Deepak Kumar, Divyansh Singh Panwar Shooting LIVE scores: India at Olympics Men's 10m Air Rifle Live scores, updates & commentary

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Divyansh Singh Panwar and Deepak Kumar will be in action for India.


10:49 (IST)25 JUL 2021

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10:48 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Both the Indians started with great hopes but failed to deliver against the competition. While they made up well in the latter half, it was too late to jump up the ranks.
Here are the top 8 who qualified

China and the USA have 2 shooters, while Slovakia, Turkey, ROC, and Hungary have one each in the final 8. There seems to be tight competition for the medal match.

10:43 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Deepak Kumar's final tally

10:42 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Deepak Kumar delivers his best score in series 6 with 105.3 points. His tally moves up to 624.7. This wasn't sufficient enough for him to qualify as the 33-year old crashes out of the competition finishing 24th in the qualification round.

10:38 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Deepak Kumar is having a brilliant Series 6 but seems like it's too late now.

Last 2 shots to go for Deepak!

10:36 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Ranked #2 in the world, Divyansh Singh Panwar crashes out of the event.

10:34 (IST)25 JUL 2021

With a score of 103.6 in series 6, Divyansh Singh could only take his tally to 622.8.
Divyansh Singh Panwar's final scorecard

10:32 (IST)25 JUL 2021

As we move towards the end of series 6, it's nearly impossible for both the Indians to qualify for the final event now.

10:29 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Deepak's series 5 score of 103.8 takes his tally to 519.4. He moves up to 29th position, pushing his own countrymate Divyansh down to 30.

10:28 (IST)25 JUL 2021

With one more series to go, this is how Deepak Kumar stands

10:26 (IST)25 JUL 2021

The current top-6 have completed their shots. This is how things stand.

10:25 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Divyansh heats up series 5 with another score of 104.6 which takes his tally up to 519.2. He is still ranked 29th at this moment.

10:22 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Deepak Kumar climbs up to the 28th position. Divyansh Singh has jumped a few places too as he sits at the 31st place. 2 series remains.

10:22 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Divyansh's performance so far

10:19 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Top 8 currently

10:19 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Divyansh completes an excellent series 4 with a score of 104.6 taking his total tally to 414.6.
Deepak registers a score of 105.2 in series 4. His total tally is now gone up to 415.6

10:14 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Omer Akgun (Turkey) and Zalan Pekler (Hungary) have completed all 6 sets.
Their final scores are 629.8 and 621.1 respectively!

Omer Akgun looks all set for qualification at the moment

10:14 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Deepak is still stuck at rank 33 while Divyansh has moved up to 36
These are some worrying signs as our men are lagging way behind the top 8.

10:12 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Both our shooters have completed the third series. Divyansh, scoring 103.6 has reached a total score of 310. On the other hand, Deepak's tally climbs up to 310.4 after scoring 103.7 points in series 3.

10:10 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Both Deepak and Divyansh are 1 shot away from completing their Series 3.

10:05 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Top 10 currently

10:02 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Remember: Only the top 8 qualify for the finals (Medal event). Both Indians will need to buckle up if they want to stay in contention.
4 more sets to go!

10:00 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Divyansh Singh finishes off series 2 with a score of 103.7 which takes his tally to 206.4

He is currently placed at number 38 of the qualifiers rankings while Deepak Kumar still sits at 35.

Divyansh Singh's performance

09:58 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Deepak Kumar finishes off series 2 with a score of 103.8 which takes his tally to 206.7

Deepak Kumar's tally at the moment

09:56 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Trivia: Why do some shooters wear a patch over one eye?

Shooters usually wear a patch when their dominant eye is opposite to their dominant hand. It is difficult to make an accurate shot if one's dominant eye and hand are not on the same side. Closing one eye while shooting would reduce accuracy, hence some athletes prefer to use an eye patch.

09:54 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Deepak and Divyansh currently stand at #39 and #42 respectively.

09:52 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Jany Patrik from Slovakia currently leads with 210.9 points in 2 series!
Jany Patrik's scorecard

09:48 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Divyansh's Series 1 shots

09:47 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Deepak Kumar completes his first series with a score of 102.9

Marginally ahead of his counterpart. At the end of series 1, Deepak is ranked 35 while Divyansh has slipped down to 39th position.

09:43 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Divyansh Panwar Singh completes his first series with a score of 102.7
Unfortunately, he falls down to Rank #34. But worry not, there's still hope for the 18-year old!

09:37 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Here is what Deepak Kumar's first shot looked like

This is world #2, Divyansh Singh's first shot

09:33 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Both Deepak and Divyansh start off with a 10.4!

They occupy the 17th position after their first shot. Hoberg Alex Chresten from Australia leads the ranks with a 10.8

09:23 (IST)25 JUL 2021

While we await live action from Tokyo, do check out the article below that talks about our two stars on display here.

09:20 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Divyansh Singh Panwar is the current World No.2 and one of India’s biggest medal hopefuls! The 18-year old will be making his debut in Olympics.
Deepak Kumar is 33 years old and just like Divyansh, he will be making his debut Olympic appearance in Tokyo. Deepak is currently ranked 11th in the world!

09:12 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Hello folks! Welcome to Sportskeeda's coverage of the 10m Air Pistol men's qualification event!

India will be represented in this category by  Deepak Kumar and Divyansh Singh Panwar, who will be eager to break India's medal duck in the shooting discipline at Tokyo Olympics so far. Six Indian shooters have been in action so far, and only one Indian made it to the final.

Not a surprise by any means, Saurabh Chaudhary - topped the charts in the qualifying rounds of the air pistol men's qualification to storm into the final 8. 

However, the youngster bucked under pressure and finished a lowly 7th, in what came as a rude shock to ardent Indian sports fans who had penned down Saurabh as a 'sure-shot' contender for an Olympic medal this time around.

Saurabh's compatriot Abhishek Verma made a late surge to strengthen his case of a Top 8 finish, but two sub-10 shots put him out of contention. We also had the Women's 10m Air Rifle qualifiers earlier yesterday, where World No.1, Elavenil Valarivan and Apurvi Chandela failed to make the cut to the summit clash either.

Today morning saw Manu Bakher and Yashaswini Deswal at the 10m Air Pistol Women's Qualifications. Unfortunately, both of them crashed out in the qualifiers.

Will Deepak Kumar and Divyansh Singh Panwar finally be able to break India's shooting jinx? Stay with us as we find out.
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