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Dirt 4 LIVE Updates- National Autocross GOA 2018

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 23, 2018 12:41 GMT

Minute to minute updates, Live Timing, Results and more from Dirt-4 National Autocross at Goa DAY-2


12:41 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Thank you all for staying online with Sportskeeda

12:41 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Druva Chandrashekar is the fastest driver ahead of Dean and Vaibhav Marathe

12:40 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

The race starts on 9AM on the 24th December 2018 

12:40 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

The Goa Autocross will be continued tomorrow, the 24th December 2018, Monday
Due to bad light

12:39 (GMT)23 DEC 2018


12:28 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Dirt 4.png 57.2 KB

11:47 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Dirt 4.png 81.15 KB

11:11 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Dirt 4.png 42.82 KB

10:40 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Dirt 4.png 44.16 KB

10:20 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Druva Chandrashekar sets the fastest time of  the day 1:50:766s beating Vaibhav's time of 1:55.248

09:59 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Vaibhav the local is set a time of 1:55:284s which stands as the fastest as of now

09:59 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Druva Chandrashekar, Dean Mascarenhas and Vaibhav Marathe, all from Team Champions are top 3 fastest times of day

09:58 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

The event will be LIVE in 10 mins from Now

09:19 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

The race will Resume in the next 10 mins

09:17 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

<Provisonal >

08:48 (GMT)23 DEC 2018


08:38 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Vishal Raj has been disqualified for taking a run without the Helmet

08:26 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Vamcy clocks 2:06:060s against Shyam 2:13:691s

08:22 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Next Up we have AR Shabbir vs Vishal Raj 

08:21 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Vamcy Merla beats Shyam Grandhi in SUV Open

08:20 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

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08:08 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Vaibhav Marathe is the fastest driver as of Now 

08:08 (GMT)23 DEC 2018


08:05 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Provisional Results

07:30 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Currently on the track is Neha vs the local boy Venkatesh 

07:10 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Sahil wins with a time of 2:22.702s vs Ashpak 2:52:194s

06:57 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Vaibhav Marathe -wins with a time of 2:07.702s
Cardizio -2:13.851s

06:52 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Opening the event

06:52 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Vaibhav Marathe vs Cardizio, the first competitors on the track, Both from GOA

06:51 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

The Dirt-4 Autocross is GO !!!

06:28 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Recce Time

06:22 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

The Team Champions Camp

06:02 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Druva Chandrashekar from Bangalore

06:02 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Mazda from Hyderabad was the fastest driver on Day-1 of the event and the boys from Team Champions grabbing the second, third and fourth fastest time's of the day. The drivers from Team Champions will be looking for redemption!
Druva Chandrashekar who did not take part yesterday will be eyeing the top spot after some phenomenal performance's in the last few autocross events. The Champions line up looks strong with big names like Dean Mascarenhas, Ritesh Guttedar, Vikram Rao Aroor, Vikram Gowda and Lokesh Gowda who come with tons of experience in the sport.

The big question is, Will Mazda defend his Crown?

And the Track will be RUN in the REVERSE direction to neutralize the advantage for drivers who took part on day-1. 

05:53 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

The event is scheduled to start in the next 30 mins
Estimated start time 12:00 HRS

05:52 (GMT)23 DEC 2018

Good morning and Welcome to the Live Coverage of the Dirt-4 National Autocross Day-2 LIVE From Margoa, Goa, India.

13:31 (GMT)22 DEC 2018

Thank you for Staying Online with Sportskeeda. 
We will be back with our Live Updates Tomorrow LIVE From Goa 

13:30 (GMT)22 DEC 2018

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13:28 (GMT)22 DEC 2018

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13:25 (GMT)22 DEC 2018

Dirt 4.png 87.45 KB

13:23 (GMT)22 DEC 2018

<Insert Caption>

13:21 (GMT)22 DEC 2018

Dirt 4.png 33.56 KB

12:48 (GMT)22 DEC 2018

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12:46 (GMT)22 DEC 2018

<Insert Caption>

12:45 (GMT)22 DEC 2018

Ladies Class

10:33 (GMT)22 DEC 2018

Provisional - Fastest for the day
<Insert Caption>

09:48 (GMT)22 DEC 2018

Currently Dean Mascarenhas leads from Vikram Aroor Rao as the fastest driver of the day

09:47 (GMT)22 DEC 2018

Provisional Results

08:59 (GMT)22 DEC 2018

VAMCY MERLA - Team Champions

08:56 (GMT)22 DEC 2018

On the Track Now Faisal Admani vs Vamcy Merla, the owner of Team Champions
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