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TNPL 2018: LYCA Kovai Kings Vs Chepauk Super Gillies Live Score, Commentary & Live Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 26, 2018 23:43 IST

LYCA Kovai Kings beat Chepauk Super Gillies by 53 runs in a one-sided affair in Tirunelveli.


23:43 (IST)26 JUL 2018

That's it from Tirunelveli, join us again tomorrow as the Ruby Trichy Warriors take on Karaikudi Kaalai. Until then, it's goodbye.

23:42 (IST)26 JUL 2018

Four chases and four losses for the defending champions and they were never really in this one after they were 22/4 inside the powerplay. All they can do now is focus on winning the remaining games while Kovai's massive helps their net run rate and puts them in a great position to make it through to the playoffs.

22:32 (IST)26 JUL 2018

OUT! And it is all over as R Alexander departs. Manigandan has a three-fer and Super Gillies lose by 53 runs.

22:29 (IST)26 JUL 2018

Kovai Kings are just one wicket away from their third win of TNPL 2018. Just three came off that over from Nattu

Super Gillies 98/9 after 17 overs

22:24 (IST)26 JUL 2018

OUT! Beautiful catch by the keeper and Ashwin finally has to depart. After two dropped catches it takes a stunner from the keeper, who dives to his left to get rid of Murugan Ashwin. Murugan Ashwin c Rohith b T Natarajan 36(30)

Super Gillies 95/9 after  16.1 overs

22:22 (IST)26 JUL 2018

The end seems to be near for the defending champions, who are just two wickets away from losing their fourth game in a row. Just four runs off that over from Manigandan that also saw the fall of a wicket.

Super Gillies 95/8 after 16 overs

22:20 (IST)26 JUL 2018

OUT! But he picks up a wicket off the next ball as he gets rid of R Vishaal, whose stumps are rattled. R Vishaal b S Manigandan 2(3)

Super Gillies 93/8 after 15.3 overs

22:19 (IST)26 JUL 2018

Ashwin was dropped for the second time, this time by the bowler Manigandan, who shells a tough return catch. 

22:17 (IST)26 JUL 2018

The run rate has gone over 12 but now it looks like it is just a question of the quantum of loss for the Super Gillies as they pick up just four runs off that over including the loss of a wicket.

Super Gillies 91/7 after 15 overs

22:15 (IST)26 JUL 2018

OUT! Sunny gives a return catch to the bowler and Rajesh MP has a wicket.

22:12 (IST)26 JUL 2018

Ajith Ram finishes with figures of 2/27 but it should have been three as M Ashwin was dropped by Ashwin V. Still, nine came off that over.

Super Gillies 87/6 after 14 overs

22:09 (IST)26 JUL 2018

Excellent over from MP Rajesh as he concedes just three off it. This innings is slowly but surely coming to an end.

Super Gillies 78/6 after 13 overs

22:04 (IST)26 JUL 2018

OUT! An expensive over from K Vignesh ends with a wicket off the last ball as Harish Kumar has to depart. After 13 runs came off the first five balls, you have to wonder if there was a need for a big shot. But Harish went for it and perished. Harish Kumar c S Ajith Ram b K Vignesh 1(3)

Super Gillies 75/6 after 12 overs

21:59 (IST)26 JUL 2018

The required has creeped up over 10 as Harish Kumar comes out to bat.

21:56 (IST)26 JUL 2018

OUT! Excellent catch by Abhinav Mukund and that is the end of Sasidev. Is that also the end of the Super Gillies' run chase? Natarajan celebrates as his tight over that went for just 3 runs ended with a wicket off the last ball. Sasidev c Mukund b T Natarajan 23(29)

Super Gillies 62/5 after 11 overs

21:50 (IST)26 JUL 2018

As he has done so far this season, M Ashwin continues to provide a glimmer of hope for the Super Gillies as his six off the final ball of the 10th over converts a great over for Kovai into a bad one.

Super Gillies 59/4 after 10 overs

21:46 (IST)26 JUL 2018

Star with the bat, Shahrukh tries to replicate his success with the ball as well but that didn't really happen as his first over went for eight runs. That also brought up the fifty for the Super Gillies.

Super Gillies 50/4 after 9 overs

21:43 (IST)26 JUL 2018

That was a slightly better over for the defending champions as nine runs came off it.

Super Gillies 42/4 after 8 overs

21:39 (IST)26 JUL 2018

Just five runs came off T Natarajan's first over and the Super Gillies are still in a world of trouble. To make matters worse M Ashwin seems to have some issue that needs treatment.

Super Gillies 33/4 after 7 overs

21:34 (IST)26 JUL 2018

That was just the powerplay that the Kovai Kings would have wanted and one that Super Gillies would have wanted to avoid.

21:33 (IST)26 JUL 2018

Another wicket for the bowling side! They are running away with the match now. 6 runs came off that over.

CSG 28-4 after 6 overs
B Rahul b S Ajith Ram 1(4)

21:28 (IST)26 JUL 2018

An excellent over by S Manigandan, who conceded just 1 run and took one wicket.

CSG 22-3 after 5 overs

21:27 (IST)26 JUL 2018

After a good start, Gopinath has to depart. A timely wicket for the bowling side, who are in control of this match now

Gopinath c Prasanth Rajesh b S Manigandan 14(11)

21:23 (IST)26 JUL 2018

Another good over for the batting side, with 8 runs coming off it. However, the drop catch on the final delivery might prove to be costly.

CSG 21-2 after 4 overs

21:19 (IST)26 JUL 2018

Gopinath finally gets the batting side going, hitting two fours in that over.

CSG 11-2 after 3 overs

21:15 (IST)26 JUL 2018

What a start by the bowling side! Just 2 runs conceded in the 2nd over. THis will be a tough chase for sure

CSG 3-2 after 2 overs

21:13 (IST)26 JUL 2018

Another wicket falls! This time its S Ajith Ram who dismisses S Karthik.

S Karthik b S Ajith Ram 2(4)

21:09 (IST)26 JUL 2018

A wicket in the first over for K Vignesh! What a start for the Kings! Raju has to walk back after a good catch by the keeper.

Raju c Rohith b K Vignesh 0(3)
CSG 1-1 after 1 over 

20:48 (IST)26 JUL 2018

Can the Super Gillies chase this? Join us in 15 minutes to find out.

20:48 (IST)26 JUL 2018

Kovai Kings post 158/6

On the back of Shahrukh's third fifty of the tournament, Kovai Kings posted an above par score on a pitch that is helping the spinners. Just when the Kings were looking set for a big total, it was Super Gillies' spin trio that picked up four wickets in 10 balls to change the complexion of the game. But some late cameos from Anthony Das and Rajesh MP helped them cross 150 on a pitch that has offered nothing for the pacers.

20:48 (IST)26 JUL 2018

OUT! Anthony Das is caught in the deep as Sasidev takes a good catch at long on and Kovai Kings finish on 158/6.

20:47 (IST)26 JUL 2018

TWO, Anthony Das is going for it at the end and doesn't connect with this one as well but it goes to no man's land and they pick up another couple to keep him on strike.

20:46 (IST)26 JUL 2018

FREE-HIT. Anthony Das goes big but doesn't clear the fence as the fielder in the deep does a good job to stop it from going for a six and keeps it to just two.

20:45 (IST)26 JUL 2018

FOUR! NO BALL AGAIN. Another yorker gone wrong as this is a juicy full toss that is despatched by Anthony Das. This is slowly going away from the Super Gillies.

20:43 (IST)26 JUL 2018

FREE-HIT goes for just one run. Still, 11 came off that over. A productive over for Kovai.

Kovai Kings 147/5 after 19 overs

20:42 (IST)26 JUL 2018

FOUR! NO BALL as well. That was a fantastic over until then and he spoils everything by bowling a full toss that is hit over square leg for a boundary.

20:37 (IST)26 JUL 2018

SIX! Rajesh MP joins the party as he smokes one over long on and ends a productive over for the Kovai Kings. 15 runs came off that over from Harish Kumar

Kovai Kings 136/5 after 18 overs

20:34 (IST)26 JUL 2018

SIX! Anthony Das smokes one straight over the bowler's head and into the sight screen. That was clean and pure power from the all-rounder. Kovai will want a few more of those.

20:33 (IST)26 JUL 2018

Three overs to go and the whole complexion of the game has changed thanks to the spinners, Super Gillies' spin trio picked up four wickets in the space of 10 balls in the last three overs to put Chepauk in the driver's seat.

20:31 (IST)26 JUL 2018

The spinners have done their job and with three overs to go, Kovai Kings are now in a precarious position.

Kovai Kings 121/5 after 17 overs

20:29 (IST)26 JUL 2018

OUT! Rohit goes. Another one gone. Goes for the reverse sweep but only gets a feather to the keeper. Make that four wickets in 10 balls. What a turn around this has been. Rohith c S Karthik b B Arun 1(2)

Kovai Kings 120/5 after 16.4 overs

20:28 (IST)26 JUL 2018

Rohith successfully avoids the team hat-trick and takes a single to get off the mark but Kovai have lost three wickets in the seven balls before that.

20:26 (IST)26 JUL 2018

OUT! Another one bites the dust. This time it is Akkil Srinath who goes for a golden duck. Caught behind off B Arun. And just like two wickets have gone in two balls. A Srinath c S Karthik b B Arun 0(1)

Kovai Kings 118/4 after 16.1 overs

20:24 (IST)26 JUL 2018

OUT! Shahrukh has to go for 59. He went for a big one at the end of the 16th over but could only pick out Sunny Singh at deep square leg. That was the last thing that the Kovai Kings would have wanted as that brings two new batsmen to the crease. Shahrukh Khan c Sunny Kumar b Murugan Ashwin 59(45)

Kovai Kings 118/3 after 16 overs

20:22 (IST)26 JUL 2018

Five overs to go, Anthony Das walks in at No.4. With a set Shahrukh batting on a fifty at the other end. How much can the Kovai Kings score in the last five?

20:20 (IST)26 JUL 2018

OUT! Ashwin has to go as Alexander finishes his spell with a wicket. That was slightly short and the batsman picks out the fielder at deep square leg. Venkataraman c R Vishaal b R Alexander 14(13)

Kovai Kings 115/2 after 15 overs

20:19 (IST)26 JUL 2018

Any time there is an over without a boundary, Super Gillies breathe a huge sigh of relief. That was one such over from Ashwin as it went for just four runs.

Kovai Kings 111/1 after 14 overs

20:12 (IST)26 JUL 2018

After taking a safe approach against the spinners to begin with, Kovai have decide to press the accelerator. Alexander's third over went for 11 runs.

Kovai Kings 107/1 after 13 overs

20:10 (IST)26 JUL 2018

FIFTY! Shahrukh Khan brings up his third fifty of the season with a boundary past long on. That was short and the opener made the bowler. That also brings up the 100 for Kovai.

Kovai Kings 100/1 after 12.1 overs

20:08 (IST)26 JUL 2018

That over had just about everything. A wicket, streaky boundary, a misfield and a couple of hit and misses. 

Kovai Kings 96/1 after 12 overs
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