KPL 2018, Match 2, Bijapur Bulls vs Hubli Tigers, Live Score, Commentary, and Updates

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Welcome to the live score and commentary of the match between Bijapur Bulls and Hubli Tigers


22:11 (IST)16 AUG 2018

It was one-sided till the last few overs, which saw a fine comeback by the Bijapur Bulls. KC Cariappa, Ronit More, and Suneel Raju bowled well but the Tigers always had this in the bag after their strong start. Mohammed Taha was the star of the batting line-up, scoring a fine half-century despite getting numerous lives. 
That's all from us today. Hope you enjoyed the coverage. Join us tomorrow for the coverage of the final match in Bengaluru between the Bengaluru Blasters and Ballari Tuskers.

22:08 (IST)16 AUG 2018

That's the match! Kranthi Kumar finishes it off with a four through midwicket. The Tigers win by four wickets and with 7 balls to spare.

Tigers 131-6 def. Bulls 128-7

22:02 (IST)16 AUG 2018

WICKET! Run-out! Taha is gone! What a throw by KP Appanna. But horrendous running by Taha. He slowed down before he reached the crease. However, the wicket might be a little too late.

Taha run out (Appanna) 62(50) [4s-8 6s-1]

Tigers 117-6 after 17.4 overs.

Require 12 runs in 14 balls

21:57 (IST)16 AUG 2018

An excellent over till the last delivery, which was dispatched away for a four.

Tigers 111-5 after 17 overs. 

Require 18 runs in 18 balls

21:54 (IST)16 AUG 2018

WICKET! Bowled! An excellent full delivery by Farooqui, who gets Praveen Dubey dismissed.

Praveen Dubey b Zahoor Farooqui 3(4)

Tigers 106-5 after 16.2 overs

23 runs required in 22 balls

21:49 (IST)16 AUG 2018

WICKET! Vinay Kumar looks to go over short fine leg but finds the fielder with ease.

Vinay Kumar c Chipli b Suneel 6(5) [4s-1]

Tigers 103-4 after 15.4 overs

21:48 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Tigers 100-3 after 15 overs. They require 29 runs to win in 30 balls.

21:41 (IST)16 AUG 2018

WICKET! Bowled! SK Jain has to walk back. Suneel Raju gets the wicket.

Tigers 90-3 after 13.5 overs

SK Jain b Suneel 10(15)

21:38 (IST)16 AUG 2018

An unfortunate end to the spell for Cariappa, who's untimely no-ball cost him the big wicket of Taha. The Tigers are still on top here.

Tigers 83-2 after 13 overs

21:34 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Cariappa gets his man only to find out it was a no-ball. Oops! 

21:32 (IST)16 AUG 2018

It has been 22 balls since the last boundary. However, the Tigers shouldn't be too worried as they require 52 runs in 8 overs.

Tigers 77-2 after 12 overs

21:29 (IST)16 AUG 2018

A tight over by Cariappa once again and another drop catch once again, this time by the wicketkeeper. Cariappa looks extremely disappointed.

Tigers 73-2 after 11 overs

21:26 (IST)16 AUG 2018

A good over by MG Naveen, conceding just 5 runs. The Tigers could afford this, given the fact that the RRR is just 6 per over.

Tigers 68-2 after 10 overs

21:22 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Cariappa is bowling extremely well here. He will be the key if Bulls are to make a comeback in this game.

Tigers 63-2 after 9 overs

21:20 (IST)16 AUG 2018

WICKET! Cariappa gets his man LBW! He will be relieved after a close call in his first over.

Sujit N Gowda lbw b Cariappa 11(17) [4s-1]

21:17 (IST)16 AUG 2018

A decent over overall, with 8 runs coming off that. The Bulls, however, are in desperate need of a wicket here.

Tigers 58-1 after 8 overs

21:14 (IST)16 AUG 2018

A brilliant start by Cariappa, conceding just 1 run. A loud LBW shout in the last delivery which was not given by the umpire. Cariappa is in disbelief.

Tigers 50-1 after 7 overs

21:11 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Another good over for the batting side. Taha is looking extremely dangerous and it looks like that drop catch is going to cost the Bulls big time.

Tigers 49-1 after 6 overs

21:07 (IST)16 AUG 2018

A decent over by the bowler despite getting smashed for a first-ball six. Taha is looking solid and striking the ball extremely well.

Tigers 39-1 after 5 overs

21:03 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Tigers 32-1 after 4 overs

21:00 (IST)16 AUG 2018

WICKET! Ronit More gets his man! A full delivery which Abhishek fails to get away as he hits it straight to short midmicket.

Abhishek Reddy c Suneel b R More 15(11) [4s-3]

20:57 (IST)16 AUG 2018

A good over by Faroouqui. He should have got his man in the first ball, however, Abbas dropped a sitter at deep square leg.

Tigers 28-0 after 3 overs

20:52 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Another good over for the batting side, with Abhishek getting into his stride now. Will the Tigers run away with this one?

Tigers 21-0 after 2 overs

20:48 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Just the perfect start for Hubli while chasing a low total, a couple of early boundaries for Taha, who is looking in good touch.

Tigers 12-0 after 1 over

20:46 (IST)16 AUG 2018

And we are underway with the Hubli openers Mohammed Taha and Abhishek Reddy. KP Appanna has the new ball for the Bulls.

20:34 (IST)16 AUG 2018

The covers are still on but the Bijapur Bulls players are on the ground, this should just be a short delay.

20:30 (IST)16 AUG 2018

It looks like there might be a slight delay to the start of the chase as the rain gods have decided to grace the KPL once again.

20:19 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Naveen MG's late blitz allowed the Bulls to breach the 120 run mark. The Tigers' bowled extremely well, led by Vinay Kumar. Mahesh and Anil were the pick of the bowlers, with the former picking up 3 wickets and the latter picking up 2. Will Hubli be able to chase this down? Join us back for the chase in 15 mins

20:17 (IST)16 AUG 2018

The first big over of the match in the final over, with 17 runs coming off it thanks to Naveen MG!

Bulls 128-7 after 20 overs

20:12 (IST)16 AUG 2018

An excellent over by Anil comes to an end, despite a six being hit. With one over to go, will the Bulls reach 120?

Bulls 111-7 after 19 overs

20:08 (IST)16 AUG 2018

And Anil picks up another wicket. 2 in 2! Ronit More has to walk back after getting bowled. He will be disappointed. Anil is on a hat-trick now!

R More b Anil I G 0(1)

20:07 (IST)16 AUG 2018

WICKET! Naga Bharath has to walk back after an extremely slow innings. A good delivery by Anil, who picks up his first wicket.

KN Bharath st Bhille b Anil I G 19(24)

20:05 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Another six by Naveen in the last ball of Vinay Kumar's spell. 9 runs came off that over as well. How much more can they get in the last 2 overs?

Bulls 102-5 after 18 overs

20:01 (IST)16 AUG 2018

A six, finally! Came off the bat of MG Naveen. However, despite the six, just 9 runs came off that over and the run-rate continues to be below 6.

Bulls 93-5 after 17 overs

19:56 (IST)16 AUG 2018

With just four overs to go, the Bulls might not even reach 120. The pitch seems to be quite different from the one that was used yesterday, which saw a lot of runs being scored.

Bulls 84-5 after 16 overs

19:52 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Well, that's another over with just 4 runs off it. Vinay Kumar is back into the attack now.

Bulls 80-5 after 15 overs

19:49 (IST)16 AUG 2018

4 runs off that over and Darshan completes his spell, conceding just 28 runs. Is this the over that the Bulls begin to take the attack to the opposition?

Bulls 76-5 after 14 overs

19:45 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Another wicket for Mahesh in this over, picking up three wickets! The Bulls might not even get to 120 here.

Bulls 72-5 after 13 overs

19:42 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Another wicket for Mahesh! He is on a roll here! Suneel Raju has to depart as he edges one straight to short third-man.

Suneel c Vinay Kumar b Mahesh Patel 4(11)

19:40 (IST)16 AUG 2018

The run-rate continues to be below 6 runs per over. They will have to target someone and get going if they want to put up a respectable total on the board.

Bulls 68-4 after 12 overs 

19:35 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Mahesh has bowled an excellent spell so far, conceding just 12 runs in 3 overs and picking up 2 wickets. The Bulls are in big trouble here.

Bulls 62-4 after 11 overs

19:32 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Another over with just four runs off it and a wicket as well! With the way they are going right now, the Bulls might not even cross  the 120 run mark.

Bulls 57-4 after 10 overs

19:30 (IST)16 AUG 2018

WICKET! And another wicket falls. Kaunain Abbas is the man who has to walk back as he looks to cut it past the keeper. A good catch in the end.

Kaunain Abbas c Bhille b Kranthi Kumar 4(6)

19:26 (IST)16 AUG 2018

An excellent over by Mahesh, picking up two wickets, including the wicket of Chipli.

Bulls 53-3 after 9 overs

19:24 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Naga Bharath is the new batsman in

19:24 (IST)16 AUG 2018

WICKET! Two in one over for Mahesh! Chipli looks to go big but is caught at long on.

Chiple c Dubey b Mahesh 29 (25)

19:22 (IST)16 AUG 2018

K Abbas is the new man in.

19:22 (IST)16 AUG 2018

OUT! Mahesh does the trick on the first ball of his first over - does Anurag Bajpai out of the crease and gets him stumped. 

Bajpai st Bhille b Mahesh 12 (23)

19:19 (IST)16 AUG 2018

Another over with just 4 runs coming off it. When will the Bulls get going? They really need to step it up here.

Bulls 46-1 after 8 overs

19:16 (IST)16 AUG 2018

A good over by Mahesh first up, conceding just 4 runs. The Bulls need to get a move on here if they want to post a big total on the board.

Bulls 42-1 after 7 overs
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