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  • Cricket: SK News point live news and updates: June 10th

Cricket: SK News point live news and updates: June 10th

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 10, 2017 21:49 IST

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21:49 (IST)10 JUN 2017

Sunil Gavaskar not optimistic about India reaching semi-final of Champions Trophy

Ahead of the virtual quarter-final between India and South Africa at The Oval, Sunil Gavaskar has labeled South Africa as favorites to go through to the semi-final of the tournament.

"India's record against South Africa hasn't been good. If you take a look at what happened a couple of years back when South Africa were in India, they walloped India, so I am not too comfortable, not too optimistic about what is going to happen on Sunday," Gavaskar told NDTV.

"I would be delighted to be proven wrong by an Indian team that plays well than they have so far in the previous games and fields a lot better  If spinners bowl well, just like Pakistani spinners did against South Africa then who knows?," Gavaskar concluded.

15:02 (IST)10 JUN 2017

Four arrested for betting during India-Sri Lanka match

The Delhi police arrested four men in north-west Delhi yesterday (June 9) on account of an online betting-racket on the India vs Sri Lanka game that took place on Thursday (June . A tip-off set the police in search of the betters on the night of June 8.

Lalit Kumar (39), Vijay Kumar (47), Durga Parsad (47) and Raju Gupta (46) were at the centre of the betting scene. Deputy Commissioner Milind Dumbare stated that these four were arrested with a huge cornucopia of 39 mobile phones, 10 detail-oriented registers with regard to the betting, Rs. 40,000 and as many as 8 laptops.

According to Dumbare, the accused men have admitted to betting for the last three to four years. They have been allegedly changing the locations of their betting centres to avoid getting arrested.This arrest rings a bell from a couple of months back when four men were arrested in Mumbai for betting on the matches of the 2017 Indian Premier League.
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