 1.3 overs
9 runs and a wicket in the very first over of the match!

Tigers 9-1 after 1 over
WICKET! Gone on the first delivery, looking to go big over deep square leg. Taha has to walk back!

Taha c Avinash b Hegde 0(1)
We are moments away from the start of the match. Taha and Reddy opening the batting for the Tigers and Shubhang Hegde opening the bowling for the Panthers.
TOSS: Belagavi Panthers win the toss and opt to field

Belagavi Panthers (From): Dikshanshu Negi, Stallin Hoover, HS Sharath, Stuart Binny(c), Rakshith S(w), Avinash D, M Nidhish, Akshay Ballal, Prashanth S, Shubang Hegde, Mohammed Niyaz Nisar, Aman Khan, Darshan Machaiah, Sadiq Kirmani, Nikin Jose, Manish Pandey, Saurabh Yadav, Shreyas BM

Hubli Tigers (From): Mohammed Taha, Shivraj S, Abhishek Reddy, Sujit N Gowda, Praveen Dubey, Vinay Kumar(c), Kranthi Kumar, AM Kiran(w), Darshan MB, Mahesh Patel, Suraj Seshadri, Abhishek Sakuja, Mayank Agarwal, Nitin Bhille, Anil I G, Rahul Naik, Sunil Kumar Jain, Vidyadhar Patil, Vidhwath Kaverappa, Ram Sarikh Yadav, Parikshith Shetty
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