Dubai World Superseries Finals 2017, Group Stage: PV Sindhu vs Sayaka Sato, Live Badminton Score and Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 14, 2017 21:44 IST

Sindhu def Sato, 21-13, 21-12


21:44 (IST)14 DEC 2017

And with that, our live coverage of the Dubai World Superseries Finals 2017 ends today. Thanks for staying with us.

Do join us tomorrow for the live updates of the last group matches of both Sindhu and Srikanth Kidambi.

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21:40 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Sindhu does it in commanding style! She hardly had any challenge today!

Just pure and ruthless domination it was!

Her last match against Akane Yamaguchi will decide who will top the group.

21:37 (IST)14 DEC 2017

With two consecutive wins, Sindhu books her place in the semi-finals of the Dubai World Superseries Finals for the second year in a row!

21:36 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Final score: Sindhu def Sato, 21-13, 21-12

21:34 (IST)14 DEC 2017

This time, Sindhu gets the all-important point to bag the win!

21:33 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Sato has saved a total of four match points!


21:33 (IST)14 DEC 2017

She now trails 11-20

Too late for a fightback, though!

21:32 (IST)14 DEC 2017

And yet another one!

Trails 10-20

21:32 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Sato saves one match point.


21:32 (IST)14 DEC 2017



21:31 (IST)14 DEC 2017


Just two more points needed to close this out!

21:31 (IST)14 DEC 2017

The Indian takes FOUR points in a flash to motor her way to 18-7.

Absolutely irrepressible!

21:29 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Sindhu is pretty much unstoppable and there is not much that Sato can do to disrupt her rhythm.

She is up 14-7

21:26 (IST)14 DEC 2017

At half-time, the Indian has grabbed an 11-6 lead

21:26 (IST)14 DEC 2017

It's 10-6 to the World No. 3 currently

21:25 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Amidst chants of 'Let's go Sindhu, let's go', the Indian has soared to 9-5

21:24 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Sato continues to spray errors that have now sent the Indian up to 7-4

21:22 (IST)14 DEC 2017

The left-handed Japanese trying her best to fight back here but Sindhu still ahead, 5-3

21:20 (IST)14 DEC 2017

The Indian has been able to hold on to her advantage so far.


21:19 (IST)14 DEC 2017

And she makes it 3-1.

Looking pretty comfortable at the moment!

21:18 (IST)14 DEC 2017

It's 2-1 to Sindhu

21:16 (IST)14 DEC 2017



21:14 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Sindhu bags the first game, 21-13

21:13 (IST)14 DEC 2017

It's 19-11 to Sindhu as she looks to close out this game

21:12 (IST)14 DEC 2017

And she extends it further with some fiery display of aggression.


21:11 (IST)14 DEC 2017

The Indian is still maintaining her FOUR-POINT lead.


21:10 (IST)14 DEC 2017

It's 14-10 to the World Championships silver medallist now.

21:09 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Sindhu very much has the upper hand at the moment.

Leads 13-9

21:07 (IST)14 DEC 2017

At the mid-game interval, Sindhu has a lead of 11-8

21:07 (IST)14 DEC 2017

It's 10-8 for the Indian currently

21:06 (IST)14 DEC 2017

The points are getting longer and Sato has found her rhythm for the time being.

Trails Sindhu, 7-9

21:04 (IST)14 DEC 2017

But Sato is not backing off....she takes 2 points on the trot to reduce the gap to 6-9

21:04 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Sindhu is oozing confidence right....goes up to 9-4

21:03 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Sindhu has a 3-point lead over the Japanese now.


21:01 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Sindhu jumps to a 2-point lead over the Japanese


21:00 (IST)14 DEC 2017

And Sindhu levels it at 3-3

20:59 (IST)14 DEC 2017

It's 3-1 to Sato

20:58 (IST)14 DEC 2017

The Japanese leads 2-1

20:58 (IST)14 DEC 2017

The first point goes to Sayaka Sato

20:58 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Good evening! We are under way!

19:17 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Good evening and welcome to the Sportskeeda liveblog of the Dubai World Superseries Finals 2017. PV Sindhu is now India's only hope after Srikanth Kidambi's hopes ended earlier in the day with his second consecutive loss at this event.

Sindhu will be aiming for her second win in a row after starting her campaign with a thrilling three-game victory over He Bingjiao of China. While Sindhu is ranked third, the 15th ranked Japanese Sayaka Sato is the lowest ranked player at this event this year.

Sindhu leads their head-to-head meetings, 2-1 and their last meeting happened at the China Open first round this year. Even though it is the Indian, who should have the edge because of their head-to-head record, she has to remember that the Japanese always has close matches with her. Two out of their three meetings went the distance.

Sindhu did begin her World Superseries Finals challenge this year with a win but she had to work hard for that. She wasn't exactly at her best for the whole match but did manage to lift her game when it mattered the most.

Sindhu would hope to do the same thing today as well.
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