Dota2 Live - The International 2018

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Get the latest information on Dota 2 The International 2018 Main Event Day 5.


00:23 (GMT)25 AUG 2018

Thank You for being with us! That's all for today! Keep an eye on the SportsKeeda website for more updates on The International 2018.

00:19 (GMT)25 AUG 2018

COMEBACK IS REAL! GG is called and OG is in the Grand Final. OG 2 - 1 LGD.

00:17 (GMT)25 AUG 2018

4 down for LGD with no buyback left.

00:16 (GMT)25 AUG 2018

Here comes the Echoslam! Terror blade buys back and dies.

00:15 (GMT)25 AUG 2018

Finally! LGD wiping OG out. Buybacks from both team.

00:12 (GMT)25 AUG 2018

52 minutes into the game and a 42k Net Worth Terror blade yet LGD cant get to the high ground of OG.

00:10 (GMT)25 AUG 2018

Ame is unstoppable. LGD finds the kill on Earthshaker and forces him to buyback.

00:06 (GMT)25 AUG 2018

LGD manages to slay the Roshan. Aegis on Enchantress and Refresher shard on TB.

00:05 (GMT)25 AUG 2018

2 down for LGD 3 down for OG. 44 minutes into the game.

00:04 (GMT)25 AUG 2018

43 minutes into the game and LGD is slowly losing their Gold lead. Both teams are just pushing out the lanes and avoiding any kind of clash.

00:00 (GMT)25 AUG 2018

OG lost all their T2 towers while LGD has only one T2 tower left in the Top lane.

23:58 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

37 minutes into the game and no one has a buyback. OG 19 - 26 LGD with a 6k Net Worth lead.

23:56 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

As OG was about to take Roshan Chalice and Fy buys back and wins the fight for LGD.

23:51 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

LGD still dominating the map finding kills all over the map. 30 minutes into the game and OG 13 - 23 LGD with a 6k Net Worth lead.

23:47 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

One wrong Roshan fight and OG is back in the game. LGD still trying to hold on to their lead and control the map.

23:45 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

All of a sudden the massive Net Worth lead is gone and LGD barely maintaining a 1k Net Worth lead now.

23:44 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

And here comes the Echoslam. OG wipes out LGD from the face of earth.

23:42 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

And again LGD finds another kill on the Spectre. 22 minutes and OG 6 - 15 LGD.

23:38 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

LGD found another kill on the spectre and now on a 5k Net Worth lead.

23:37 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

OG finally managed to find two kills. 17 minutes 6 for OG and 13 for LGD.

23:34 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

14 minutes and LGD already with a 7K Net Worth lead.

23:33 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

4 kills for OG and 13 for LGD.

23:33 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

13 minutes into the game and LGD getting more control over the map.

23:28 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

8 minutes into the game OG 1 - 7 LGD.

23:27 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

Fy Clockwerk is the biggest headache for OG now. 3-0-3 at 7 min with kills in all 3 lanes.

23:24 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

Rotation from Clockwerk and Topson dies in the Midlane.

23:22 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

Chalice gets the First Blood killing the Spectre.

23:21 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

It's Somnus Mirana vs Topson Arc Warden in the Midlane.

23:17 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

OG last Pick - Arc Warden. LGD last Pick - Mirana.

23:15 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

OG 4th Pick - Pugna. LGD 4th Pick - Clockwerk.

23:13 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

OG 3rd Pick - Earthshaker. LGD 3rd Pick - Bane.

23:11 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

OG first two pick - Spectre and Silencer. LGD first two pick - Enchantress and Terroblade.

23:10 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

Drafting for Game 3 has started.

23:05 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

Game 3 coming up shortly. Stay tuned.

22:56 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

GG is called. LGD won Game 2. OG 1 - 1 LGD.

22:55 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

A Triple kill for Chalice and LGD wipes out OG from the face of earth.

22:54 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

A beyond Godlike Clinkz! LGD just took down the Bottom lane barracks of OG.

22:51 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

32 minutes into the game and LGD is just dominating with a 14K Net Worth lead.

22:50 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

3 man RP from Magnus and Invoker Tornado. This was a huge mistake. Aegis on Storm Spirit now.

22:47 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

LGD just took down the Mid racks of OG and now Dominating the map with a 7k Net Worth lead.

22:45 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

Ame and Chalice is now Dominating. OG is in trouble.

22:43 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

Almost a 4k Net Worth swing as now LGD is 1k ahead of OG.

22:41 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

LGD forces OG to pop the Aegis and almost wipes OG out with only the Magnus surviving.

22:40 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

21 minutes and 17 kills for both team.

22:38 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

4 player down for LGD and OG is taking the Aegis.

22:37 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

18 minutes into the game and OG 13 -17 LGD with OG having a 1K Net Worth lead.

22:37 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

Somnus is now Dominating. I am not sure if there is any player left who don't have a streak.

22:35 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

Now Fy is on a killing spree.

22:32 (GMT)24 AUG 2018

Classic Topson Invoker with a Meteor Hammer.
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