Dubai World Superseries Finals 2017, Group Stage: Srikanth Kidambi vs Chou Tien Chen, Live Badminton Score and Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 14, 2017 19:06 IST

Chou Tien Chen def Srikanth Kidambi, 21-18, 21-18


19:06 (IST)14 DEC 2017

But don't go anywhere as PV Sindhu will be in action later in the day. Keep following Sportskeeda for all the latest updates.

19:05 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Srikanth might have lost but let's not forget the scintillating season he's had. Four Superseries titles, World No. 2 ranking....Srikanth will definitely be back for more next season and we can't wait to watch him in action. He does have his third group stage match left tomorrow and he'll be going all out to leave Dubai with a win!

19:01 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Final score: Chou Tien Chen def Srikanth Kidambi, 21-18, 21-18 in 43 minutes.

19:00 (IST)14 DEC 2017

And with that loss, it's the end of the road for Srikanth! His hopes of reaching the semi-finals are over!

19:02 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Chou Tien Chen wins the match!

19:01 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Sri tried to return but is blocked by the net.

19:01 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Chen goes up to match points at 20-18

19:00 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Chen capitalizes on Sri's short backhand to produce a big smash.


18:58 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Wow! What defence from Srikanth and what anticipation!!!!

Sri makes it 18-18

18:58 (IST)14 DEC 2017

And he snatches the lead too.

Chen up 18-17

18:57 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Chen has made it 17-17 in an exciting turn of events

18:56 (IST)14 DEC 2017

And Chen continues to struggle at the net, sending Sri up to 17-14

18:55 (IST)14 DEC 2017

But Chen pulls back a couple of points here to get to 14-15

18:53 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Srikanth is showing fabulous touch at the net now. He is up 15-12

18:52 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Great drop from Chen to be 11-13

18:51 (IST)14 DEC 2017

It's 13-10 for the Indian

18:48 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Chen came roaring back to 9-10 but Sri takes an 11-9 lead at the interval.

18:47 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Srikanth is showing a lot more intensity and urgency on his shots now.

He is up 10-7

18:45 (IST)14 DEC 2017

It's 7-5 for the Indian now

18:43 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Superb aggression from Srikanth, who staves off a challenge from Chen and goes up to 6-4

18:36 (IST)14 DEC 2017

He is currently up 5-2

18:36 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Can the World No. 4 build on the form that he showed at the end of the first game and extend this match?

18:35 (IST)14 DEC 2017


Srikanth went up 2-0 but the Chinese Taipei ace came back to level it at 2-2

18:37 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Sri gave his all but sends the shuttle wide!

The first game goes to Chou Tien Chen, 21-18

18:36 (IST)14 DEC 2017

What a rally!!!!!!!!!

Sri saves another game point!


18:35 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Sri forces Chou to send the shuttle long.

Now trails 17-20

18:34 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Superb rally! Sri showed great defence to save yet another point.

Trails 16-20

18:33 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Srikanth saves a couple of game points.

Trails 15-20

18:32 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Game points galore for Chou now at 20-13

18:32 (IST)14 DEC 2017

A rare error from Chou gifts the Indian a point.

Chou up to 19-12 after Sri gets 3 points on the trot

18:30 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Srikanth continues to be listless and uninspired.

Chen surges to 18-9

18:30 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Signs of struggle continue from Srikanth. Is he burned out after a season full of big wins and hectic travelling?

18:29 (IST)14 DEC 2017

It is completely one-sided now. Chou Tien Chen is up 15-8

18:27 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Srikanth closed the gap to four points but Chen has gone up to 12-7

18:25 (IST)14 DEC 2017

At the interval, Chen leads 11-6

18:25 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Srikanth will exit the tournament if he loses this.

18:25 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Srikanth now trails 6-10

18:24 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Lack of sharpness continues from Srikanth. He is repeatedly fumbling on the smashes.

18:24 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Gopi urging his ward to rush things a bit more but currently it's all Chen!

18:23 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Phenomenal anticipation in display from Chen, up 9-4

18:22 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Chen extends his lead to 7-4

18:21 (IST)14 DEC 2017

The last four points have all gone Srikanth's way.

He is now 4-5

18:20 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Srikanth is on the board finally.

Trails 2-5

18:20 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Chou Tien Chen goes up to 5-0

18:19 (IST)14 DEC 2017

It's 3-0 to the World No. 7

18:18 (IST)14 DEC 2017

The first two points go to Chou Tien Chen

18:18 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Good evening!

We are under way!

14:10 (IST)14 DEC 2017

As we wait for the match to begin, you can read our preview of Day 2 here.

14:00 (IST)14 DEC 2017

Good afternoon and welcome to the Sportskeeda liveblog of the Dubai World Superseries Finals 2017 group stage matches. Both Srikanth Kidambi and PV Sindhu will be in action today.

It is Srikanth, who is first up. The World No. 4 faces the seventh ranked Chou Tien Chen in what is a do-or-die match for both since both of them failed to get a win in their first group matches in Dubai this year. 

They are tied 1-1 in their head-to-head meetings and their last showdown happened right here in Dubai two years ago, where the Chinese Taipei ace came out on top.

Two years later, Srikanth is a different player, both physically and mentally. He has come to this tournament after the best season of his career that saw him grab four Superseries titles. He opted out of the China Open and the Hong Kong Open to recover completely from a hamstring niggle.

The effects of the lay-off were evident as he was lacking in sharpness against Viktor Axelsen, even though he did show a lot of his attacking prowess. 

With the most difficult match in his group behind him, Srikanth would surely like to concentrate on registering a win in the rest of the matches. The Indian would very much be aiming for a win today.
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