Dubai World Superseries Finals 2017, Group Stage: PV Sindhu vs Akane Yamaguchi, Live Badminton Score and Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 15, 2017 19:27 IST

Sindhu def Yamaguchi, 21-9, 21-13 in 36 minutes


19:27 (IST)15 DEC 2017

Don't go anywhere for Srikanth Kidambi plays his final match of the 2017 season in sometime. We'll be bringing you live coverage of that match too. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda.

19:26 (IST)15 DEC 2017

And with that win, PV Sindhu tops her group. That was a pretty big statement made by her ahead of the knockout rounds. She never took her foot off the pedal and did everything right. That would do a world of good to her confidence as she sets her sights on the semi-finals.

19:21 (IST)15 DEC 2017

Final score: Sindhu def Yamaguchi, 21-9, 21-13 in 36 minutes.

19:17 (IST)15 DEC 2017

Great retrieving from Sindhu and superb touch at the net by her to bag the win.

19:16 (IST)15 DEC 2017

Match points for Sindhu at 20-13

19:16 (IST)15 DEC 2017

It's 19-13 to SIndhu

Just 2 points away from the win

19:14 (IST)15 DEC 2017

A great angular shot from Sindhu to go up further to 18-12

19:14 (IST)15 DEC 2017

Sindhu went back behind Akane to surprise the Japanese and it worked.

Sindhu surges to 17-12

19:12 (IST)15 DEC 2017

Now suddenly a spark of life from the Japanese.

She gets 2 points on the trot and trails 12-14

19:11 (IST)15 DEC 2017

She is now trying to move the Indian from side to side. Sindhu lost the first point but not the second.

Up 14-10

19:10 (IST)15 DEC 2017

Yamaguchi continues to target the lines and keeps on missing them. The strategy is just not helping her at all.

Sindhu up 13-9

19:07 (IST)15 DEC 2017

A 3-point advantage for the Indian at 11-8

19:07 (IST)15 DEC 2017

Yamaguchi trying to fight back even though she is looking thoroughly tired. She is now 8-10

19:05 (IST)15 DEC 2017

It's 9-7 to SIndhu currently.

19:05 (IST)15 DEC 2017

The rallies have become longer and the pace of the match has slowed down.

19:04 (IST)15 DEC 2017

It's a long rally and Akane gives her best only to miss the sideline!

She now trails 5-7

19:03 (IST)15 DEC 2017

Sindhu asserts herself again. She has now built a 2-point lead at 6-4

19:00 (IST)15 DEC 2017

Sindhu now has a slight edge of 4-3

18:58 (IST)15 DEC 2017

Can Yamaguchi fight back here and show her usual brilliance in this game?

18:57 (IST)15 DEC 2017

More competitive start to the game....2-2

18:51 (IST)15 DEC 2017



18:53 (IST)15 DEC 2017

What a rally and Sindhu bags the opener with a smart drop.

21-9 it is to the Indian.

18:53 (IST)15 DEC 2017

Beautiful drop to save another one.


18:52 (IST)15 DEC 2017

Akane saves one.


18:52 (IST)15 DEC 2017

Sindhu has a host of game points at 20-7

18:52 (IST)15 DEC 2017

Yamaguchi looks a pale shadow of herself. No sharpness at all.

Sindhu up 19-7

18:51 (IST)15 DEC 2017

It's all heading in one direction and that is not in the direction of Japan

Yamaguchi's errors simply not helping her cause.

She now trails 7-17

18:44 (IST)15 DEC 2017

Sindhu refuses to relent.

Up 15-5

Simply toying with the World No. 2

18:42 (IST)15 DEC 2017

It's already an 11-point lead for the World No. 3

Sindhu up 14-3

18:41 (IST)15 DEC 2017

Yamaguchi gets just her second point of the match!

She trails 2-12

Just unbelievable!

18:40 (IST)15 DEC 2017

And 11-1 to Sindhu going into the mid-game interval.

Brutal and brilliant!

18:39 (IST)15 DEC 2017

It's 10-1 to Sindhu

18:39 (IST)15 DEC 2017

9-1 to Sindhu!

Extraordinary start! The crowd can't get enough of it!

18:38 (IST)15 DEC 2017

7-1 to the World Championships silver medallist!

Just one-way traffic so far!

18:38 (IST)15 DEC 2017

Yamaguchi is finally on the board at 1-5

18:37 (IST)15 DEC 2017

And the Indian extends it further to 5-0

18:36 (IST)15 DEC 2017

It's 4-0 to Sindhu

18:36 (IST)15 DEC 2017

A very positive start, but one can never take a player of Yamaguchi's calibre lightly.

18:36 (IST)15 DEC 2017

Sindhu establishes an early lead of 3-0 here

18:35 (IST)15 DEC 2017

First point to Sindhu

18:35 (IST)15 DEC 2017

The No. 1 seed Yamaguchi to serve.

18:34 (IST)15 DEC 2017

Good evening! The players are on court and the match is about to begin.

14:58 (IST)15 DEC 2017

Good afternoon and welcome to the Sportskeeda liveblog of the 2017 Dubai World Superseries Finals. In today's schedule, it is Sindhu, who will be the first Indian in action.

A most exciting encounter awaits for badminton fans as the best two players of Group A will clash in this final round robin match. It is World No. 2 Akane Yamaguchi vs the World No. 3 PV Sindhu and winner of this match will become the group topper. Both have notched up two wins at this tournament so far and have booked their semi-final berths, so there is definitely a lot less pressure riding on their shoulders.

But the outcome of this match is also extremely crucial for it will decide who they get to face in the semi-finals.

Both of them won one match in straight games and dropped a game in the other -- to the very same player, He Bingjiao. The Japanese has been the most consistent player since the World Championships and has reached three Superseries finals, winning one. She and Sindhu have met twice since the World Championships and have split their matches, with the overall head-to-head record being a 4-2 lead for the Indian.

This is a tough match for both but if Sindhu can stamp her authority and stop the Japanese from her playing usual deceptive strokes, then she definitely has a chance.
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