Dubai World Superseries Finals 2017, Final: PV Sindhu vs Akane Yamaguchi, Live Badminton Score and Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 17, 2017 17:23 IST

Yamaguchi def Sindhu, 15-21, 21-12, 21-19 to win the title


17:23 (IST)17 DEC 2017

And with that, an incredible season of Indian badminton comes to an end. Regardless of the loss in the last match, it has been a season to remember. Here's looking forward to more fireworks from the Indian shuttlers in the upcoming season.

With that hope, we wrap up our live coverage. Thanks for staying with us. 

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17:19 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Sindhu lost her sharpness towards the end due to the fatigue. But what an effort! What a fightback! What a display from both ladies! What grit and determination from Akane Yamaguchi to weather the Sindhu storm in the initial stages and hold her nerves even in the late stages to take the win.

17:17 (IST)17 DEC 2017

That was yet another heartbreak for Sindhu after going so, so close! The Rio Olympics, the World Championships and now this. Hopefully her day will come one day!

17:14 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Final score: Yamaguchi def Sindhu, 15-21, 21-12, 21-19 to win the title

17:18 (IST)17 DEC 2017

And Akane gets it done!

17:17 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Error at the net at a crucial juncture.

Akane 20-19

17:16 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Constant forecourt attack from Sindhu forces Akane into error.


17:15 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Loose serve from Sindhu


17:14 (IST)17 DEC 2017

And precision under pressure from Sindhu!

Super crosscourt winner from the Indian!


17:12 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Sudden injection of pace from both players but Sindhu misses the line.


17:11 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Gopichand shouts as Akane is blocked by the net.


17:10 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Slice of luck for Sindhu as the shuttle catches the edge of the line.


17:09 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Akane keeps on attacking the forecourt. Sindhu is slow and pays the price!

Akane 17-15

17:07 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Sindhu went for quick change of direction but missed it


17:06 (IST)17 DEC 2017

What a smash from Sindhu!


17:06 (IST)17 DEC 2017

And errors continue to come from Sindhu!


17:05 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Sindhu returns the favour!


17:04 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Point of the match!

Akane lies down on the court!!!!!

Sindhu bends over!!!

Sindhu up 14-13

17:02 (IST)17 DEC 2017

It's 13-13 after Sindhu loses a gruelling rally.

17:00 (IST)17 DEC 2017

This time Akane finishes at the net

Sindhu up 13-12

16:59 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Sindhu pushes the shuttle to Akane's backhand and forces her to err.


16:58 (IST)17 DEC 2017

But she undoes the good work with a horrendous error.


16:57 (IST)17 DEC 2017

An animated Gopichand shouting instructions.

And Sindhu responds with a brutal attack.


16:56 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Two points go to Akane on resumption.

The Japanese has managed to impose her defensive game.

16:52 (IST)17 DEC 2017

A lot more intensity in Sindhu's shots.

She leads 11-8 going into the interval

16:52 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Great challenge from Akane for a shot that lands right on the sideline.

Trails 8-10

16:50 (IST)17 DEC 2017

A fired up Sindhu gets the better of Yamaguchi at the net.


16:50 (IST)17 DEC 2017

And another one into the tramlines from Yamaguchi.

Could be costly error from her.

Akane trails 7-9

16:48 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Superb crosscourt drop from Sindhu


16:48 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Terrible error from Yamaguchi. It is evident she is tired too.

Sindhu 7-6

16:47 (IST)17 DEC 2017

All level at 6-6

16:46 (IST)17 DEC 2017

This time Yamaguchi sends the shuttle into the tramlines.

Sindhu up 6-5

16:46 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Brilliant from Akane as she pins Sindhu on her forehand side and finishes with a smash on the backhand side

16:45 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Body smash from Akane.


16:44 (IST)17 DEC 2017

5-3 after stunning net shot from the Indian!

16:44 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Pusarla throwing in a few errors now.

Lead had been cut down to 1 point.


16:37 (IST)17 DEC 2017

The rallies just keep on getting longer and longer now.

4-1 to the Indian

16:36 (IST)17 DEC 2017

What a rally! And Sindhu ends up winning it!

Looking reinvigorated now. 


16:34 (IST)17 DEC 2017

It's 2-0 to the Indian now.

Spark of life from Sindhu!

16:33 (IST)17 DEC 2017


1-0 to Sindhu

16:29 (IST)17 DEC 2017

And Yamaguchi bags the second game, 21-12

16:34 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Akane has now gone up to 20-12

16:34 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Sindhu is looking absolutely fatigued and slow on the feet.

16:33 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Sindhu gets a much needed down the line winner. But makes a service error right after that.


16:30 (IST)17 DEC 2017

15-11 to the Japanese

16:30 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Great deception from Yamaguchi.


16:28 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Sindhu lacking sharpness. Another one goes wide.

Gopichand trying to pump her up.


16:27 (IST)17 DEC 2017

And Akane makes an error, going for placement.

It's 12-10 to the Japanese

16:25 (IST)17 DEC 2017

Service error from  Sindhu, who is looking very tired.

It's 11-9 to Yamaguchi going into the interval.

16:23 (IST)17 DEC 2017

And Sindhu dominates the forecourt for a point.

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