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  • Deepika Kumari vs Tan Ya-Ting, Live score and updates, Recurve Women Quarterfinal, Archery World Cup Final

Deepika Kumari vs Tan Ya-Ting, Live score and updates, Recurve Women Quarterfinal, Archery World Cup Final

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 03, 2017 15:01 IST

That is curtains for India at the World Cup.


15:01 (IST)3 SEP 2017

That's it from us for the day. 

Thanks for joining us. This is a quick goodbye we didn't want to tell you. 

But that's the nature of the game in the World Cup.

14:56 (IST)3 SEP 2017

The Indian archer failed to shoot her potential and goes down tamely 0-6.

14:55 (IST)3 SEP 2017

And it's all over for Kumari here.

14:55 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Kumari with another 9. 

Ting wins it with a 9 of her own.

14:55 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Kumari and Ting with 9s.

14:55 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Deepika starts third with a 9. But the Taipei lady with another 10.

14:54 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Deepika has no answer to those arrows. Down 0-4 now

14:53 (IST)3 SEP 2017

10-10-10 for Tan Ya Ting.

14:53 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Tan Ya-Ting on a roll.

14:53 (IST)3 SEP 2017

But she crumbles and loses the first set with 8 and a 7.

14:51 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Deepika Kumari with a 10 to begin.

14:50 (IST)3 SEP 2017

And now it is time for the second QF. And we have India's Deepika Kumari who will take on Tan Ya-Ting.

14:47 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Perova wins the last set 29-25 and the match 6-4.

14:46 (IST)3 SEP 2017

And he does exactly that.

Perova with a 9. Marin's last arrow was a 7.

14:46 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Marin with another 9. And Perova can seal this with a 9.

14:45 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Perova coming good when it matters with a second 10.

14:45 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Perova begins with a 10. 

Marin with a 9.

14:45 (IST)3 SEP 2017

The fifth and final set is set to decide the winner here. Or are we in for a shoot-off?

14:44 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Marin locks the 4th set with another 10. 

Perova finishes with a 10. 

But Marin takes the 4th set 29-28.

14:43 (IST)3 SEP 2017

And now Marin hits a 10.

Perova with her 5th consecutive 9. 

14:43 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Marin begins with a 9 in the 4th. 

Perova with a 9 of her own.

14:42 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Perova leads 4-2 after three sets.

14:42 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Yes, Marin takes it with a timely 10. 

Perova completes the formalities with a 9 on her third as well.

14:41 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Marin with a 10 and Perova with a 9. Can Marin win the third?

14:41 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Marin begins the 3rd with another 9. 

Perova with a 9 of her own then.

14:40 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Perova leads 4-0 after two sets and this might be over soon.

14:40 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Perova wins the second set 29-27.

14:40 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Last arrow is another 9 for Marin and Perova takes the second set as well with a 9 on the last arrow.

14:39 (IST)3 SEP 2017

20 for Perova as she gets two consecutive 10s.

14:39 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Another 9 for Marin. 18 after 2 arrows.

14:39 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Perova responds with another 10. Looking good now.

14:38 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Marin begins the second set with a 9.

14:38 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Perova leads 2-0.

14:37 (IST)3 SEP 2017

10 for Perova and that is enough for her to win the 1st set as Marin gets a disappointing 7 on the last arrow.

14:37 (IST)3 SEP 2017

A 9 for Perova on the second arrow. And 10 for Marin.

14:36 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Perova is the favourite but starts with an 8. 

Marin responds with a 8 as well.

14:35 (IST)3 SEP 2017

The first quarter final of the day is between of Spain  of Alicia Marin and Ksenia Perova of Russia.

13:14 (IST)3 SEP 2017

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's coverage of the Archery World Cup final that features India's star archer Deepika Kumari in action in the Women's recurve event. The event features just eight archers in each event vying for the top spot and Deepika is the only Indian in the fray in Rome.

She has a tough task ahead of her in the quarterfinal in the form of Tan Ya-Ting of Chinese Taipei, who had also dumped the Indian out of the Rio Olympics last year in the pre-quarters stage. The Indian is seeded sixth in the draw and among the eight contestants, she has the second-highest average score in matchplay.

Stay tuned as we bring to you the latest updates from the match!
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