KPL 2018 Opening Ceremony: Live updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 15, 2018 18:47 IST

Live updates of the opening ceremony of the Karnataka Premier League 2018 from Bengaluru


18:47 (IST)15 AUG 2018

That's it from the opening ceremony. Join us for the opening match between Bengaluru Blasters and Belegavi Panthers. Follow the live score on

18:32 (IST)15 AUG 2018

The KPL is set to begin

18:29 (IST)15 AUG 2018

The opening ceremony concludes with the national anthem being played with all the team captains and owners on stage

18:22 (IST)15 AUG 2018

Charu Sharma welcomes the KSCA President and Secretary on stage, after which each team captain comes on to sign the KPL pledge

18:15 (IST)15 AUG 2018

As the performances end, Charu Sharma comes on stage to welcome the crowd and welcome the brand ambassador of the KPL, Ragini Dwivedi on stage to share a few words

17:59 (IST)15 AUG 2018

After a few exciting dance performances, Chandan Shetty, the famous rapper, is now on stage and the audience is loving it!

17:52 (IST)15 AUG 2018

The rain seems to have stopped and the second performance has begun by a group of traditional dancers, performing the Kunitha - the folk dance of Karnataka. 

17:47 (IST)15 AUG 2018

The dancers end their performance to the official tune of the KPL. And they run off stage after that as it continues to pour down in Bengaluru

17:43 (IST)15 AUG 2018

The dancers form a tri-colour amidst all the rain

17:40 (IST)15 AUG 2018

As the dancers perform to the tune of Vande Mataram, it begins to pour once again, however, it doesn't stop them from performing

17:39 (IST)15 AUG 2018

They are now performing the traditional dance of Karnataka dressed in traditional wear

17:37 (IST)15 AUG 2018

The dancers form a tri colour with big strands of cloth in celebration of India's 72nd Independence Day

17:36 (IST)15 AUG 2018

The opening ceremony has begun with a dance troup called Shadows One performing the inaugural dance

17:35 (IST)15 AUG 2018

The weather is clearing out and the dancers are getting ready for their performance, however, their are dark clouds coming in from the west

17:27 (IST)15 AUG 2018

IMG_20180815_172229.jpg 3.53 MB
The rain pouring down at the Chinnaswamy

17:21 (IST)15 AUG 2018

And, just as the opening ceremony was set to begin, it begins to pour down

17:20 (IST)15 AUG 2018

The crows is getting in the mood with the DJ playing some upbeat music

17:20 (IST)15 AUG 2018

The performers, who are dressed in traditional Karnataka wear, are getting ready for their performance on the big stage. 

17:06 (IST)15 AUG 2018

The weather has been quite bad today, with a lot of showers throughout the day. We might witness a few showers during the match as well

17:06 (IST)15 AUG 2018

The fans are slowly starting to trickle into the stadium for the opening ceremony. 

17:06 (IST)15 AUG 2018

Welcome to the inauguration of the 2018 edition of the Karnataka Premier League from the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru!
As we await the first match between Bengaluru Blasters and Belegavi Panthers, there is an exciting opening ceremony in place for the fans
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