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DG vs NW live score | Deccan Gladiators vs Northern Warriors live cricket score and ball by ball commentary

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 21, 2019 23:51 IST

Deccan Gladiators take on the Northern Warriors at 9:30pm IST.


23:51 (IST)21 NOV 2019

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23:50 (IST)21 NOV 2019

Warriors edge past the Gladiators by 10 runs!
The Warriors clicked into gear at the start of their batting innings before the got stuck in the quicksand, only for Simmons to rescue them with a sizzling knock.
In reply, the Gladiators were also powered by a herculean individual effort as Shane Watson rolled back the clock to conjure an innings of 75 from 35 deliveries. However, a lack of support meant that the Australian ended up waging a lone war as the Warriors came from behind and sealed the deal with a superb spell of death bowling.

23:47 (IST)21 NOV 2019

9.6: Junaid close it off in style!
Junaid bowls an inch-perfect yorker to close the deal and consign the Gladiators to a 10-run defeat. 

23:45 (IST)21 NOV 2019

9.5: Junaid bowls a low full toss and Rajapaksa can't get hold of it. That means that the Warriors have somehow managed to squeeze in a win, provided they don't unravel on the final delivery.

23:44 (IST)21 NOV 2019

9.4: Rajapaksa top edges a pull shot and Gladiators run a brace!

23:43 (IST)21 NOV 2019

9.3: Rajapaksa hits an air ball towards long-off and the batsman rather surprisingly, run two, meaning that Watson is still off strike.

23:41 (IST)21 NOV 2019

9.2: Rajapaksa squirts a wide delivery outside the off-stump past third man to reduce the deficit to 17 off 4 balls.

23:39 (IST)21 NOV 2019

9.1: Siddique comes on for the final over and traps Pollard in front!
Siddique bowls a low full toss on middle stump and Pollard plays all around it. The ball thuds into the pads and the umpire raises his finger instantly. Probably the easiest decision the umpire has made all tournament. 

23:37 (IST)21 NOV 2019

Only 9 runs have come off the last two overs and the Gladiators are firmly in strife here. They've let go off the initiative and now have a mountain to climb in the final over. They require 21.

23:35 (IST)21 NOV 2019

8.3: Pradeep gets Devcich!
Devcich attempts an ugly hoick off a length delivery outside the off-stump by Russell but he slices it horribly. The ball is in the air for an eternity before Pradeep completes a tumbling catch on the third man fence. Stunning catch. 

23:31 (IST)21 NOV 2019

A tight over by Emrit as he keeps the scoring down and only gives away 5 runs. In the process, the required run rate has shot up to 12.5 and the Gladiators now require 25 off 12 balls. 

23:26 (IST)21 NOV 2019

6.6: Watson is doing it all by himself!
Watson sizes up a slower delivery early and whacks it between square leg and mid-wicket to collect his 6th four. The Gladiators are now 78/1 after 7 overs and require 30 runs from 18 balls.

23:21 (IST)21 NOV 2019

14 runs come off Russell's first over as the Gladiators move to 69/1 in 6 overs. Rather amazingly, Watson has gotten 65 of that total. Sensational.

23:20 (IST)21 NOV 2019

5.5: Watson with another six!
Russell bangs it into the wicket but Watson is up to the task. He swivels on his pull and hammers the ball over square leg for six.

23:19 (IST)21 NOV 2019

5.3: Watson with another boundary!
Watson bends down and carves a full delivery outside the off-stump for another four. Top shot.

23:18 (IST)21 NOV 2019

And, there's a bit of drizzle around! Hope they have the D/L sheets ready today!

23:17 (IST)21 NOV 2019

The Gladiators, on the back of Watson's 52, have gotten themselves to 55 in 5 overs, meaning that they require 53 runs in the remaining five overs. One would back the Gladiators to get home from here.

23:16 (IST)21 NOV 2019

4.5: Fifty for Watson!
Gunaratne bowls one in the slot and Watson absolutely smokes it over the sight screen. Boy, that was a mighty hit! He's in some touch tonight!

23:15 (IST)21 NOV 2019

4.4: Four more for Watson!
It's Gunaratne's turn to drift onto the pads and get punished as Watson helps himself to another boundary.

23:11 (IST)21 NOV 2019

3.6: Emrit concedes 12 off his over!
Watson gets a thin edge on a full delivery outside the off-stump and the deflection races away to the third man fence. The Gladiatiors are now 42/1 after 4 overs.

23:10 (IST)21 NOV 2019

3.4: Emrit drops it short and Watson flat-bats it over mid-wicket for six. He seems to be in a hurry today. 

23:07 (IST)21 NOV 2019

The Gladiators got 21 runs off the 3rd over to propel themselves to 30/ after 3 overs.

23:05 (IST)21 NOV 2019

2.4: Two maximums in a row!
Green strays onto the pads and Watson helps it over long leg for another maximum.

23:04 (IST)21 NOV 2019

2.3: Watson is on a roll!
Green again errs on the fuller side and that allows Watson to free his arms and send the ball soaring over mid-wicket for six.

23:04 (IST)21 NOV 2019

2.2: Four more for Watson!
Green over-compensates and drags one down. Watson rocks onto the back foot and carves it past point for four.

23:03 (IST)21 NOV 2019

2.1: Watson breaks the shackles!
Green bowls a full-toss and Watson takes full toll. He picks the length early and deposits it over the bowler's head for four.

23:02 (IST)21 NOV 2019

An excellent over by Pradeep which culminates with the bowler only conceding a solitary run. This has been a wonderful start for the Warriors. The Gladiators are 9/1 after 2 overs.

23:01 (IST)21 NOV 2019

1.5: Pradeep castles Shahzad!
Pradeep bowls a slower delivery and the lack of pace deceives Shahzad. The Afghan tries to give himself room and slash it through the off-side but misses it completely as the ball thuds into the stumps. 

22:55 (IST)21 NOV 2019

A wonderful start by Green as he gives away only 8 runs off the first over. Apart from the six, the bowler stuck to his line and length, thereby not allowing the batsman to get under the ball. 

22:54 (IST)21 NOV 2019

0.4: Watson lands the first blow!
Green drifts onto the batsman's pads and Watson thumps him over square leg for six. 

22:51 (IST)21 NOV 2019

Chris Green to open the bowling for the Warriors!

22:51 (IST)21 NOV 2019

The Gladiators, Watson and Shahzad walk out to the middle!

22:41 (IST)21 NOV 2019

The Warriors stumble their way to 107! 
After a promising start by Simmons and Pooran, the Warriors fell away in the middle overs again as Billings and Russell failed to find their groove. Though Simmons continued on his merry way, the likes of Sammy and Green couldn't apply the finishing touches, meaning that they stumbled to a total of 107, despite looking primed to breach that barrier for much of their essay. 

Do join us in a short while for the Gladiators' reply!

22:37 (IST)21 NOV 2019

9.1: Fawad gets Sammy!
The ball zips off a length and hits Sammy high up on the bat. The ball deflects towards Shahzad who collects it and whips the bails off in a flash. The Warriors are capitulating.

22:36 (IST)21 NOV 2019

8.6: Zahoor castles Simmons and bowls a wicket-maiden, would you believe it!
Zahoor bowls another change-up delivery and it completely flummoxes Simmons who is at least a couple of days early into his shot. He ends up swinging wildly at it and the ball disturbs the furniture. Zahoor has bowled a wicket-maiden in the 9th over. Take a bow!

22:34 (IST)21 NOV 2019

Zahoor is bowling a wonderful blend of slower deliveries to outfox Simmons and bowl four dot balls at the start of the 9th over. Brilliant bowling.

22:30 (IST)21 NOV 2019

19 runs come off the 8th over and the Warriors have regained the momentum they had lost in the previous over. They are now 99/3 after 8 overs.

22:30 (IST)21 NOV 2019

7.5: Third six in the over for Simmons!
Crane isn't learning from his mistakes as he again gets clattered into the stands via a slog sweep. 

22:29 (IST)21 NOV 2019

7.3: Two sixes in succession for Simmons!
Simmons repeats the dose and this time, it has gone further. The ball lands in the sand banks and Simmons seems to have gotten a measure of Crane now. 

22:28 (IST)21 NOV 2019

7.2: Simmons gets down on one knee and slogs the ball over square leg for six. The fielder on the fence was interested but it just evaded him at the final moment. 

22:27 (IST)21 NOV 2019

An exceptional over for Gladiators as Cutting got rid of Billings and more importantly, Russell. He also gave away only 9 runs which at this stage, is quite good. The Warriors are 80/3 after 7 overs.

22:25 (IST)21 NOV 2019

6.4: Russell is sent packing!
Cutting bowls a slower short delivery and Russell plays two shots before he actually attempts a jumping cut shot. However, he only manages a faint tickle through to the keeper. And, RussellMania isn't going to run wild today, after all!

22:23 (IST)21 NOV 2019

6.3: Russell gets off the mark with a boundary!
Russell rocks onto the back foot and carves a short delivery past point for four. 

22:22 (IST)21 NOV 2019

6.2: Cutting castles Billings!
Cutting sticks to his line and length and Billings tries to mow him over cow corner. Unfortunately for the batsman though, he fails to connect and the ball rattles into middle stump. Joy for the Gladiators but that also brings Russell out to the middle. A crucial moment in the game. 

22:20 (IST)21 NOV 2019

Cutting into the attack! The Warriors are 71/1 after 6 overs.

22:19 (IST)21 NOV 2019

5.6: Billings gets his first boundary!
Billings plants his front leg, gets onto one knee and smashes a full delivery over the bowler's head for four. He needs to up the ante now.

22:17 (IST)21 NOV 2019

After 5 overs, the Warriors are 63/1. They have a good foundation now and Billings needs to start increasing the tempo. Else, they could wither away, like yesterday. 

22:16 (IST)21 NOV 2019

4.6: A six to finish off the over!
Simmons shuffles across and shovels a length delivery outside the off-stump over wide long-on for six. Simmons is on a roll today!

22:15 (IST)21 NOV 2019

4.5: How's that for innovation!
Simmons walks across his stumps and carts a delivery outside the off-stump over backward square leg for another four. Scintillating batting.

22:14 (IST)21 NOV 2019

4.4: Pollard pitches it up to Simmons and the batsman nearly knocks the cover off the ball. He strikes a fierce cover drive to pick up another boundary.
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