Deepak Punia loses to Myles Amine; misses out on winning a bronze medal

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Catch all LIVE updates from Deepak Punia vs Myles Amine bronze medal men's 86kg wrestling match


17:23 (IST)5 AUG 2021

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17:23 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Right then, that brings us to the end of the coverage from the bronze medal match between Myles Amine and Deepak Punia. Join us tomorrow at 8:00 AM IST as Bajrang Punia and Seema Bisla will be in action for India. Until then, Goodbye! 

17:15 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Deepak Punia put in his best efforts but couldn't clinch a medal for his country. The first period of the match ended with both players scoring 0 points each. Deepak Punia started Period 2 on a positive note as he bagged a couple of points and then started to completely defend himself rather than attacking. He could have played a different move to add more points to his tally. However, the Indian grappler was drained out and made a mistake towards the end of the match and ended up giving away two points to San Mario's Myles Amine. 

Deepak Punia succumbed to a defeat during the last few seconds of the match and thus ended up on the losing side. Myles Amine will return home with a bronze, while Deepak ends his Tokyo 2020 journey with a loss. 

17:09 (IST)5 AUG 2021

17:09 (IST)5 AUG 2021

17:08 (IST)5 AUG 2021


17:05 (IST)5 AUG 2021

India had an opportunity to win a third medal today, but with Deepak Punia's loss, they had to settle with only two medals on Day 13 of the Tokyo Olympics. 

17:03 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Deepak Punia's last-minute mistakes and tiredness makes things worse for him as the 22-year-old crashes out of the event. The Indian grappler fails to win the bronze medal and will have to return home without any medal. 

17:00 (IST)5 AUG 2021

The Indian coach has challenged the referee's decision on those two points but has lost the challenge. With that, San Mario get another point to their tally.

Myles Amine 4 - Deepak Punia 2

16:59 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Deepak Punia was tired and was drained. Myles Amine took the advantage of the same and took the player took to score a couple of points.

Myles Amine 3 - Deepak Punia 2

16:58 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Deepak Punia saves himself once again from San Mario's Myles Amine attack. 

16:57 (IST)5 AUG 2021

One last-minute to go!

16:57 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Amine leaps ahead to get hold of Punia's legs but the Indian grappler jumps backwards to save himself from being taken down. 

Myles Amine 1 - Deepak Punia 2

16:56 (IST)5 AUG 2021

One minute up in the second period, two more minutes to go. The scores remain the same.

Myles Amine 1 - Deepak Punia 2

16:55 (IST)5 AUG 2021

We're underway once again!

16:55 (IST)5 AUG 2021


The two players will take some time to rest and will get back to the ring in 30 seconds. 

Myles Amine 1 - Deepak Punia 2

16:54 (IST)5 AUG 2021

San Mario's Myles Amine scores his first point! He makes his way back into the game and will look to level scores. 

Myles Amine 1 - Deepak Punia 2

16:53 (IST)5 AUG 2021

The Indian grappler is off to a good start! He will not want to continue his fine run in the match.

16:53 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Deepak Punia get the points! He takes his opponent down and earns a couple of points.

Myles Amine 0 - Deepak Punia 2

16:52 (IST)5 AUG 2021

The referee blows the whistle and has a chat with both players.

Myles Amine 0 - Deepak Punia 0

16:52 (IST)5 AUG 2021

They are pushing each other hard to get their first points. 

16:51 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Myles Amine strikes to get hold of Deepak Punia's legs but the Indian escapes as usual.

Myles Amine 0 - Deepak Punia 0

16:51 (IST)5 AUG 2021

World 2 vs World 3! Here we go!

16:50 (IST)5 AUG 2021

The two players shake hands, and we're underway! 

16:48 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Well, the long wait comes to an end! Both players enter the arena and make their way to the ring along with their coaches. 

16:43 (IST)5 AUG 2021

We're just 5 minutes away from the commencement of the match!

16:41 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Deepak Punia's ranks in the last few competitions (2/2)

16:40 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Deepak Punia's ranks in the last few competitions (1/2)

16:39 (IST)5 AUG 2021

One last match to go, and then we'll witness our very own Deepak Punia in action. 

16:36 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Myles Amine's ranks in the last few competitions

16:32 (IST)5 AUG 2021

16:31 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Speaking of the players' rankings, Punia is ranked second, while Amine is third. 

16:30 (IST)5 AUG 2021

San Mario's Myles Amine is making his Olympics debut this season and has come a long way in the competion. He would want to return home without a medal. 

16:26 (IST)5 AUG 2021

The bronze medal match between Deepak Punia and Myles Amine will take place on Mat B.

16:25 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Both players have never faced each other in the past, and will play a match for the first time. 

16:19 (IST)5 AUG 2021

As we wait for Deepak Punia's bout to begin, let's run you through a few details about his opponent.

Myles Nazem Amine won his first bout 12-2 against Colombian wrestler Carlos Arturo Izquierdo Mendez. He won the match by technical superiority. Amine lost his second match against USA's David Taylor by technical superiority. He managed to get only two points, while the American grappler scored 12 points.

MN Amine defeated Belarus' Ali Shabanau 2-0 in the repechage round and got back into the tournament. With that win, he booked a berth for himself in the bronze medal match. 

16:16 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Deepak Punia will be in action around 4:40 PM IST!

16:16 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Players in other categories ahve started competitions. India's Ravi Kumar Dahiya is about to start his match and will be looking to clinch gold for his country.

16:14 (IST)5 AUG 2021

16:08 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Hello & Welcome to Sportskeeda's live blog for today's bronze medal match between Deepak Punia and San Mario's Myles Amine.

Both players will compete in the wrestling men's 86kg category and will have their eyes on the bronze. Deepak Punia is a stronger player and is expected to come out on top. However, Amine has the capability to upset his opponent and take home the bronze medal. With a bronze at stake, fans can expect a tough competition between the two grapplers. It'll be interesting to see which player plays clever moves today.

On that note, stick with us for the next hour as we have a lot of information coming your way.
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