Deepa Malik in Women's Shot Put F53, Live score and commentary, World Para Athletics Championships 2017

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The action is underway!


02:10 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Join us next time in India's para-athletic journey.

02:09 (IST)23 JUL 2017

That's a wrap. Nedham brings home the gold for Bahrain. Ukraine get Silver and Bronze. India's Deepa Malik performs below-par as India finish 6th.

02:09 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Svitlana Stetsiuk takes Bronze.

02:08 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Iana Libiedieva takes silver

02:08 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Fatema Nedham wins the gold medal with a score of 4.73 m

02:07 (IST)23 JUL 2017

A 4.72 m throw from Iana means she misses out on the gold by the narrowest of margins!

02:02 (IST)23 JUL 2017

It all comes down to this final throw by the Ukrainian.

02:02 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Iana Libiedieva up next for Ukraine. She's looked the only real challenger to Nedham tonight.

02:01 (IST)23 JUL 2017

India miss out on a medal by a mile.

02:00 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Unfortunately, Deepa was far from at her best in the circumstances.

01:59 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Deepa's throw means India are 6th in the rankings.

01:59 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Deepa Malik scores 4.20 in her final attempt but a poor overall performance means India does not win a medal

01:54 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Final opportunity for Deepa to get India a medal here

01:52 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Deepa is currently 6th with a score of 4.15

01:52 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Can Deepa do it this time around?

01:52 (IST)23 JUL 2017

India's Deepa Malik is next hoping for a change in fortunes

01:52 (IST)23 JUL 2017

LeJean fails to better her 4.32 score from before which means Canada stay fifth

01:49 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Pamela LeJean next hoping to take Canada to the top of the rankings

01:44 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Fatema Nedham matches her incredible 4.73 m throw in her final attempts and stays in first place. She looks set for a gold medal finish

01:38 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Can Nedham better her amazing score from the first three attempts?

01:38 (IST)23 JUL 2017

A much better performance from Stetsiuk in her final three attempts as she scores a highest of 4.39 and takes the third spot on the rankings

01:35 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Ukrainian Svitlana Stetsiuk hoping to get off the last spot now

01:30 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Mongan makes 4.09 in her final attempt but it isn't enough to see her go beyond 6th

01:29 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Can Dierdre Mongan beat her original score?

01:23 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Korokida narrowly beats her original score as she makes 4.34 m in her final three attempts to take third spot for Greece as things stand

01:14 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Dimitra Korokida is up next hoping to make her final three attempts count. Can she beat Nedham's score?

01:13 (IST)23 JUL 2017

In her final chance, Mexico's Estela Salas is unable to beat her original time. She stays in last position.

01:02 (IST)23 JUL 2017

4.65 on her final attempt means she stays in second place. But what a performance from the Ukrainian!

01:01 (IST)23 JUL 2017

4.43 on her second attempt means Iana takes over second spot from LeJean of Canada

01:00 (IST)23 JUL 2017

A 4.19 on her first throw means Iana overtakes Deepa and takes fourth

00:55 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Deepa Malik does not finish in the medal spots for India.

00:55 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Nedham still leads for Bahrain followed by Canada's LeJean and Greece's Korokida

00:54 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Final athlete is going to be Iana Lebiedieva from Ukraine

00:54 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Disappointing outcome for Deepa who had the hopes of a nation on her shoulders tonight

00:53 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Unfortunately, Deepa Malik is unable to break into the medal positions for India.

00:52 (IST)23 JUL 2017

A poor 4.11 throw means Deepa is fourth.

00:51 (IST)23 JUL 2017

4.09 in her second attempt for Deepa. Not good enough.

00:51 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Still not enough however. Can she do better?

00:51 (IST)23 JUL 2017

A healthy 4.15 throw from Deepa in her first attempt

00:48 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Nedham still in the lead for Bahrain as Indian hope Deepa Malik takes the stage

00:46 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Deepa Malik hoping to make history tonight for India in the shot put event

00:44 (IST)23 JUL 2017

All eyes are on Deepa Malik as she steps up

00:44 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Will India make it to the podium?

00:43 (IST)23 JUL 2017

It is currently Bahrain in first, Canada in second and Greece in third

00:43 (IST)23 JUL 2017

India's shot put hopes lie on the shoulders of Deepa Malik

00:43 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Deepa Malik would have to throw her heart out if she wants to beat the score of Nedham from Bahrain

00:42 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Can she bring home a medal for India?

00:42 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Deepa Malik from India is going to be next

00:42 (IST)23 JUL 2017

Up next is what we've been waiting for

00:41 (IST)23 JUL 2017

4.10 on the third means Canada remain in second spot
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